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  1. I'm a total Fast and Furious stan too, so it's ideal. Family forever @MrPink
  2. So I'm okay with the policy, but how far does it extend? I understand you can't post specific details. I wouldn't do that anyway. But can I say "I thought Logan fell apart in the third act" or "The ending of X really got to me?" General, very non-specific things that pertain to larger things?
  3. I feel like Power Rangers might have more of a kiddie IM than people think. I get that it has a fanbase, but so did TMNT and it played more like a kid's movie. Plus, it's a fucking Power Rangers movie. People are gonna want to take their kids. Then again, I said BaTB and Kong would both have pretty frontloaded IMs, so I've been wayyyy off the past few weeks. Gotta get my mojo back. That's the exact number I predicted for Life, though.
  4. Yes, every genre tends to be formulaic for the 80 percent of all movies that are fine to bad. Life, that was a movie I found completely formulaic and paint-by-numbers. But it also existed only to tell its own story and will make like 50 million bucks. These are movies that make a billion dollars, influence the entire marketplace, and exist less as coherent films than extended previews for an endgame that might never come, and for now, Happy Meals! That's my opinion, which I understand as I've been told a million times is not shared by most people. But that's my answer to address that specific point.
  5. I mean, movies are subjective, so we can agree to disagree there. My point was that this is the same shit as 1000 other blockbuster movies just with more "dark" (quote-on-quote) aesthetics to dress it up and pretend it's emotion. But some people disagree. That's fine. Guess it's time for me to "tapp" out.
  6. They both suck! Trolling. Individual movies are good, but what they are overall going for....ehhhh. For different reasons, but also the same reasons. Seriously, what is it with supervillians and glowing boxes that will destroy the universe? I heard economic and cyber terrorism is just as effective and much more subtle. It's probably a bad thing that I'm hoping to go back to the days of "They're hacking into the CARS" soon.
  7. If a couple of sad piano notes is what counts for "meaningful human emotions" these days, then IDK man.
  8. While I'm not saying that there is superhero fatigue or that it's going to regress as a genre, the entire point of a bubble bursting is that it reaches its' peak before popping. That's what makes it burst. So saying that superhero movies had a really successful couple years (objectively true) doesn't cut out of the possibility that a couple of stinkers and disappointments across brands could lead to a lull. The same thing happened with Westerns- they were absolutely untouchable and there was no evidence they would decline, they kept crowding the marketplace, and then...
  9. Batman v. Superman wasn't dark or deep or anything to me. It was moody and it had a bunch of dark colors and "BWAR BWAR BWAR" pounding music but that doesn't make it dark, it just makes it rainy. Boogie Nights is one of the darkest and most meaningful movies ever to me, and it's a disco-movie about pornos. If you consider BvS dark or meaningful than that's fine and a subjective opinion, but so many people see "rain and a lack of jokes" and think "dark!" when really it's just an emo style choice. It's like saying some My Chemical Romance shit is darker than Bob Dylan or Tupac's heaviest stuff.
  10. It's all good. I can't go more than ten posts in that topic without giving myself a bad headache from facepalms so is cool with me.
  11. Why did the Justice League thread get locked? I'd rather read Chewy go off the reservation than read a bunch of posts about how Zach Snyder is some underrated genius who critics and snobs can never understand.
  12. I actually liked the ending because it was probably the only thing in it, good or bad, that I thought about within five minutes of leaving the theater. It's fine. It tries to be Alien with Gravity aesthetics, and it's ok at it. Jake is one of my favorite actors but this movie reminded me of why he used to NOT be, because he's a kinda a bore in roles like this. He's a really excellent character actor who sometimes gets cast in leading man roles because he looks like one, but that ain't his lane. Ferguson is fine, and Ryan Reynolds acts exactly like he acts in every single movie. If you're a Reynolds fanboy then sure, you'll like that, but I've always just been whatever on dude. The other three actors are actually the most interesting thing in it, but it's so paint-by-numbers (personal story to set-up inevitable demise) that you just kinda wait around for them to get killed so it can focus on Jake and Ferguson like you know it will. It's well-designed and well-shot and fairly well-scripted and acted, but I just felt like I've seen it all before in the exact same way. The hopeful discovery, the waiting around for things to go bad, the series of setpieces designed to kill characters one-by-one, the loss of hope followed by last-ditch effort. And look, there's nothing wrong with formulaic film making done pretty well, but it's also not exactly a recipe for making a memorable movie. It's an entertaining enough two hours, but yeesh. This movie is the equivalent of a piece of untoasted wheat bread. Just a C+ movie if I've ever seen one. I guess I was cool with the ending because it's the only interesting seasoning in the entire dish. The design of the alien was better than most of these movies, though, I must say that.
  13. I liked it because it was alot prettier than most of these Lifetime movie looking blockbusters today, and the supporting cast is made up of a bunch of really fun actors. But fair warning, Hiddleston and Larson are pretty wretched.
  14. I will say it was nice to have a trailer that doesn't use either a. A slowed down boring version of a classic rock song or b. A generic ass modern rock song by some band named Avenged Shinedown or some shit. Good music. And the joke about Batman just being rich was actually one of the few times a superhero trailer has made me actually laugh in years. But otherwise.......meh! I just can't do it with these movies anymore. It's not a Marvel D.C. thing - I am as unexcited for the next big Avengers movie as I am for this. I can do with movies like Black Panther and Logan and even Civil War, but the idea of a superhero team overcoming their differences to stop the glowing orb from destroying Earth is just a big bowl of I don't give a fuck for me. But I get that the formula works and people like that, so okay. More unforgiving is how visually ugly these movies are. Zach Snyder films look really good whenever everyone is just standing around, but whenever the action starts they take a permanent resting spot in the uncanny valley.