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  1. Best Picture predictions-2017!

    Papers and Greatest Showman will still probably get NYFF or AFI. NYFF has Last Flag Flying, they'll probably add one more big premiere. Actually stunned Blade Runner is missing everything, unless it gets Venice. My predicts for BP right now, prior to festivals 1. Dunkirk 2. The Shape of Water 3. The Papers 4. Suburbicon 5. mother! 6. Call Me By Your Name 7. Get Out Fairly confident about those seven minus Suburbicon, the only one we have no real indication on. Good feeling about it. 8. Hmmmm....Mudbound 9. Downsizing? Honorable Mention Detroit Last Flag Flying Phantom Thread The Florida Project I think Blade Runner might disappoint, tbh. Greatest Showman is a non-starter. Don't see it for Star Wars/Apes/Wonder Woman.
  2. The Classic Conversation Thread: The Sequel

    Every time I try to click one of the form headings on the main page, there's a delayed loading and the page jumps so I click and end up in Bond forum or Staff Announcements or something. Not sure if that's my computer or the boards, but it didn't happen before.
  3. The Classic Conversation Thread: The Sequel

    Yes, it is her first amendment right, just like it's my or my mom's right to say whatever the hell we want. Also, people were clapping and cheering my Mom. Broward County is 65 percent non white and 80 percent Democrat. It's like wearing a Yankees jersey to Fenway Park. GTFO with this start a riot and SJW nonesense. People used to literally throw shit at me when I canvassed in Ohio wearing a Hillary shirt, but you don't see me playing this victim shit. One of my volunteers got jumped and beaten for being a Saudi and knocking doors in the wrong area. An organizer in Cincy got shot. We know the game. That stuff is wrong no matter what side of the aisle. But joking with the fam about something when someone wore a shirt just to get a response? Nah. Ain't the same. Anyway, I said all I can say and you said what you can say. It was just a mildly amusing story about the confrontational Millers. I'm not polluting this topic with this shit no one wants to hear from either of us.
  4. The Classic Conversation Thread: The Sequel

    I did actually Also, wearing a Trump shirt is pretty much telling every black and Latino person in that line (a shockingly low number for South Florida, #DunkirkSoWhite) that you don't respect them, and telling women like my mom and girlfriend that you believe they should be sexually assaulted. Not to mention my mom is a proud Jew. That's what we said to the lady. It was an exaggeration to call it a fight, my mom basically just said to us (loudly, I guess) that it's good to know who in the line hates us (meaning her, my girlfriend, and my best friend, who is black). She basically responded "stop being a libtard" and I chimed in "It's okay Mom, she's gonna be disappointed the Nazis don't win in this one." Anyway, forget I even brought it up, I didn't bring up why it happened for a reason. She was talking to us in line about something that was meant to get a reaction, not her fault a lady overheard her and decided to talk back. We were in the right. It's not like we ran up on her and said "Fuck you Trumper!!!" We were having a conversation about something that pissed us off, oh well.
  5. The Classic Conversation Thread: The Sequel

    Politics, there was some lady in a Trump shirt and my mom could not hold her tongue. I can't blame her, wearing that out in public is just a move asking to antagonize people.
  6. IDK call me crazy but based on these reviews I wouldn't quite rule this out as an Oscar contender just yet. Reviews are pretty strong and it has everything else going for it. Probably not winning Best Picture or anything but I don't see why it couldn't sneak in as a BP nom.
  7. I do think there's some potential in that nihilism. I'm speaking for myself (as a white guy, which needs to be noted in context) but every liberal drama, from Selma to Children of Men to Hidden Figures to freaking War of the Planet of the Apes, has had an underlying structure: Witness these horrors, but everything is going to be alright. But I think that there's plenty of people, when it comes to this issue specifically and politics generally, that don't feel that way anymore. Maybe everything isn't going to be alright. Maybe we as a people, especially black people, aren't in an inspirational drama, we're in a fucking horror movie. Time will tell if that translates to box office dollars, but yea.
  8. Sounds pretty good. That Hollywood Reporter review is negative which is fine but the tone of it kinda pissed me off - said it was both too brutal and that the white police are portrayed as too universally bad. I'm glad we have a movie that doesn't shy away from the horror of police brutality and doesn't try to add in some "not all cops are bad!" message when the whole system is broken. I think it sounds admirable. But generally doesn't sound like an audience hit.
  9. The Classic Conversation Thread: The Sequel

    My mom got into a (verbal) fight with someone in line when we saw Dunkirk in IMAX, Miller family wildin out always.
  10. How many gods of death that want to destroy everything do we need? It's all the same to me, but whatever.
  11. The director is talented (shouts to @aabattery) and I'm sure it might have more style than alot of these movies, but this is a franchise that has rendered Kenny Branagh and Shane Black benign. I just have no interest in these characters wanting to destroy the world for no reason and the same setpiece jumping to stop them. I didn't like much of SMH but thank god it had a real villain with an actual motivation for these things.
  12. So it's another "stop the villain with no motivation from bringing the ULTIMATE DESTRUCTION" movie? Hard pass. First trailer made it look alot more interesting, that was a huge bore.
  13. I think the footage looks bad but man the trailer makes me laugh. Love the doofy alt-metal cover of the Beatles by some System of a Down knockoff. Love Aquaman's dudebro vibe. Love the below Scorpion King level CGI when Cyborg stops the tank. And really love the fact that Ben Affleck is clearly mailing it in so hard they should replace the Batsuit with a UPS uniform. I dig it. Hope we get a Rifftrax of this one.
  14. I guess I can see a case for BTTF 2 being a bit overrated (though great), but I haven't seen it in awhile. BTTF 1 is legendary for a good reason. Goffe sometimes has terribad opinions (Children of Men being too political is a lowkey WOAT take I saw recently) but I also find myself agreeing a ton about modern blockbusters, particularly superhero movies, so it's a really a rollercoaster of a time. *Jason Mamoa voice* I dig it.
  15. Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Spider-Man, Jackman as Wolverine and RDJ as Iron Man, and maybeeee a well-done Hulk. Those are the only superheroes anyone that isn't already an engaged fan cares to see. Otherwise it depends on marketing and quality - that's why something like Deadpool can blow up and Apocalyse can do mehhhhhh. The people who care that much about Flash and Aquaman are already an engaged audience that would see it. Though obviously I'm just trollin with Green and Calderon. They're more Korver and Deron.

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