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  1. 1. Empire Strikes Back 2. A New Hope 3. Return of the Jedi 4. A New Hope 5. Two Towers 6. Fellowship of the Ring 7. Return of the King 8. Unbreakable 9. Jurassic Park 10. Schindler's List 11. Lady in the Water 12. The Village 13. Revenge of the Sith 14. Raiders of the Lost Ark 15. Hook 16. Home Alone 17. American Tail 18. Titanic 19. Gladiator 20. Titanic 21. E.T. 22. Forrest Gump 23. Perfect Storm 24. Godfather 25. Contact 26. Crimson Tide 27. Hunt for Red October 28. Catch me if you can 29. Close Encounters of the Third King 30. Jaws
  2. It won't stay there. It'll move to December, as will Han Solo (even with December 2018 now more crowded).
  3. There's alot of competition, none of it direct but still.
  4. You became an admin. Congrats.
  5. What a packed month! 1.Logan 2.Kong 3.BatB, 4.Chips/Life/Power Rangers, 5.Ghost in the Shell
  6. Who needs a long range forecast, that's what we're here for. Most of us are box-office prognosticators. In fact has referenced our predictions in their review. $220m
  7. If there was ever a worldwide apocalypse and civilization had to rebuild, the first movies would like that sock puppet show. :-D
  8. " With “The Hunger Games” franchise coming to a close next month, Jennifer Lawrence has set her sights on a project with one of Hollywood’s top helmers. " Darren is one of Hollywood's top helmers?? No way.'re right. Not everyone has the privilege of being called a 'top helmer' with only two films barely above $100m.
  9. This looks Fantastic Four bad. My predicted RT score is 14%
  10. I'm not tempering my expectations of the movie's quality, I'm tempering my box-office expectations. $70-80m despite rave reviews.
  11. I hope Shack over-performs. Great book.
  12. Interesting. Thank you. Studios only get 25% of every dollar earned in China (on average). That sucks. On a related note, do you want to help me write up a petition for to NOT monetize parts of BoxofficeMojo? There are no overt statements to suggest this will be the case but that BOM survey gave me a sinking feeling. Of course they could be planning to shed/eliminate it altogether.
  13. @Barnack 130 * 0.53 + 200 * .4 + 70 * .25 Where did you get this ratio from? Studio take home share from grosses, domestic / international (outside of China) / international (China)?