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  1. I guess in these parts of the internet this movie is known as: Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch - the Forbidden Affair...
  2. Yes, there is a lot of Ham & Cheese in Valerian, as there was in Jupiter. Goes with the Besson. But it's also just plain boring and insubstantial. Honestly, I expected more from European comics. (I don't know why - I've read some, and they are nothing special. Their only advantage is they are NOT about superheroes, and their format (48 BIG pages per issue) allows for a much longer story.) My main thought while watching Valerian was: How can Star Wars be SO much better than this??!! And then it dawned on me: yes, Valerian can be compared to SW - but only to Phantom Menace!! You can quote the Shay on that: Valerian is just as stupid, misguided, broken, childish, empty and self-indulgent as Menace, which the Shay, as most SW fans, considers an aberration that can only be watched for some racing action, garish visuals and Darth Maul's ass.
  3. It WILL be weaker. Movie is just not good. It is not any better than Jupiter Ascending - it's just as cringy and misguided - and visually it's even behind JA. JA got those revolutionary 3D visuals (hail Wachowski) that made the Shay see it FIVE times - this has nothing special, just lots of it. 280m WW at best.
  4. Wow, you're pretty vengeful, for an American. Too bad, because the movie is quite stupid - you would have liked it.
  5. As usual, Eastern Europe is way ahead of you folks, when good original scifi/fantasy is concerned. DUNKIRK got just one or two of the smallest screens - while VALERIAN got all the biggest and best screens here. LOL! Valerian will make 10 TIMES more money than Nolan, the cinema managers are not that stupid.
  6. WTFF!!!!!!! Dune needs a director with distinct visual flair - not some boring fuck!! Damn it!! Hope the producers change their mind soon and find someone better.
  7. Such a shame that a movie as beautiful and important as this one - which even the critics appreciate - has such a small modest thread here. It seems indeed that the thoughtless masses do not care.

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