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  1. Yeah, the percentages here vs. the tracking reports don't seem to add up... It seems in a better spot than Apes last week but maybe it had less frontloading? Or they have inside knowledge of this week's openers all tracking horribly in "the heartland" to compensate...

    Thanks, that's amazing, I guess Besson really doesn't care how pressed he looks here. Interesting article about the Oscar strategy for Dunkirk, thanks for sharing!

    Also Pearl Harbor, when the anniversary of it is in December, and Titanic (not a war movie, but a large-scale historical epic) originally had a July 4th weekend release date. People complain about Hollywood cramming all the Oscar movies into the last three months of the year, then something different happens and someone has a problem with that, too. That Besson quote, is it for real?

    OR, Styles is so grateful he turned down the role he got offered before Dunkirk that he doesn't want to press his luck. If it had worked out with Tulip Fever, he'd probably still be saying he'd never act again...but for very different reasons....

    IKR, people aren't "stupid" for having physiological problems with watching 3D any more than they are stupid for being colorblind. The technology as is will never be a good experience for everyone. Back to the topic, too bad the embargo isn't lifting tomorrow. Also apparently during an interview on the red carpet, Harry said he may never act again even when pressed, but fans say he lied before about auditioning for movies, so...

    Styles's fame vs. the size of his role not to mention the overall ensemble nature of the film has led to a fairly odd and unusual dynamic/tension... There's been a lot of reporting and advertising with Dunkirk but it's been kind of...opaque? too, if that makes sense. The general public doesn't totally know what to expect so it's led to a lot of projection and wishful thinking about how Dunkirk is going to be as a film, that doesn't happen, at least not in the same way, with a franchise flick where the beats are more predictable. You have Branagh and Rylance and Hardy and Murphy but they're in tertiary or maybe secondary roles at best, which (if you check social media) some people are still in denial about. It's an ensemble but there is a nominal lead (Whitehead) who's been featured as such, it's just that there's been a thousand times more interest in Styles all along. Despite filming for months and showing up in multiple scenes in the trailers/ads, his lack of lines in said ads/trailers or presence on the posters up until last month did nothing to discourage those with the impression it's just a cameo role and he'll die in the first 10 minutes. Styles seems to have a prominent supporting role at least, yet there were only posters featuring him maybe 5-6 weeks before July 21, and only this week has there been any dialogue revealed from him. Dunkirk is going to be light on dialogue overall, but you can't say it's really the typical thing for studios to downplay a major character that much with all the ads and trailers until the very end (unless it's meant to be some sort of shock cameo, obviously not the case here). The poster with Fionn and Harry climbing up the ship, the outstretched hand one, wouldn't have been out of place as the main one-sheet. Honestly, it's a lot more evocative of the whole spirit of survival and community, plus as the "face" of the film for several months, it would also would have been a silent way to get it through the thick skulls out there that Styles is seriously in this thing but without making it all about him, either. Hmmm, maybe because there has been so much unofficial media focus on Styles that it's been a deliberate decision to keep him relatively hidden in the official campaign for all these months and the strategy would have been different with some unknown guy as Alex. I read that interview, Nolan's comment about it being an ensemble happened in the same breath where he was fairly gushing about Styles's acting, honestly to me it felt like him remembering midway that he has to seem impartial and can't just publicly single out one of the young actors for giving the best performance of the lot but it's totally Harry.

    IKR, two within a couple of hours, was it always the plan to hold back his speaking scenes until like two weeks before the release date or is the tracking a bit low for WB's liking?
  8. ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Dominates Social Media for Third Consecutive Week (Variety)

    Canadian ratings info: Dunkirk Information and ratings for Dunkirk (Parental Guidance) Violence, Mature Subject Matter Synopsis Action/War. Soldiers (Fionn Whitehead, Harry Styles, Kenneth Branagh) stranded on a French beach during WWII await evacuation while coming under fire from German forces. Content elements Infrequent use of the sexual expletive in a non-sexual context; infrequent use of scatological slang, cursing, and profanity Frequent portrayals of hand-to-hand, weapons, and gun violence in a war context - little blood, some detail Thematic elements Sacrifice Survival The horrors of war Classification rationale Rated PG for violence in a historical, war context Classification date June 29, 2017

    Beautiful, really should have been the main poster all along!
  11. Apologies if the Variety social media write up has already been posted for the week...
  12. Harry Styles as Han Solo, confirmed! It really doesn't make any sense, if their styles fundamentally clashed, if their visions for how Han Solo should be are diametrically opposed, how was this not apparent many months ago? The Force Awakens came out a year and a half ago, if its billions in box office suddenly meant Lord & Miller were too irreverent/quirky for the Disney machine. We aren't going to get the real story for years I suspect...

    Apparently, a preview to some "Making of Dunkirk" book has been released and there is spoliery info already out there...ha ha, not that the British retreat, but actual movie development stuff and character fates so be careful on other sites if you want to avoid that sort of thing.
  14. Lincoln is at the top or very near of the list for revered US presidents and there hadn't been a theatrical film about him in a very long time. A movie about leaked documents from a dubious/corrupt administration could benefit from being topical...or depress people for seeming too much like the news.

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