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  1. I think the chances are so incredibly low....I can feel it in my soul that this will be a slam dunk
  2. I remember plenty of under 400m predictions for BvS. Mine was 375m
  3. Show me anybody who said that other than die hard DC fanatics. I remember most predictions being in the 375-425m range
  4. Your posts are bi polar lol one post you say 500m ceiling and now you're saying 800m is possible lol which is it? I'm personally thinking 575-625m
  5. Well, yeah, it was greenlit too soon, but there was also too much studio interference with that film
  6. Yeah elf is incredibly iconic now....and age of Ultron had a good amount of studio interference too but you think marvel would have learned with iron man 2
  7. I can take or leave Beyonce. Would honestly prefer they get someone else. But I'm stoked about Seth Rogen. I never would have thought of him, it's a great fit, and I love him. I think it's just perfect.
  8. And to be fair to Favreau, Iron Man 2 had arguably some of the most studio interference of the mcu
  9. That Disney power! Other companies might be strong, but Disney is clearly the strongest
  10. There's no way that 500m is the ceiling for this
  11. I've been seeing people on facebook posting fan made posters long before the release date was even announced...There's no way the adults don't want to see this
  12. You are vastly underestimating the nostalgia effect for this. This will for sure get the adult viewers too. Having circle of life in the trailer is game over
  13. I just don't see how the lion King makes less than beauty and the Beast. I think 600m is very possible