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  1. This certainly won't be the only year with 8/9 live action superhero movies.
  2. Spielberg used to be the King of Hollywood, now he s Mr Wikipedia page for the dumb. How the mighty has fallen.
  3. My sentence has probably wrong grammar because we are saying the same thing.
  4. I like my superheroes but right now I am lost ...
  5. Who will be the Dreamworks Animation in this story ? An over-crowded market place will ALWAYS have a big casualty. Also, One tentpole out of three is a superhero movie now. Fox going crazy is bad news for the MCU imo, way too many Marvel movies.
  6. You re all just basic Brett haters !
  7. I still think the western/Superhero analogy doesn't work like, at all. You won't convince me there isn't more variety between superheroes than between freaking cowboys.
  8. How Gandalf the Grey of him.
  9. And doing spoof/meta humor !!! And road trips with F words !!! Revolutionnary storytelling Fox.
  10. We know Cameron has huge Chinese financial backing on these babies but I still think what I said is true for whatever financial partners Cameron has on this huge project. Is the creation of the facility I talked about included in the budget ? Who knows ... We also know that Cameron can't do cheap or mundane, when he does a movie it MUST be cutting edge technology, way beyond what competitors are doing so the movies cannot be cheap. His motto is the following : " If nobody tells me : that s impossilbe, well I am not interested". He always pushes the boundaries of the medium and his Avatar sequels won't be any different.