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  1. My Life as Zucchini is fantastic. The Salesman is godly.
  2. Oh shit, that's not Deadpool? I saw someone mention it in the comments section and thought it was him.
  3. I just watched the Portuguese dubbed trailer and no, they don't use monkey voices. Their language is pretty rudimentary, like in the original version, but generally, they speak like the human characters.
  4. Couldn't be happier right now. I just got the preliminary results that I did enough points to pass to the second phase of our national exam that allows law graduates to actually practice law. It's just half the battle, but to me, who had no other option but do law school, feels like a big win. Plus, I just found out I'm getting Baby Drive and Dunkirk this friday, on the same freaking day!
  5. Yup, looks like another committee product assembled by McMarvel's. Not even sure why they keep hiring directors anymore?
  6. BTTF first two are so meh that I, a pathological completist, never bothered with the third one. It's actually incredible how family movies deemed classics always leave me cold and indifferent. I can't quite put my finger on what has changed. Maybe it's the fact I didn't grow up with them?
  7. the bolded part had me rolling "We are trying to please the fans and also give them a new experience," says producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura. "Plus, there’s a new audience introduced to the franchise every 10 years, and we have an obligation to that new audience." sure, that's why Paramount keep making these shit movies, out of obligation.

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