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  1. That article is fascinating. I've just spent the last half hour reading about Sherry Lansing and her trials and tribulations in the business. Read the stuff about Fatal Attraction. Amazing!
  2. So me, Walt Disney and 75 sent in the full 200...or at least the ones we have seen?
  3. I'm not really sure how many members we had back then....that's an interesting question.
  4. That's all I was hoping for. I really wish they would have been savvy enough to put a Cliffhanger reference in there. Something about letting go, or letting it go, something to do with Hal still being pissed with Gabe for dropping his girlfriend from the mountain.
  5. So the post credit scenes mean nothing. They are all filler? Does Stallone and Rooker have screen time together?
  6. You don't have to spoiler tag anything. This is the spoiler filled thread. Spoil away...if anyone comes in here then it's on them.
  7. Ok, nothing memorable. Some of the characters are interesting. Some are just there. I think what it suffers from is that this is really just a movie about people getting shot with a bunch of guns. There's really not much plot to it. It also suffers from people doing dumb things. You're in a room full of tense people, there are guns around and a lot of money. Why would you then start a fight with one of the guys, regardless of what he did the night before? But then again, there had to be some reason for the gun fight to start. 6.5.10
  8. Hmmm...I think I have to find Ruby Sparks....looks interesting.
  9. @Fancyarcher...I guess On Golden Pond was Fonda's last feature film, so not including TV. @Tele Came Back....what did you work on with the egomaniac?
  10. Yes, absolutely! My favourite part of his site is the Titanic recap after it had been out for about 8 months, actually when it passed 600 million. I'll be using some of his stuff to recap Titanic. I don't want to ruin it, but 1997 is at least 2 weeks away in this thread, so for those of you who have never read Guru's recap of Titanic, here it is: I swear, reading it again just triggers tears. It's such a Pavlovian response. I read something beautiful about Titanic and it just makes me shed some tears.
  11. I have to admit that I am not overly interested in a lot of Steven Spielberg's movies now either. But I will always go see them because the man is an icon and the best director of all time in my opinion. He's earned my dollars.