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  1. Why do I get the feeling the "partial nudity" will be from Steve Carell? I'm glad this is getting an Awards Season release date, I suspected it might be a contender this year. Hell, good or bad I'm happy to watch Emma in a skirt chasing a fuzzy yellow ball for 90+ minutes.
  2. Battle of the Sexes odds of getting a nomination just went up as it was just given an Awards Season release date.
  3. I don't see Passengers in the top 48 on BOM weekend estimates, did Sony finally give up trying to push it past $100m?
  4. Wow, what some people think of as "athletic" is... surprising. There's an old saying, "Long muscles are strong muscles". For me athletic means a combination of strength, endurance and flexibility and bodybuilders generally concentrate on strength at the expense of the rest. Athletes involved in sports like gymnastics and soccer would be some of the best examples, while they certainly have defined muscles they have a more lean look. While Scarlett looks a bit "soft" I think that's more genetics than anything else as I assume she's been training for years back to when she was cast as Black Widow. Some people can train all day every day and hardly show the results, but still have the athletic ability resulting from all that work.
  5. I saw this last night, and it wasn't bad, but it doesn't hold a candelabra to the original. I actually watched the original earlier this week for the first time in nearly 20 years so it was really fresh in my mind and in comparison the live action version was lacking the "Disney Magic" of the original. It looked fine, most of the music was good, although the autotune on Watson was really obvious, in some spots it almost didn't sound like there was anything left of her real voice. As for acting, the Beast was quite good and Gaston was spot on perfect, Watson's Belle was uneven. Sometimes she was quite good and other parts it was like she was sleepwalking through the role. For once I actually agree with the RT score, moderately fresh, but nothing really special.
  6. I can't believe there hasn't been one "Release The Kraken" joke yet.
  7. Loved the first one, saw it in theaters opening day. I'll either see the second one today or tomorrow.
  8. Theater popcorn is absolute shit these days, except for some small independent theaters. There's one 2nd run theater here that serves the kind of popcorn I remember as a kid. The kernels are smaller and they really soak up the butter, which they actually use a ladle to pour on the popcorn, not to mention it's only $2.50 for a small rather than the ridiculous nearly $7 Cineplex charges
  9. It's down to 70%, better start saving up.
  10. It looks like LLL has easily cruised past $400m WW. BOM has it at $396,992,395, but has Japan as $4,963,931. The estimate after this weekend for Japan is $14.0m which puts LLL at roughly $406m. $450m looks out of range unless LLL can do $45m+ in Japan, but $440m looks within reach.
  11. Such a shame that a faux critic ruined the perfect RT score. If not for Armond White GO would have beaten Toy Story 2's all time perfect score of 163-0 as it is now 166-1
  12. Streaky reviews. 6 of the first 12 were negative, then a run of mostly positive, and now 4 of the last 5 are negative. Currently 32-12, 73%.
  13. I guess it already opened here in Canada under the "Ballerina" title. I noticed it was playing when I was checking Logan showtimes this morning.