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  1. Dawn of the dead is awesome too, but I do think he isn't right for DC. The DCEU has potential but I feel Snyder is holding them back
  2. Thats pretty damn good considering 7 was the obvious peak
  3. In my opinion, the less Superman, the better. He's always been my least favorite of the major DC heroes.
  4. Venom is my favorite villain, but if this is not associated with Spider-Man and the MCU, then this is already a let down.
  5. That looks a lot better than the other team shot...I still don't like the look of cyborg though.
  6. Finally got around to watching this. Idk if it was from my low expectations from a combination of personally hating Mos and BvS, and the reveiws of RT (I take little consideration into critic reviews, but I do pay attention to them) and reviews from here and from people I know in real life (reviews from here and people I personally know and the fact of my feelings toward MoS and BvS are part of the reason I paid more attention to RT for this than I usually do), but I actually didn't mind this. Actually, for the most part, I liked it. I DID hate Leto as the Joker though, but that's my biggest issue with the film. He looked different, but in my opinion he was trying wayyy to hard to mimic Ledger's voice instead of doing his own thing. But as a film overall, I dug it. It wasn't perfect by any means, but a huge step in the right direction for the DCEU in my opinion. I'd give it a B or a B+ (would have to watch it again to determine)
  7. I have recently rewatched every X-Men film. My rankings go: Top Tier: DoFP Logan Deadpool X2 Good But not Top Tier: First Class Apocalypse X-Men The Wolverine Bottom Tier (but honestly not as bad as I remember): X3 Origins Add more to X3 so it doesn't feel so rushed, and change the 3rd act of origins, and they would've been much better
  8. If we're ranking them I would go: 5 7 1 6 2 3/4 (I actually don't mind these ones even though I have them tied for last)
  9. This is even bigger than I thought it'd be (I was thinking an OW of around 155m), but I was always confident in 1B ww.
  10. I've thought for a long time that Vision is going to inevitably die. I just hope it's as brutal as Disney/the PG-13 rating allows. I hope Thanos picks him up but his head and crushes his skull. Now that would be badass and show the rest of the characters that Thanos isn't fucking around.
  11. I have hope for the DCEU, but I need WW and JL to be great for me to gain trust in them. I hated MoS and BvS, but I mostly liked SS, and think WW and JL look like they have potential. Not all is lost with this universe, they just need to do their own thing and stop trying too hard to play catch up to Marvel.
  12. Nick kroll is the only voice that sounds kinda out of place to me
  13. I can't be the only one who thinks this looks really good