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  1. Note that Saturday will be normal workday.
  2. Good news for Kong, it seems none of the local movies will break out, only Suspect X will do decent.
  3. Films with earnings over £50 million since 1989[1][2] Rank Title Gross (£ million) Year 1 * Star Wars: The Force Awakens 123.0[3] 2015 2 * Skyfall 103.2 2012 3 * Spectre 95.2[4] 2015 4 Avatar 94.0 2009 5 Titanic 80.3 1998 6 Toy Story 3 74.0 2010 7 * Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 73.1 2011 8 * Mamma Mia! 68.6 2008 9 * Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone 66.1 2001 10 * Rogue One 66.0[5] 2016
  4. weekend Beauty 1,028,281 (-26.6%) 3,102,971/$23.1M Hidden Figures 108,193 (new) 139,103 /$1.03M Kong 58,129 (-81.7%) 1,673,674/$12.4M Logan 19,809 (-87.5%) 2,155,435/$16.3M
  5. 1B WW locked, 1B OS not a Chance, it's not as monstrous as NA/Europe in Asia.
  6. Saturday BEAUTY AND THE BEAST € 1.520.947 214.728 LIFE: € 274.644 38.683 BATB down 34% from OW
  7. Corpse: Sing is likely to repeat atop the box office based on a great second Saturday, since it'll probably see a sizable increase tomorrow which will keep it comfortably ahead of Kong: Skull Island for the weekend frame, aiming for a second weekend above ¥400 million ($3.5 million+).And speaking of Kong: Skull Island, it performed pretty well. Nothing spectacular, but quite respectable. As long as it doesn't end up declining tomorrow, it should have a good second place debut. Based on Saturday, I'm expecting an opening between ¥375-400 million ($3.3-3.6 million), and that'll be nicely above the ¥313 million that King Kong (2005) opened to. Moana and Doraemon held very nicely. The former is likely going to slip to third place, but if it can deliver a sizable increase tomorrow, there's still a chance it'll hold onto second place. Moana will be targeting a third weekend of ¥350 million ($3 million+), while Doraemon will likely stay above ¥300 million ($2.7 million+) in its fourth weekend.Policeman and Me and Daytime Shooting Star both performed reasonably well, though the former had some admission spikes throughout the day indicating it had some stage greetings going on, and if that's the case, it might see a noticeable decline tomorrow. Both are probably aiming for ¥200 million ($1.7 million) or so. Kamen Rider is doing what Kamen Rider typically does, although it appears headed for an opening just on par with the recent franchise debut based on Saturday, aiming for ¥150-175 million ($1.3-1.5 million).Passengers, as expected based on its Friday numbers, disappoints and is really the only loser this weekend. It's going to at least exceed the ¥100 million ($1 million) mark over the weekend frame, but not much more.
  8. Maoyan Sunday pre. KONG- 130.5M BATB - 31.3M
  9. Maoyan has the Saturday at 195M! we'll see.
  10. Saturday Beauty 455,389 (+186.4%) 2,689,079 Kong 25,410 (+201.2%) 1,649,390 Beauty made $3.4m on Saturday, down only 24% from last week.