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  1. Justice League over 1 billion WW

    Have we ever had two big comic book movies just two weeks apart from each other. One billion might of been chance but the competition between this and Thor should reduce it enough to miss.
  2. People on this forum were saying 150m, possibly more, but I said it looks like 100-120m which is plenty when you compare to recent war films. Looks like I was right. After seeing the film it definitely could of been done for as little as 100m.
  3. Before Wonder Woman I would be predicting under BvS. Now thinking a gross close to WW domestically. So yeah that is the boost for me too. Spider Man finally posted a good weekly drop. Apes continues to underwhelm.
  4. Very surprised at WW hold given the theater loss. Its PTA must of increased. Great sign for Dunkirk
  5. The Anime Thread- Summer 2015

    Guess what Im watching right now
  6. Thor beating out a JL trailer on both views/social media is surprising and impressive.
  7. Well aint we a smug little know it all, and i put that politely
  8. Beauty and the Beast did 175m so it would not be impossible for the Lion King. Star Wars IX and Infinity War also a chance. Either way. Disney wins.
  9. Apparently hes been in his hulk from since his disappearance on Earth. The movies each time show he has a little more control.
  10. Would be extremely surprised if it only does 20m in Japan, last one did 30. Its always been one of the bigger CBMs there.
  11. You look at Avengers, The Dark Knight and the first Guardians which all better reception they all failed to have big increases in their sequels. So one billion is still highly unlikely. She is already a well known character worldwide.
  12. Could definitely see this being a 200m hit but its just so hard for non-cbm or franchise movies to hit that mark.
  13. Okay I have seen enough to make a prediction Around 175m OW with a 380m total. Worldwide probably 900m The reason I'm expecting less than Wonder Woman is because I think reception will be around 50% on RT

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