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  1. With music I've heard that there's a limit to bulk purchases that will count towards the Soundscan charts, something like 10 albums at a time. Don't know how true that is but it comes up on music forums. Obviously films are more likely to have group sales so I don't know how you'd measure if there are "too many" group sales or what.
  2. Ooof at Unforgettable, I guess WB won't be copying the Screen Gems formula again and it'll be more commercials for Heigl:
  3. IDK, Life As We Know It is predictable but well done for what it is, but the way she took a leave of absence from Grey's to spend time with her baby, she said, only to go film a movie, well that's not America's Sweetheart behavior and I doubt it helped the box office. She renewed her TV contract then almost immediately asked for leaves to go make movies, so unprofessional that Shonda Rhimes just let her walk. Then, she wasn't really right for One for the Money, her reputation was pretty toxic by then and after that she wasn't really getting the big projects. Willis has a much younger wife and little kids, the family's gotta eat. Next weekend there's The Circle, I've heard meh to bad things about the quality of the movie itself but if they really cared, it could at least be advertised to seem like something topical and must-see. The ads all just have that whispery chick singing "they're watching us", as Emma sounds nothing like herself (not just her accent but the tone of her voice) and looks vaguely confused or pained? I'm not totally sure what Watson is going for there. Are she or Hanks promoting it at all?
  4. Of course Obsessed wasn't original but it made $68M in 2009, adjusts to $79M, either is more than other Screen Gems thrillers like No Good Deed, The Perfect Guy, and When the Bough Breaks. Heigl could always act, her career tanked because she was chasing the America's Sweetheart stardom, which suited her talents but not her personality. I really wonder if the trajectory of rom-coms at the box office this decade would have been different if she'd handled her time on top better, she was showing all the signs of slaying in that genre until audiences turned on her.
  5. So, Law will be wearing a wig here, or else Dumbledore invented a Follicleus Transplantus spell before he got old? He was auburn haired in his youth, at least in the books (which led to the wacky Ron Is Dumbledore theory), it would be nice if the movie kept that but I'm not holding my breath. Is it really? In Deathly Hallows all that's presented is an intense friendship, some fans wondered, but fans also speculated about Sirius and Lupin based on different scenes in the books, and Rowling shot that down hard. Then after DH had sold its millions, Rowling said Dumbledore was gay and had been in love with Grindelwald but sonething along the lines that Grindelwald had left him badly let down. That got interpreted (and reported) in some corners as the feelings being unrequited, others looked at it like, the feelings were mutual and they had a thing but Dumbledore was disappointed in how crazy/evil Grindelwald ended up being. It would be kind of weak to have Jude Law and Johnny Depp as unrequited lovers rather than exes with lingering affections, but when Rowling first made her "brave" announcement she definitely hedged her bets.
  6. Once it's out though they'll stop running the trailer ad nauseam! Unforgettable has the vibe of one of those Screen Gems thrillers though seems to be going for a slightly different audience. If Heigl flops even playing the psycho villain, she is probably done in movies like she is on network TV, I guess her next move would be some Hulu/Amazon deal that at least doesn't get cancelled after two episodes.
  7. Lol, one L after the other for Rupert since the affair blew up, people say he didn't face any consequences like KStew but nearly 5 years later, look at where she is professionally (much more respected than in her SWatH days) compared to him. Also his wife was very shortly his ex wife, and now current wife of Jimmy Iovine. Though on the bright side I guess Sanders isn't stuck paying alimony! To bring it back to movies, I'll always wonder how the Huntsman franchise might have turned out if they'd been able to follow their original plans for Part 2 with Snow White, it wasn't the next great Cinematic Universe but it probably wouldn't have flopped so badly.
  8. IDK, whenever I've seen the trailer at theaters it's gotten the most laughter and biggest response of all the trailers shown...surprised me but then I saw someone describe BB as El Presidente as an infant. Doubt it was conceived that way and not to get too political, but Alec Baldwin voicing a character like that probably gives it more appeal across generations than normal for this sort of movie.
  9. Brad's been back...every time there's a BOM outage I worry it'll be the end of the site as we know it.
  10. Jaws is already live action, the real equivalent would be if the remake was animated, graphic novel style or stop-motion or something. These Disney movies are animated, it's different enough for people (the people who like these movies, anyway) to see how they translate as not animated, and with actor(s) they like.
  11. It depends, it's pretty early in the year and the Globes have taken a turn away from all out populist blockbusters compared to, say, 2010. As for the Collins nomination, it was Warren Beatty's return to movies after god knows how long, plus on AwardsWatch they always joke Lily Collins' mother is a big Hollywood socialite and friendly with a lot of other executive wives there. No matter how much prestige they claim to have, the HFPA is always susceptible to a good schmooze. Just this year Tom Ford gave them cologne and watches and they were all over Nocturnal Animals. Fake news lolz! Biased polls! But really, take away a third of the OW and it's still huge, over $110M, well above Cinderella and Maleficent, but it's clear that even so, BatB has...something more. Hmmm, what could it be? If the live-action Little Mermaid happens, the comparison to 2017 BatB will be very interesting, it's also a classic from that period, iconic songs, Ariel spiked in popularity as a name because of the movie, but it's much trickier to pull off on many fronts.
  12. That's good, the premise is interesting but I've heard the book itself isn't so much and the movie (as it screened, anyway) was largely faithful to the book. Most of the criticisms I've heard were more about the plot, aside from that I've heard iffy things about Emma's American accent and even more dubious things about the acting from Boyhood Ellar Coltrane but neither is enough to derail a movie that people want to see. If this hits though, Watson has Entertainment Weekly's Entertainer of the Year on lock.
  13. Seriously doubt Ariel will still be 16 in the new version, the plot is #problematic enough without her being underage too. Agree though that Kristen Bell is way too old for Ariel, Disney will cast someone mid-20s at most. Hidden Figures, 11th week in the Top 10 and its first drop over 40%, what, 13 weeks in?