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  1. This will be the Spectre of the new Apes movies. Out.
  2. Yeah, remaking The Last Stand is not the best of ideas, especially when the franchise should be seeking ways to rejuvenate itself.
  3. Rango's score is very good too, although I don't think it made my list. I agree with the poster above who said the album presentation was botched. Made the music seem less remarkable than it actually was.
  4. KFP2's music is absolutely amazing, but of course it's the meh HTTYD that people love.
  5. It's funny, he complains Passengers is too predictable when the proposed changes would make the movie about 10 times more predictable. Plus, in his "little" rearranging, Passengers would be robbed of the most interesting element going for it, so no thanks, not interested in another depthless space thriller.
  6. @Eevinyou should tag everyone who hasn't sent their lists yet.
  7. These arguments that critics have agendas is so bad that almost makes me embarrassed to be a Passengers fan.
  8. Uses Nerd in a derogatory manner in a Box Office forum while talking about VFX. You're truly something else, dude.