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  1. Too optimistic on TBS and to pessimistic on The House leads to 6th place, pretty happy about staying in the top 10 for 2 consecutive weeks! And once again, congrats @Bates for yet another fantastic score and showing us how its done
  2. High scoring week all around, but noone was a match for @Bates' extraordinary score! Congrats for winning!
  3. 13th, nothing to be ashamed of! Congrats @cannastop for your first weekly win and @nomyth for your first monthly win!
  4. What is it with some of this holds like 47MD? And earlier last week I had All Eyez at 6m but thought that was to extreme and went up about 1m last minute... Congrats @Simionski for winning!
  5. 35th out of 39 players... awful week, doesn't get much worse than this! congrats @nomyth for winning the week and @Bates for winning the tournament!
  6. The openers weren't kind to me this week... Congrats @Wildbill! This was an issue since week 21, so the last 3 games are affected. Thanks for your continuing effort every week to keep this game running
  7. Wow, looks like I nailed WW Congrats @Bates for winning! @AndyLL: There seems to be a problem with the last two weeks, they are not included in the Standings-section yet and when clicking on Weekly Scores it still shows scores from 3 weeks ago. Also there seem to be some random 0.000% Difference from Average Score in last two weeks standings.
  8. A good week for me again, but of course @Bates still beats me in the Tournament Congrats @Matrix4You!
  9. One of the rare occasions where the actuals helped me go up! Thats the only reason I could beat Bye in the Tournament this week (poor guy, he has the worst track record at this game)! Next week is a whole other story though... @Bates almost never misses, so I'm doomed... Congrats @Rolling Thunder for ending your 'not winning streak'!
  10. I don't know what I was thinking with that Smurfs prediction but somehow the rest was still good enough for 12th! congrats @Wildbill!
  11. congrats @M37! only played 6 games so far but was in the top 4 in 4 of them!
  12. another tough week! congrats @ChipMunky for winning!
  13. tough week, only 5 people over 80%! congrats @TalismanRing for winning!
  14. almost perfectly balanced 8wombi7 90.863% 90.859% 90.863% congrats @Matrix4You on yet another victory!
  15. wow, last week my score would've been good for 6th, this time around its only good enough to be 16th... great competition, as always! congrats @boxofficeth, amazing result!

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