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  2. It does. There are a ton of factors that go into it and is a negotiation between the studio and the film booker. For example, Lionsgate might have seen the writing on the wall that Patriot's Day isn't connecting, so in exchange for letting your theater back out of a clean schedule on that they got better theater placement or an extra screen for La La Land. Sony might have asked for concession on keeping Underworld because it hit a certain gross and want one more week and in exchange they will let you drop it completely when Resident Evil comes out. You will likely see some deal making in the next 6 weeks from Universal as they are flooding the market with 6 films in that time and are going to be begging and negotiating for screens.
  3. So for Manchester by the Sea, does that mean that these studios (or companies) pay for the movie itself Production companies K Period Media B Story CMP Pearl Street Films and then these Distributed by Roadside Attractions Amazon Studios Make the theatrical release happen???? Also, when looking at the list of 'Producers", are they associated with the production company only?? Produced by Matt Damon John Krasinski Kimberly Steward Chris Moore Kevin J. Walsh Lauren Beck Where would the profits go???
  4. 5m total Thriller about an agent getting involved with a secret organization, and being forced to take down several of their operatives, while the fate of the world seemingly rests on his shoulder. The Land Below
  5. I still think we're getting 8 noms. Debating whether to leave off Fences or Hacksaw or even Hidden Figures or Arrival. I think Manchester, Moonlight, LLL, and Lion are all locks, and Hell or High Water is pretty safe. I'd put Arrival at the next safest, then Hidden Figures, with Fences and Hacksaw battling for the final slot. IDK, outside of the Mel obsessed Globes, Hacksaw hasn't really done amazing or anything.
  6. It is the way the movie is produced or funded most of the time. Those former A List and B List actors you see in a straight to Netflix movie were made with independent money most of the time and were never able to pick up any studio distribution, mostly because every studio saw them and told the producers it was garbage and not worth a theatrical distribution. The reason you see something like Monster Trucks is because that was produced from start to finish by a major studio. They are invested in it so they are going to give it a theatrical release most of the time. The reason you see The Bye Bye Man is because it was taken to a studio on spec and they liked the pitch and decided to co-finance and distribute it. Then you have things like Birth of a Nation or Manchester by the Sea that are produced with independent money but then the distribution rights are sold to a studio at a festival like Sundance or Cannes or Toronto. You have it pretty much correct in your last paragraph. People raise the money independently, film the movie and then it is garbage and no studio wants to buy the distribution rights so they are left with VOD and streaming services to make their money back.
  7. Good. This is the only anime in 2017 I'm excited about, unless part 5 of JJBA comes out of nowhere
  8. Beauty and the Beast is literally gonna mow everything down in its path. Fully expecting a $150M opening.
  9. A total over 500M isn't out of reach. It should easily go over Jungle Book.
  10. From the Oscar prediction game: Current nomination prediction count: 12: La La Land 8: Arrival (+1 alt) 7: Hacksaw Ridge, Hidden Figures (+1 alt) and Manchester by the Sea 6: Lion (+2 alt) and Moonlight (+1 alt) 4: Fences, Hell or High Water 3: Silence 2: Captain Fantastic, Deepwater Horizon (+1 alt), Doctor Strange, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Jackie (+1 alt), Moana, Nocturnal Animals (+1 alt), Patriot's Day (+1 alt), Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (+1 alt) and Sully (+1 alt) 1: Deadpool, Elle, Finding Dory, Hail, Caesar! (+1 alt), The Lobster, The Jungle Book, Kubo and the Two Strings, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, The Red Turtle, Sing Street, Star Trek Beyond, Suicide Squad, Trolls and Zootopia (+2 alt) Alt only: The BFG, The Dressmaker, Florence Foster Jenkins (2 alt) and The Secret Life of Pets Okay I'm surprised I put Hidden Figures on that many. (Oh what the heck, might as well as put 2 supporting actress nominations for it, supporting actor, editing and director for the heck of it! I mean it could happen! Well it could-not predicting that at all!) There are several I am still questionable about though.
  11. So he's complaining that Manchester by the Sea is too white? I mean, it's called "Manchester." That's the whitest city name outside of maybe "Montauk" lol. This guy seems upset that this movie was set in one of those almost all white towns and the director didn't bother to throw any color in for aesthetic. I could see his issue if this was Detroit by the Sea or something.
  12. The tower is from Shanghai, but the backdrop in the first poster is Hong Kong. lol oops.
  13. YES! my theater is getting La La Land.
  14. What are some of you guys thinking Beauty and the Beast makes in total? Like, odds of $300M, odds of $400M, and odds of $500M or above? It SEEMS like it's going to be an enormous movie, but what is "enormous" for a movie like that? I usually feel more equipped to make a prediction, like for a Star Wars or Marvel or DC film, or even an action blockbuster, but for some reason I don't know what I would predict for Beauty and the Beast if I had to offer a prediction. $400M?
  15. Also, my interest in Split has skyrocketed thanks to the spoilers
  16. they put the buildings in the wrong place.
  17. this is........ the best bop...... to have ever come from disney channel
  18. Does it differ between movies? For example we kept underworld longer than Patriots Day despite it having a smaller attendance. Or is that because for example this week there are many more movies releasing so it's up to them whether or not they want to open up a screen?
  19. Theaters probably demanded that as "bomb protection," I mean why guarantee a studio gets 2 weeks if the studio can't guarantee their movie won't be a horrible pile of shit? I admit the element of the film industry I least understand is distribution. I've never had real insight into how some of the decisions are made. For instance, why do I see something like Monster Trucks hitting theaters or The Bye Bye Man, but frequently on Netflix I find some straight-to-DVD / straight-to-VOD title with several A-list actors and several B-list actors in it? I am blown away by that, like wow how did these actors find time to make this movie I've never heard of and when I look it up, sure enough, it never went to theaters. Do you know what I mean? I keep thinking, ok, well it's because this movie was really shitty I guess? But wait, lots of movies that go to theaters are really shitty... Do some production companies just have better people "in the know" who can push a movie into theaters easier? Or is it one of those things where you raised $10M to make the movie, but after making the movie, you couldn't raise P&A funds and without a solid P&A spend you know you can't support the theatrical release, so even though such and such other movie is a horrible pile of shit, it gets a theatrical release because the studio is willing to spend P&A on it anyway. That's the most logical thing I can think of but I admit it's just a shot in the dark.
  20. THOSE SHOWTIMES BE UP Split only gets the biggest auditorium at night; Hidden Figures has it during the day, and LLL//Bye Bye Man got upgraded to the second biggest auditorium. My theater is also getting Silence
  21. Oh yeah, remember the Arrival poster controversy? Big ass lmao.
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