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  1. If I had to guess, some people wait to see a Nolan movie in IMAX and because demand is higher for those than normal screenings, it spreads out the grosses a little bit. I'm not convinced on Interstellar legs or anything like that, but relative to this Summer, it should have some good legs.
  2. Thanksgiving was a huge boost for Interstellar. But Summer weekdays and some relatively weak competition might offset that. Nothing like Hunger Games Mockingjay to hurt it in the 3rd week.
  3. Waving back to that area like Hardy in Dunkirk haha. Enjoy!
  4. I think close to 3x should happen if not 3x itself but cautious to go further at this time. 150 is the target imo which would be a good result, above the 135 I had been sticking with for a while
  5. He needed to be singing during his first scene and Kenneth Branagh asks him 'haven't heard that one' "It's a new one"
  6. I knew it'd be frontloaded for OD and expected this so I'm not terribly concerned. On target for 48-49 and I was projecting around Mad Max opening
  7. Gotta go to bed guys and girls. Got a big day tomorrow seeing Zimmer live in concert. And Dunkirk in 70mm IMAX

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