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  1. Sounds like black revenge porn, really. Not a fan at all. Anyway, this kind of niche movies don't get screenings in my country, so whatever.
  2. I fail to see any legit point of comparison between the two. Don't know much about Get Out either. But what I heard sounded bad.
  3. How does the Shay post GIFs so they are immediately seen, and not just as a link?... And btw - you don't wanna miss the above GIF...
  4. If I need to say something positive: I have ALWAYS been a fan of Zack Snyder!! I never betrayed him.
  5. Why? Marvel is fun. Some of their better movies are sometimes similar to my own style of writing, so I really enjoy them (also great visuals!): Iron Man 3, Dr. Strange, GotG, Logan, Winter Soldier and Deadpool are all pretty great. The others - not so much. PS: Pixar are not fun anymore. That's why I turned from a fan to a hater. Last Pixar movie I liked was Ratatouille, and Brave.
  6. It's just the lesser of two evils. For the last 10 years Marvel at least have managed to strike a nice pleasant tone for their superhero gibberish. DC are still very far from it - and even if they do, by a miracle - it is already too late now. They will be seen (forever) like second-rate clumsy Marvel copycat.
  7. Of course. But only if you have great talent + experience and vision. While the writers of Life have been said by everyone to be painfully average, or lower. So the ending is actually well made, for them.
  8. THE FUCK??!! I honestly liked GOTG second trailer TEN times more than this!! I saw it in the theater before BATB - and it just blew me away. Maybe the best sci fi 3D visuals EVER!! The colours, the brightness, the depth, the motion - all of these were already great in the first movie, and here they seem to have upped the game considerably!! Why am I writing the Shay's praise for Marvel's Guardians 2 in this bug infested stupid DC thread? It's just because I am a man of my word - and I will never again open the GOTG2 thread, until its fucked up title is unfucked by a mod.
  9. I honestly can't see what other way it could have ended... There are genre conventions that you can't just ignore. Also, it wasn't done too bad. It made some sense, if you were watching carefully. The ending actually is a plus for the movie. Most people will like it - more than not. The problem is, it's just a boring, ordinary genre movie.
  10. No, sorry. Really not my type of movie - neither of them. Especially BATB, since it's extremely big and, as usual, overrated - so the Shay just needs to oppose it. But yeah BATB at least had some eye candy - while Life looks like it has 30m budget - and both are equally boring (saw Life yesterday).
  11. Huh??!! I must have missed that? Where?? The Shay actually gave BATB hell...