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  1. Looking pretty solid, folks. May or may not dip at RT and MC though. But, 67 at MC with 20 critics and 87 at RT with 75 critics is very nice. I love for this to finish around 85 at RT and somewhere between 65 and 70 at MC. Thinking $135M+ OW DOM.
  2. Alright... Caught this with a friend. She and I rated this in the D+/C- range. That aside, love seeing movies explode at the box office. Coming a very, very solid $9M+ weekend, with $470M+ DOM in the bank, does Beast have an outside shot at $500M+ DOM still? Hoping it gets there.
  3. Generally, yes... Though, I'm pretty sure there are a few exceptions. Iron Man and Ant Man spring to mind as the exceptions... There may be others.
  4. I like Captain America First Avenger most and by a pretty wide margin.
  5. When are we gonna get that Sherlock Holmes sequel?
  6. Fair enough. I do think scores in most mega blockbusters, especially CBM, aren't what they once were.
  7. Yup. I like Fast Five and Furious 6 most. Next up would be F8 and Furious 7.
  8. Any Sunday updates? F8 gonna stay above $100M+ DOM OW?
  9. Yeah, man. I wasn't gaga for Get Out but it's great fun and clever as hell. BKB... Just check it out, dude. You might like... Don't go in expecting a race flick, go in expecting a good flick.
  10. Crossover with Jurassic World must happen in 10.
  11. I mean, what could best it? Can't think of anything that will come close.