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  1. almost perfectly balanced 8wombi7 90.863% 90.859% 90.863% congrats @Matrix4You on yet another victory!
  2. wow, last week my score would've been good for 6th, this time around its only good enough to be 16th... great competition, as always! congrats @boxofficeth, amazing result!
  3. finally a result over 90% this year (even if barely ), but still a long way to go if i want to compete again in the yearly rankings... congrats @Matrix4You and @Simionski for their respective wins!
  4. nice i think even if there will be actuals for SJ its safe to say, that @Fancyarcher should remain no. 1, so congrats for winning this week!
  5. 25th, I knew it... congrats @boxofficeth for winning!
  6. damn, i forgot to recheck my early entries so Before I Fall and John Wick will probably kill me this week
  7. it's not that over 88% is a bad score, but with competition like this its only good enough for 15th congrats @Simionski!
  8. congrats from me too!
  9. not worth mentioning my efforts this week, but congrats@Spaghetti by the Seafor winning and for a fantastic score! you left behind the competition by over 5%!
  10. did a bad job on the openers, but since most people did i could still catch a place in the top ten! congrats @POTUS!
  11. I forgot to update my predictions after theatre counts were announced and thought that maybe Rings would kill me but in the end i should've worried more about the openers congrats @WrathOfHan!
  12. tough week, so i'm really happy to be in the top 5! congrats @Simionski!
  13. the openers weren't my friends this week, but still 12th is fine. congrats @Matrix4You for winning!
  14. 19th, nothing to see here... congrats @Eevin!
  15. 18th and third time in a row below 80%... not my year so far! congrats @CJohn!