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  1. omg Denzel betta win the oscar!!! I'm glad he didn't win for fences now lmao.
  2. i'm so excited for this film. I think I would actually cry if it's bad lol.
  3. This has good trailer views. I think the match up with Fast and Furious is a good one. I'm still out though.
  4. Out. I've seen a lot of criticism of this from black people and the movie hinges on them for it to breakout.
  5. JB kinda reminds me of a young denzel
  6. Actually he won BAFTA rising star that year I think. This was the only movie he was in so the people who voted for him must have done it based on this film
  7. should have won an award
  8. mm I don't think this will do well. Who is the main audience for this because even a lot of black people don't seem to be here for it.
  9. lol if they were going to make such an expensive films they should have cast people like Chris Pratt and Jlaw in the main roles. Not the nobodies they cast
  10. I'm not going to lie the trailer did a good job of making Thor look interesting considering he hasn't had a solo film in 4 years