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  1. 25th, I knew it... congrats @boxofficeth for winning!
  2. damn, i forgot to recheck my early entries so Before I Fall and John Wick will probably kill me this week
  3. it's not that over 88% is a bad score, but with competition like this its only good enough for 15th congrats @Simionski!
  4. congrats from me too!
  5. not worth mentioning my efforts this week, but congrats@Spaghetti by the Seafor winning and for a fantastic score! you left behind the competition by over 5%!
  6. did a bad job on the openers, but since most people did i could still catch a place in the top ten! congrats @POTUS!
  7. I forgot to update my predictions after theatre counts were announced and thought that maybe Rings would kill me but in the end i should've worried more about the openers congrats @WrathOfHan!
  8. tough week, so i'm really happy to be in the top 5! congrats @Simionski!
  9. the openers weren't my friends this week, but still 12th is fine. congrats @Matrix4You for winning!
  10. 19th, nothing to see here... congrats @Eevin!
  11. 18th and third time in a row below 80%... not my year so far! congrats @CJohn!
  12. just ignoring the fact, that my score went down from last week but i somehow managed to be in the top 10... congrats @Matrix4You!
  13. wow, 27th, was it me being stupid or just the snow storm... just back to normal i guess. way to start the year! congrats @Padre for winning!
  14. congrats to the 2016 champions and a thank you to @AndyLL from me too!
  15. congrats from me too @Bates! i was really lucky with my latest form so i managed to join the 85+ % club last minute!