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  1. 400m OS is locked, not bad.
  2. Fourth-biggest 3-day opening week for a hollywood movie!
  3. $84.65m in four weeks
  4. Sunday $20.78m OW $71.72m
  5. Saturday $27.3m, $50.3m in total
  6. OD $22.2m, including previews and midnight OW estimation $70~80m
  7. $75.7m in three weeks
  8. $66.3m in 15 days
  9. $63.5m in 14 days China's gross has exceeded DOM.
  10. $61.2m in 13 days
  11. OS 400m China 100m
  12. OS 700m China 200m
  13. OS 500m China 200m
  14. $58.8m in 12 days
  15. $56.2m in 11 days