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  1. lol it was stupid to kill him off anyway but regardless we all know he's not dead lmao. I just find the idea that they planned to make their first justice league film without advertising one of their biggest super heroes or even mentioning his name hilarious. Also BvS only made like 900 million WW. A huge potential audience for this hasn't even seen BVS. They could at least make his presence be felt but WB obviously feels it's not necessary lol.
  2. Yeah MOS trailers were great. His last 2 movie trailers are very mediocre anyway we all know this movie will suck but hopefully it's at least somewhat entertaining though lol.
  3. lol I find it hilarious that Superman stock has fell to much DC felt completely comfortable making a JL movie without advertising his presence whatsoever
  4. fuck only 13 million for PR. Aah my club is dead then
  5. RTH stop being crytpic and just give us the numbers. I need to know if my club is DOA or not
  6. Thought it was great. Loved the cast and the development of the characters. 8/10
  7. mmm I just saw this. I actually really enjoyed it. RJ Cyler as Billy to me stole the show he was great. I wish they had done more with Zack and Trini though. They didn't have a whole lot o screen time. I loved Elizabeth Banks as Rita lol. I thought it was well done there was definite chemistry among the leads. Although the story was straight forward. It was well done. The best part of the film was actually the build-up which is what people seemed to be concerned about. It really gave the Rangers a real backstory and a reason for them to come together.
  8. lol there's a "holocaust film' coming out this year or next year that focuses on the romance between a SS officer and a biracial black girl. When I heard about I was like what? (I know black people were also suffered but still) It's very rare for Holocaust films to actually be about Jews.
  9. I remember the Chips trailer just because it plays one of my fave songs California Love. I don't know what the movie is about though or what else was in the trailer though lol.
  10. ok hopefully this means by 50 million club is still in contention
  11. mm well I didn't say anything about her race. It was other people. I didn't know the actress was half indian though.