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  2. Loved that song in the movie: When I realized afterwards that Jemaine Clements was the actual singer, I understood why it caught my ear so much (Kudos to Miranda as well, lot of Alan Menken's inspiration as well). Of course, any Flight Of The Conchords fans would already know but that guy is just awesome. I loved the little glam rock era Bowie nod of the song. It really stood out. Also can we get a buddy movie musical starring The Rock and Jemaine Clements directed by Taika Waititi, pretty please?
  3. Nah Scario was pretty bad.
  4. I used to be like that. You just kind of have to know where to look, and even then there's a few genres I appreciate, but I don't necessarily love to listen to. It's like Victorian period pieces for me (movies, tv shows, or plays), they're not my favorite things to watch, although there's a number of really good ones that I love. I'm a junkie for nearly every genre of music though (even stuff like Gregorian Chant). But honestly, there's music worth appreciating in every genre of music. I just like to encourage people to expand their horizons and not discount entire genres of music/film/art. People on these boards, in general, don't discount film genres because we're all film junkies, but not so much with music.
  5. Going by this type of logic you can discredit almost every actor in Hollywood as a "star". How many actors are the sole reason a non-franchise/sequel/known property movie does amazingly well? Basically there's DiCaprio, and... DiCaprio. If anything, this movie is about as close as you can get to that perfect storm of having an actor's name be the sole appealing thing. But then that's not enough because it's not a huge hit, it's just a 300m WW panned original sci-fi. As for Pratt "coasting" on two "big" properties... GotG became big due to the movie, it wasn't big beforehand. His portrayal of Star Lord is what established him as an up and coming star, and he brought a lot of his own humor and improvisation into the role. Simply put - it would be a different character if he wasn't playing it. Jurassic, while it was a more straightforward role, still utilized his image and presence very heavily in its marketing. It's the only movie in the series which had a human character appear prominently in the posters and artwork. And all of this, when he's not even the main protagonist in the movie! You can argue he had nothing to do with its success but obviously Universal's marketing team felt differently when they decided to plaster him all over the marketing.
  6. My mom would start praying in tounges to save your soul if you said "cock magic" anywhere near her so yeah she'd disagree with the nickname.
  7. Oh yeah, La La Land was amazing. Third best movie
  8. Your mom might disagree
  9. I can't wait until the sex jokes come back in a few weeks again with the release of Fifty Shades Darker. Mods: bring back the thread restrictions!
  10. Just because you call yourself that and nobody stopped you doesn't make it your nickname.
  11. How'd you know my nickname?
  12. Despite this even some Marvel fans on this board were surprised by GotG breaking out. It was considered a huge risk for Marvel at the time and many thought it would be their first real flop.
  13. I mean every second of it is damn movie magic.
  14. every right wing nut turns into paul kinsey on mad men lecturing that bus full of black protestors about racism on MLK day.
  15. Well, trying not to freak out about the doctor's office asking me to come in for an appointment after my tests came in. Going to try my best not to stress about this...
  16. lol what did you expect? The movie's budget didn't even cover the cost of catering on a Marvel film.
  17. GOTG was released smack in the middle of MCU-mania. You cannot tell me that the potent, white-hot MCU brand had nothing to do with GOTG's success.
  18. Yeah this is how I feel. Once i forget who the actor is and am thinking of them by their character name, then i know theyre doing something right. For instance, Sandra in Gravity. I was so captivated that by the time it was time for her come back to Earth, I was like "you can do this Ryan!" Not "you can do this Sandra!"
  19. Is he still a thing?
  20. it's a funnier scenario than any of his movies. hey hey!
  21. Well then you're not doing it right
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