New 2017 Spoiler Policy
First, a slight adjustment for a movie’s main thread: no untagged spoilers within four (4) weeks of its North American release. After that point, spoiler discussion is allowed. For other threads (in other words, in all threads except the movie's main thread), no untagged spoilers until the movie is released on home video in North America. "Released on home video" means Digital HD or Bluray/disc, whatever comes first.


In a specific movie’s thread, you don’t need to specify what topic you’re spoiling. In general threads, tagged spoilers are fine, as long as you indicate what movie it's for. For example:

Maika Monroe’s scream is powerful enough to destroy alien shields.


Note: When a big blockbuster has a special Spoiler thread and another Spoiler-Free thread, spoilers are not allowed in the Spoiler-Free thread at all. The threads will be merged after the 4-week window and at that point it can be treated like a normal thread. This is the same policy we have right now, so people should be familiar with it.
Some movies do not have a theatrical release and go straight to VOD, or were produced specifically for streaming services (Netflix, Amazon). For those projects, we will assume a reasonable 2-month "theatrical" window where spoilers will apply. For example, if Netflix releases a movie on Jan. 20, spoilers would need to be tagged until March 20.



Punishments will be up to the discretion of the staff, given the severity of what was spoiled and our interpretation of the intent. Someone who maliciously posts huge un-tagged spoilers for a highly anticipated movie — especially in an un-related thread —risks a long suspension or even a permaban. On the other hand, an excited conversation about a movie where someone accidentally slips too much detail into an answer may only get a PM, points, or a 24-hour suspension.


We think these new rules will help everyone, especially when it comes to platform releases around Oscar season and movies that have long international rollouts. That being said, we’re open to feedback and suggestions if someone has an idea they feel would help.

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