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  1. So what's the going on the OW estimates now that we have a bit of international numbers? Still 160?
  2. As cool as it'd be half the TV characters would be useless in this kind of fight, save for the Royal Family in Inhumans (Black Bolt can fuck shit up). People like Punisher or Daredevil who are more or less regular dudes would be slaughtered.
  3. This movie is going to be so packed full of stars major A-Listers will be literal background extras simply due to how fucking many of them there will likely be.
  4. Out. If a Batman vs Superman movie couldn't, unless this breaks the mold in terms of reviews for DCEU movies being terribly received, I don't think it'll happen.
  5. Not really sure how people are seeing the reactions as 'mixed'. Most are outright raves, and the 'worst' are 'not as good as the first one'.
  6. These reactions as a whole aren't 'so-so' at all so it's not really a concern it looks like. Most of these are raves. And besides, Gunn isn't Josh Trank. Gunn's claims to fame before GOTG were Super and Slither.
  7. I'm not sure why you guys think MJ is overplayed considering she hasn't been in movie in literally 10 years.
  8. Does the lack of 'Disney's biggest trailer ever' articles indicate it didnt beat out Thor Ragnarok?
  9. If this tracks with those other movies there is a very real possibility Marvel Studios has 3 billion-dollar releases this year.
  10. So if it's bigger than Civil War, Beauty and the Beast and Force Awakens...a billion could hypothetically be in play.
  11. Iron Man is in a major action sequence. Again: BILLION LOCKED.