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  1. My man had Bruce Wayne's dad try to fight the armed mugger lmfao
  2. There are so many shots that are just closeups of Affleck's face shivering with rage. You know Snyder spent his whole life fantasizing about that exact take on that character
  3. The machismo hyper-aggressive dudebro bullshit so thoroughly overwhelms all those DC movies so far, seeing a Wonder Woman movie in the same franchise is gonna be wild.
  4. Don't sleep on BvS, hilarious look into Zack Snyder's insecurities
  5. Logan: Awesome Deadpool: Not my cup of tea but it was fine I guess Apocalypse: Terrible, a trainwreck. Fairly significant BO underperformer, too Sequelizing Apocalypse would be like if Sony had gone through with TASM3. And they already got their franchise replacement with Deadpool
  6. Idk probably not much of a difference, more swearing
  7. They really gonna make a whole movie starring the shitty teen cast from Apocalypse?
  8. So good but one of those movies you gotta be in a certain mood to watch
  9. Always cracks me up when churches go on about marriage, too. Like, the marriages in the bible were dudes trading their 13 year old daughters away as "wives" in exchange for field work.
  10. Just leads to 18 years getting into shitty marriages so they're "allowed" to have sex