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  1. Two things: 1. My girlfriend, that I took with me the third time seeing it, couldn't believe that such a beautiful, interesting and original (in theme and setting) film could be insulted and neglected like this. 2. I do not believe it is going to flop. If the 110m budget at BOM is correct (it should be), this movie is probably breaking even with 200-220m WW. PS: Power Rangers though, which costs the same while being 80 times uglier!! is surely flopping - and deservedly so.
  2. Haha, the Shay just attended a celebratory free showing of LaLaLand for distinguished cinephiles... Third or fourth time seeing it - still a blast, still cried my eyes out several times (especially the epilogue)! Best musical movie ever!
  3. THE SHAY HAS HAD ENOUGH OF ALL THOSE BALD HEADS... BEHOLD: The Fast and the Fabulous!! Also: THIS will be the last installment.
  4. As I love all three of these - SOUNDS GREAT!!
  5. Two problems: 1. The Shay knows it is good. 2. If you're good at something, never do it for free. But if this type of marketing works - let them go for it.
  6. "Never underestimate Ritchie", the old Shay used to say, "The guy is a beast!".
  7. Tarzan was dumb as fuck. No way in hell a Ritchie movie isn't 5 times better. Of course, that's no guarantee whatsoever of a financial success, considering the IQ of the masses, but still - IN.
  8. I liked the bone short. At least this Pixar will look good.