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  1. Thanks. I was actually kind of worried it might not be in a theater near me so I was pleasantly surprised I have several options on where to see it.
  2. I never even heard of this movie until I was looking for Free Fire showtimes this weekend and saw it is in 1 theater this weekend. It's actually in a theater that has matinee pricing and this looks like it would be worth a matinee admission.
  3. There are a ton of TV spots for this tonight. Is there a theater count for this yet? I quickly checked 4 of the nearest theaters to me and 3 of the 4 are actually showing Free Fire, although it seems to be on the smaller screens. This is easily my most anticipated movie this weekend.
  4. I was originally kind of lukewarm to a Mummy reboot, but I have to say it looks good so far, especially Sofia Boutella, who is probably one of the most badass actresses right now. She totally sells being tough as nails and evil. I'd never even heard of her before Kingsman, but I'd have checked the Mummy out just for her. As for the '99 Mummy, I loved it back then and it still holds up pretty well, I actually watched it again last night. I still remember everyone being surprised how well it opened back then.
  5. Passengers is listed as the 24th longest to reach $100m Domestic, although that placing is probably off a bit. BOM has Unforgiven as the longest at 318 days, but they don't list the clear "winner", The Rocky Horror Picture Show (currently at $112.9m domestic). I can't recall when it hit $100m, but I'm pretty sure it was somewhere around 35 years after it was originally released in 1975.
  6. So, Dick Cheney is about to start shooting. I hope everyone has a kevlar vest ready.
  7. $99,956,732 now, just $11,000 to pass Gnomio and Juliet. Looking at weekday numbers last week it could pass GaJ on Thursday. I would laugh so hard if it finally got pulled next weekend (I know it won't happen, they will make sure it scratches and claws its way over 100 no matter what).
  8. The fudge is strong with this one. Weekend "actuals" have been updated. Somehow, despite going from 506 theaters to 57 Passengers managed a 130% increase on friday over Thursdays number and a weekend of $46,196 for a total of $99,956,732. I know they will get it to $100m by whatever mean necessary, but they didn't have to be so blatantly obvious in their attempts. Only $11,000 more before it passes Gnomio and Juliet. It would be hilarious if it played this week, passed GaJ, then got pulled next weekend. At least they could brag they had the 672nd biggest all time Domestic movie instead of the 673rd.
  9. I'm watching The Walking Dead right now and in one commercial break there were 3 different TV spots for AC.
  10. I saw this yesterday, I rather liked it. It wasn't awesome, but it was a decent movie with great visuals. For this movie I was pretty much a blank slate, I'd heard of GITS, but never read or watched anything about it so I came into it with no preconceived notions.
  11. I see BOM has added the weekday numbers for this week now and Passengers averaged about $6k a day in 506 theaters for a total of $99,910,536. It's going to take a lot more fudging to get that last 90k. I can't find any theater counts for Passengers, but the weekend numbers should be... interesting.
  12. I was just looking at showtimes tomorrow when I noticed there are no showings that aren't 3D. I checked 3 other theaters and none of them has a single 2D showing. This is usually a bad sign. The only movie in recent memory that had no 2D showings here was the last Resident Evil movie, although after a couple of weeks when it was in the smallest auditoriums there were 2D showings.
  13. It doesn't happen often, but sometimes I just want a movie to fail hard and this is one of those movies. Ever since we got the announcement that Croods 2 was scrapped and THIS got greenlit I've had a major hate-on for BB. Seriously, it's like Sony wants to fail, they scrap a sequel to a surprise hit that did nearly $600m WW just as its 2 stars are peaking in popularity and go forward with something that sounds horrible right from the concept stages. Has there been any budget numbers for BB? At least if it's a low budget low risk project it might make a bit of sense, but if the budget is bloated it makes it even worse. At least the RT score is pointing to a flop so I can embrace the dark side of following its run.