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  1. This is basically the complete list of all possible 1B WW grossers for 2017.
  2. Historians of the future will notice Deadpool was a sign of things to come ...
  3. What are the properties like Power Rangers that are left to adapt by Hollwyood ?
  4. Next Gus Van Sant movie with Joaq and future Oscah winner Jonah Hill.
  5. Oh man, I wish we had a recording of the phone conversation between Nolan and Snyder about slow-mo in Man of Steel. Must have been epic.
  6. Ryan Reynolds was never a draw, his stunt & CGI double did all the heavy lifting in Deadpool.
  7. Darkseid stole the Sun, vivid RGB colors ?
  8. This will get trashed by critics because their beef with Snyder runs way deeper than "good visuals, bad story telling". Most critics probably loathe his visual approach, way too stylized & sophisticated, not rooted enough in some kind of reality. And then there is the whole dudebro/macho/uber virility that drips from every image that rub critics the very wrong way. Also, what was the latest "way too obvious CGI fest" that had great reviews, Guardians vol 1 ? Critics also adore 35 minutes scenes of uninterrumpted action/destruction porn. This is gonna do so well with The New York Times & the Post. Top 10 Material fo' sho' with mother!, Downsizing, the Indie of the year with Brie Larson & some random biopic/based on a true story.
  9. This will be Jlaw s first vehicle with only her name on the Billboard.