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  1. I think the weekend will show where you can run to end FF8
  2. For now Maoyan reporting 456.54 million yuan for Saturday
  3. Maoyan reporting 430.53 million yuan for Saturday
  4. 6:30 PM maoyan The Fate of the Furious Fri: 327.43m Sat: 114.88m
  5. ‘The Fate Of The Furious’ Races To $19.7M Start; China Pre-Sales Explode Records – Int’l Box Office
  6. [ 0 days+ 1.0 hours] The Fate of the Furious Midnight: 56.20m (+111.5%) Fri: 153.36m (+47.5%) Sat: 72.40m (+38.9%) MN at 4.2m per hour, OD at 4.7m per hour Sat at 1.9m per hour
  7. [ 0 days+ 2.0 hours] The Fate of the Furious Midnight: 52.03m (+95.8%) Fri: 148.61m (+42.9%) Sat: 70.49m (+35.2%) MN at 3.4m per hour, OD at 5.6m per hour Sat at 2.m per hour