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  1. Do you fweel in chaaaa-ggg?
  2. This movie is the production equivalent of a Ponzi scheme. "Yea, it's coming out in 2012/2014/2017/2018/2020!" Continued promises with no actionable proof of real results.
  3. They aren't on strike yet. They've voted to authorize a strike if negotiations go bad.
  4. That shouldn't be the responsibility of the people striking who are getting screwed. That's the responsibility of the people refusing to pay them what they are worth, giving them benefits they've earned, or looking out for their safety. People strike for good reason, and they don't do it just for attention or to whine, considering the constant media villification and hate from politicians. That's true whether it's writers, teachers, coal miners, or air traffic controllers.
  5. The best writers are going to be in WGA, because the union fights for things like better pay, royalties, better insurance, recognition, and a network to find projects. So the people available to write in a strike are either non-credited writers who don't have any experience, people breaking the strike who are okay with never working again apparently, or just random producers and actors who can fill in stuff. As noted, Daniel Craig pretty much wrote that crappy Bond movie on set, and stuff like that happens. But most likely, because of these bad options, they just delay and wait on projects.
  6. Yea, that's absolutely true. Last one happened before TV really got super fucking awesome and I didn't really watch TV then at all. Not so anymore. Hope that the union gets what it wants.
  7. Danny Craig bout to write Bond 25. Worked so well the last time. I'm supportive of this move because I support unions striking and fighting for their rights. That said, I hope for everyone's sake that things get hammered out sooner than later. Every blockbuster has 40 writers now so they probably can't just have random character actors write Aquaman on the set anymore.
  8. Depends on reviews, but I can easily see it having a bigger opening. Suicide Squad did 132 despite a less famous property and terrible reviews. Since it's the first Wonder Woman movie and it's alot earlier in the cinematic universe, it might not be as clipped in legs as GOTG2 too. I think that a well reviewed Wonder Woman would do 150/380, and I'm expecting Guardians to do 140/355. However, realistically thinking 135/315.
  9. Because nothing in the DC universe or in early buzz has inspired the confidence it will go higher. But I hope it does.
  10. If this gets good reviews, above 75% on Rotten Tomatoes, it'll be the biggest movie of the summer (domestically). Calling it now. Just feels like everything is right for it to happen - hugely popular character, first major female superhero movie, right time in society, the period setting with World War I which is fresh AND hot, good trailers, the fact that WW is the only real positive goodwill from BvS, and the fact that Suicide Squad did what it did despite mostly unknown characters, mixed tone, and terrible reviews. Unfortunately, I think it's headed for somewhere like the 50s and second place. But if this is good, I'll say 150/380 for it.
  11. Not really a hot take when Marvel is hiring dudes like Jon Watt and the Russos and the guy whose biggest credit was See No Evil or whatever to take over the ship. Fuck, even James Gunn was pretty much a middling indie guy until Guardians, which I loved, but not necessarily because James Gunn had some great vision. Love them or hate them, these movies are managed pretty thoroughly, that's pretty clear. That's why they hire controllable directors. Some people are cool with that and eat up all these movies. Good, nothing wrong with that. But not me - I'd rather watch some GDT weird shit any day. But I know you think everyone who isn't obsessed with Michael Bay movies is a pretentious snob, so not worth arguing.
  12. Right, I don't disagree. Certainly works for alot of people. I'm not a fan, but I ain't mad at it. Let them do them. I will say that the franchise needs to mix up what the character does before he turns into a Jack Sparrow/Tony Stark worn-thin caricature. Always a problem with characters like these. That applies to Star-Lord too and Chris Pratt's entire persona in general.
  13. I was eh on Deadpool but the action in it was better than alot of these movies. That's the least of its problems. A great action director won't solve the main problem: the character and his schtick being annoying as fuck. IMO, of course. I know that needs to be added to every post on Deadpool before it gets 100 posts saying "Well clearly people liked it!!"