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  1. SMH has a 90% audience rating on RT and a 8.0 rating on imdb. Nothing to indicate it's disliked by the GP. It's the 6 spider-man movie and 3rd reboot in 15 years. GP just isn't here for SM as much as they used to and it's not an event film. Nothing urging people to see it, especially since they put him back in high school it seems like same old same old.
  2. The dad is missing for a lot of the book.He's also credited as "...and Chris Pine" which is usually used for big actors that have small-ish roles i think the trailer over sold his role. Not sure if this is considered a spoiler not lol.
  3. but I mean there's still a huge audience for films that aren't like that Straight outta Compton and Get Out are examples. If it wasn't for Nate Parker's controversy I feel Birth of a Nation would have done pretty well as well. Detroit has less going for it and there seems to be less buzz but again if reviews are really strong and it's a great movie that wont' matter much. But that's an if. I kinda expect it to get a lot of negative think pieces though honestly.
  4. I'm hearing some murmurs about it from screenings. Apparently some critics are luke warm about it But I've also seen great reactions saying it's awesome. Also apparently the 2nd act of it is basically torture porn. (slight spoiler I guess?)
  5. lol at all the white bro youtube reviewers reviewing Rough Night but won't review Girls Trip which will make triple Rough Night did opening weekend.
  6. I'm honestly not sure Detroit will be a hit. It could go either way but I'm really not seeing any hype around that movie and I'm even seeing some push back. If the reviews are strong though maybe it could do well.
  7. 1. Girls trip is a better movie 2. Girls trip looked appealing and fun unlike the hidden murder plot of Rough Night 3. The black cast with big actors like Jada and Queen makes this a mini film event among black women.
  8. just from personal anecdote the Apes trailer didn't interest me at all. it just doesn't look that interesting. and i saw and enjoyed both Rise and Dawn

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