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  1. To Aquaman's credit, I thought he was gonna be stoic face the entire movie, so at least there's that?
  2. Happy Birthday. Today, the wait begins anew for hopefully my next job offer. And this was actually me last night. Didn't get any god damn sleep
  3. To be honest, I didn't know what resources are available at community college.
  4. I'd probably talk to a counselor more about that than anything. There's a little more anonymity and they're probably more equipped to talk about that kind of thing than your Economics teacher.
  5. I'd report this if I didn't abuse the report button yesterday
  6. I'm sure, I suppose I was more amused by the fact that people recognize 'Power' as that song from Saints Row the Third rather than its own merits, or even a dozen other trailers its been used for. Or even at all.
  7. To be fair, the reaction to the film is not exclusive to BOT
  8. Mad Max Fury Road Black and Chrome Edition in IMAX time