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  1. Yeah, because that was the problem with F4, the runtime. Unless Thor spends an hour of the movie doing literally nothing and half the footage in the film isn't actually in the movie, I'm pretty sure it'll do fine. Also, Taika Waititi has not destroyed his house or micromanaged the shit out of the cast while filming like Trank did.
  2. "There are too many characters in this movie!" There are literally only two other characters aside from Venom so far and they are literally a love interest and the villain. Take a chill pill.
  3. Sooo does this mean my 1 billion dollar WW prediction could still be in play? Because I talked a loooooooooooooooot of shit about how certain I was that would happen.
  4. So three days out from release and the only tracking we have is from the start of June? Very surprising.
  5. So has there been any actual tracking recently? I can't seem to find any.
  6. He's gonna shave the beard. Rogers is blonde in the films, and that beard definitely is not.
  7. Amazing Spider-Man 2 pulled 700 million worldwide even having the worst reviews of the series. A good one that also features Iron Man could more than plausibly do a billion.
  8. No on both counts. Favreau is doing fine as he is with sheparding disney's live action spinoff stuff (and if he's being given Lion King it means they really, really fucking like him where he is), and there's far from a shortage of stuff they can make movies from. They've barely even scratched the cosmic stuff. If they could make the Guardians of the Galaxy and Doctor Strange into worldwide phenomenons, there's no limit to what they can do. They could legit remake Howard the Duck and it'd probably be in the top 10 highest grossers of the year and get 80% on RT. Midas touch.
  9. So what's the going on the OW estimates now that we have a bit of international numbers? Still 160?
  10. As cool as it'd be half the TV characters would be useless in this kind of fight, save for the Royal Family in Inhumans (Black Bolt can fuck shit up). People like Punisher or Daredevil who are more or less regular dudes would be slaughtered.
  11. This movie is going to be so packed full of stars major A-Listers will be literal background extras simply due to how fucking many of them there will likely be.
  12. Justice League over 1 billion WW

    Out. If a Batman vs Superman movie couldn't, unless this breaks the mold in terms of reviews for DCEU movies being terribly received, I don't think it'll happen.

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