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  1. Rotten tomatoes isn't worth paying attention to frankly.
  2. Reviews for this are kind of meh to be honest, was hoping for 75 or so on metacritic.
  3. I am a Gaawwwd, even though I'm a man of Gaawwwd. Something something Gaawwwd. Christ, what utter garbage. How does that guy even have a career?
  4. Looks better than any of the TFA teasers/trailers. I just hope the script is good.
  5. Official Tuesday Actuals: BvS 4.09M (+28%)

    Lol at thread title.
  6. Monday BvS 3.1 Rth

    Believe me, I'm hoping for 2.7. I just don't want to get my hopes up. That would be the funniest drop yet.
  7. Monday BvS 3.1 Rth

    27% increase gives 3.9ish. Maybe that's it. If it's really 2.7, that's hilarious. It can't be that low...
  8. That's assuming they wouldn't have the next film lined up to shoot straight after JL1, which they probably would. Back to square one.
  9. The people working on JL1 might not be affected, but the crew on the next film in production lined up afterwards will be in the same position as the crew for JL1 would be if they delayed it now. Either they can salvage this thing or they can't. WB need to look at the big picture, an entire slate of films that could collapse, not just at one film.

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