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  1. You're a good man. I enjoy your posts.
  2. So strange. Came here to see what the latest buzz is. Not sure I've ever seen such bad 'WOM' for a movie before the trailer is even out. I think Sony screwed the pooch on this one. I would trust Universal and New Line Cinema with this property. And HBO if the producers went that route. Maaaaybe Netflix. The last several years have not given me optimistim about Sony's ability to launch new IP.
  3. A big complaint is that due to the trend toward shorter seasons (10 episode orders vs 22), writers are getting paid less for the same amount of work. The same amount of work? How is writing for ten episodes (assuming you're involved in all the scripts) the same amount of work as 22? I don't understand that stance. Also, it stands to reason that there are more opportunities out there now as more platforms are putting out content.
  4. Baahubali 2: The Conclusion will surprise folks
  5. CONGRATS TO STAR WARS FOR SUCH AN AMAZING RUN. Beauty and the Beast will soon knock Star Wars: Episode 4 out of the top 10 All Time domestic boxoffice list (unadjusted). While it's obviously one of the highest grossing films, adjusted for inflation, the unadjusted list is more frequently cited and referenced. I remember a time when Raiders of the Lost Ark was in the top 10. It goes to show the mass appeal and enduring popularity of Star Wars that a film from the 1970s remained there for so long.
  6. Star Wars is now 40 years old. Wow. In 1977 Star Wars: ANH ignited a franchise for the ages and one that shaped millions of childhoods. Many of today's very best storytellers owe their inspiration in part to George Lucas and his space opera. Star Wars is interwoven in my psyche, soul, id, and personality. No other film or franchise has had that effect on me. To think, I fell in love with Star Wars by reading the book adaptation of Return of the Jedi in the mid-80s and not even knowing at the time that these were films! When I finally discovered Star Wars it had a tremendous impact and I know this applies to millions of others. A toast to Star Wars. May you have 40 more years of having a special place in our hearts.
  8. Would probably have been better as a HBO series. 20 - 30 episodes spanning 2-3 seasons.
  9. I think the way we have it is just fine. Not sure what the big deal is.
  10. Out. This can still do well (and I think it will) but not reach Get Out heights. $150-160m
  11. Given the panel composition and the timing, I'm pretty sure as well. The fans in the auditorium may storm the stage if there isn't a trailer. I just hope there isn't lag given the heavy demand when it comes out.