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  1. At the end of the day, AS is still looking at a likely $350M and highest grossing 2014 film. That's still a lot of BO. Anyway, Sniper peaked at exactly the right time. If a lot of people don't want to vote Birdman, AS will be a tempting option. I would say it does stand a chance.
  2. At some point, I want to see the Lucas treatments and Arndt script, but more than that, I just want a damn good Star Wars movie. If this movie is top three then I'm happy. I don't expect it to be better than ESB or ANH.
  3. So, Iger's words were they had a lot of potential. Doesn't mean those treatments got used or anything. And, that article even says that it is Disney in control, not Lucas
  4. Some months work better though. Summer is good. People are out of school and not as busy then. Christmas doesn't get a big opening because people are busy with lots and lots of stuff. I know my life gets hectic around the holidays. With that said, I expect TFA to open to ginormous numbers because of how anticipated the film is.
  5. I will periodically add categories and update my posting. Here is BP for now. 1. American Sniper 3. Birdman 2. Boyhood 4. The Grand Budapest Hotel 6. The Imitation Game 5. Selma 7. Theory of Everything. 8. Whiplash
  6. Wow! I'm surprised Birdman is front runner now. I actually think at this point AS can pull an upset. Has there ever been a time in Oscar history where we got a BP/BD split three years in a row. If it happens this year, I think this might become a fairly common theme this decade. Maybe that will become the way of awarding what they feel is the runner up film.
  7. Man, I read the Simon Kinberg thing. He does not say at all that Lucas story ideas were used for VII. Hey filmscholar, I'm a huge SW fan, and I have followed Lucas interviews for years and even before Lucas came out with this, I was getting the idea his stories were shafted. Why did I get that impression. Pretty much after the Arndt script was cut out on two occasions, Lucas seemed upset about talking about SW and said they were no longer his movies, and he had nothing to do with them now. That wasn't exactly what he said, but close. Seeing him sad and stuff, I could tell then that he was no longer in control. Sorry dude, Lucas' ideas are out.
  8. This year BP will be a tie. There, you heard it from me.
  9. That's a bit surprising. I still can't see the Academy going for Birdman.
  10. I think Birdman was an okay film, but Keaton's performance is undeniable.
  11. Lucas himself says all his ideas were scraped and he has no idea what they are doing. Why do people get the idea they are still using any of his ideas or that Lucas has any involvement. Anyway, I said it for a long time now that Lucas was not involved but people kept insisting he was. I'm not surprised with this coming out.
  12. I take that more to mean that he enjoys his job, not exactly killing, but that his work gives him a sense of purpose.
  13. What's interesting is that people would not be nitpicking this film nor would it be so controversial had it not happened so damn high.
  14. Sounds more like a reboot. They say they will trim stuff, add stuff, and potentially bring stuff back like Gwen. My guess is they are actually going to try and make it more like the movie universe more than anything. I do expect though Nick Fury to be Ultimates Fury going forward.