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  2. At this point I only watch Empire just for Cookie Monster.
  3. With the baseball bat like in the teaser for the new episodes coming in March?
  4. You better, or else I'll be going all Cookie Lyon on your ass.
  5. Nah here's what I'm gonna do since she has a birthday party tonight I'm gonna ask now about next weekend and if they aren't showing it anymore next Wednesday, I'll go after rehearsal on Wednesday I'm brilliant
  6. for me Silence moonlight la la land lion arrival. not a huge fan of what young did there. felt a little flat to me honestly.
  7. Tell her, "Hey, change of plans, wanna see Split?" That simple.
  8. Orion went bankrupt a long time ago. The studio's pretty much a former shell of itself. Heck I think it pretty much exists in name only these days.
  9. As a huge horror fan, I hope this is actually this good. But I can't help but feel politics are at play with these reviews. Just choosing one blurb as an example and I'm not reading any further because I don't want to be spoiled: "Cultural appropriation shifts from 'problematic' to 'horrific' in writer-director Jordan Peele's sharp take on the scary world of stuff white people like." I've followed RT since like 2002-2003 (back when I was in high school) but lately they go a lot easier on movies that have themes they like and a lot harder on themes they don't like. Like No Escape got trashed for being xenophobic. Neighbors 2 was reviewed better then a lot of other comedies like it. Right now this is still at 100% with an average rating of 8.3/10 (and I'm paying more attention to the latter). To compare, The Cabin In The Woods is one of the most fun horror films of the last decade and has an average rating of 7.9/10. I'm sorry there's nothing in the promotional material that indicates that this is anywhere near on that level. But I've only seen one trailer so I'm not claiming to be an expert on this movie. It looked fun but not 100%/8.3 fun. Toy Story 3 couldn't even get 100% and I remember when that negative review came in. Believe it was that Cole guy. I seriously hope I'm proven wrong. I want to be wrong. I want this to be as good as they are saying it is. If it really lives up to the hype then awesome. Win/Win. But like Ghostbusters I'll wait to see it outside of the headlines and judge it that way. If it actually is this good then that gives me a lot of hope for the upcoming Halloween sequel which is also being written by someone who usually does comedy. I want to believe John Carpenter there.
  10. Keanu did feel about 10-15 min too long and it was already pretty short but I enjoyed it. RIP George Michael
  11. You should have never doubted the power of M Night Shyamalan.
  12. AGH I AM AN IDIOT I've been talking to this girl on Bumble for about a week and I was gonna ask her out this weekend but my weekend is super busy and I hate going on movies for first dates and I presumed she would've already seen Split so I just told her when she asked me my plans for tonight that I was seeing Split with a friend but my friend cancelled on me and I'm going alone BUT SHE HASN'T SEEN SPLIT AND SHE'S A PSYCH MAJOR WHO WANTED TO SEE IT I AM AN IDIOT AGH AGH AGH but then again first dates at movies are terrible right and split probably won't be out next weekend anymore so really it was never an option right? Right? Right??
  13. Anyone who expected 40M for Get Out was nuts tbh. There was enough presale evidence to know it wasn't getting there.
  14. I was really into 10CL for a good portion of the film. But the last 20 minutes I wasn't that enthralled with it.
  15. Has easily one of my favorite twists.
  16. Personal rankings: 1. Arrival 2. Silence 3. Moonlight 4. La La Land 5. Lion
  17. Personal rankings: 1. La La Land 2. Arrival 3. Manchester by the Sea 4. Moonlight 5. Hell or High Water 6. Hacksaw Ridge 7. Fences 8. Hidden Figures 9. Lion
  18. That a bit of an exaggeration, like you are saying production budget are about only 33-35% of the studio total expense on a movie and it is much less than that for those small budget title, it is alwaysl expensive to give a movie a good wide release, they often spend 30 million on the domestic market alone for the release, really big push like split are not much cheaper than a blockbuster release wise, above 40 million on the domestic market. The advantage of those movie, is that if they do not play well you can cut your lost and only spend on those who test screen really well but when you do, you usually spend a lot, sometime more than on those giant blockbuster on the release (domestic at least). A movie like Prom night for example: http://www.the-numbers.com/movie/Prom-Night-(2008)#tab=summary Still didn't made much money, it made 79.5 million in revenue and costed just 10.2 million to do but. Domestic P&A: 30.8 million International P&A: 8.72 million Home Ent release cost: 8 million Intl Ent release cost: 2.7 million Residual 4.5 million Talent Participation bonus: 3.3 million Co-financier share: 10 million Overhead: 0.5 million No profit left. That why smaller the budget, usually higher the box office / production budget ratio need to be for it to be a success.
  19. Personal rankings: 1. The Jungle Book 2. Doctor Strange 3. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story 4. Deepwater Horizon 5. Kubo and the Two Strings
  20. Lol, I'm excited for your reaction later on on the list. One of your favorites is way up there.
  21. Truly the Revenant of the year.
  22. M*therf*cker...it's 4AM here...
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