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  1. I think this is right. My biggest mistake was that I never talked to random girls. I always talked to girls I already knew like friends friends...cousins friend. Family friend ...relative of a relative coworkers and etc. The issue is I am way to shy to go to a girl at a bar and talk to her with a purpose of wanting to date her.
  2. The last film seems like a 'this series of films is over, we should start again or do something different' film But it seems not
  3. In Quebec its DMY. I work at the bank, I know causes a lot of pain.... What this transaction was done in the future!?? lol
  4. You know it was average movie when Tyrese being Tyrese was a highlite.
  5. Really who cares will make 3 to 4 times more overseas.
  6. Rock is pretty much the Hulk.
  7. Personally, when I was younger I enjoyed almost any film. Then I watched a lot of the classics and saw what films can be like, so the average film these days does not do much for me.
  8. Fast 8 has no really redeeming aspects to really keep interest like the Paul walker ending in fast 7.
  9. watched Fast 8, the franchise is losing its charm really.
  10. I imagine a movie Independence Day 2016 likely make a lot of money on TV revenues. I noticed Tv love to play Disaster movies a lot !
  11. TV rights are serious money still?
  12. I can see why this is so popular in india Its like a Bollywood movie with much better effects!
  13. Well you started the politics saying 'i thought liberals get triggered' Nonetheless, whatever.
  14. People blinded by strictness to ideology are usually liberal or conservative from my own experience. Failing to acknowledge the flaws of the leaders that 'support what I believe in' or a truth/good thing by a leader 'you don't agree with' is what leads societies to become increasingly polarized and dysfunctional.
  15. I would say overall...