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  1. Imagine risking it all to leak 15 shaky seconds of a trailer that will be released in a couple months
  2. @CoolioD1 will save us with Prequel memes, drive the fanbots away
  3. They're all pretty uneventful these days
  4. Seth McFamilyGuy's Star Trek show looks so disastrously bad
  5. Mans did Vacation and Ghostbusters recently lol, think he'll steer clear for a minute
  6. Don't see Oscah Winner on this list
  7. Danny Huston gonna be in this?
  8. Watched the trailer, pretty heavy-handed with the Superman foreshadowing. I'm just here to watch Batfleck mope and WW kick ass, keep the Cavill to a minimum thnx
  9. She gonna come from space in one of the Avengers twofer to deliver some epic exposition dump

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