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  1. 600m+ Fri 71.1m Sat: 46.35m Sun: 38.00m -18% Opening Wknd: 155.45m Mon: 20.90m -45% Tue: 20.05m -4% Wed: 18.90m -5% Thur: 21.75m +15% Opening Wk: 237m Fri: 29.50m +35% Sat: 16.85m -42% Sun: 31.20m +85% 2nd Wknd: 77.40m -50% Mon: 37.50m +20% Tue: 26.15m -30% Wed: 23.50m -10% Thur: 23.25m -1% 2nd Wk: 187.85m -20% Fri: 29.25m +25% Sat: 24.85m -10% Sun: 26.10m +5% 3rd Wknd: 80.20m +3% Mon: 22.15m -15% Tue: 10.00m -55% Wed: 6.50m -35% Thur: 6.00m -8% 3rd Wk: 124.85m -33% Dom total after 21 days: 550m
  2. business is strong, its also apparently the 2nd biggest pre-saler in fandango history, only topped by FA.
  3. RO will easily join that 3 or 4, the time of year is vastly in its favor, just like it was for FA.

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