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This is a post that I've been thinking about for awhile. Recently, I opened up the discussion to other members of the staff to get their feelings on the matter, and their opinions generally matched mine, which is this:

Within the last year or so, there's been a steady increase of negative posts in movie threads. We've always had some heated discussions for some movies, but recently things have not only gotten more histrionic in those threads (generally speaking, the CBM ones), but they've started to spread to other franchises and other movies as well. I'm not talking about out-and-out trolling, I'm talking about members feeling they have to consistently shit on a movie (or studio, or star) simply because they aren't interested in the current project or projects. With every piece of news about a movie, it's now a virtual guarantee that there's a flood of people rushing to say they think it sucks, they don't like the current trailer/tv spot/actor/actress/director/concept. And I get it -- we all have movies we don't like, movies which we think are bad ideas, industry people that just don't appeal to us. But there's a fine line between expressing your opinion about this and doing it so often, with such consistency, that the collective emphasis of all of it basically brings down the entire thread and thus the entire forum.

There's no easy answer to this. We don't want to crush freedom of expression here. But at the same time, the spirit of this forum is for people to have fun talking about the movies they love and the box-office runs they love.

To have fun.

And while it may be fun -- in a sense -- to personally vent about a movie, or to vent at people who dare to enjoy something you don't, it doesn't bring fun to our community. In fact, it generally drags down the overall fun for everyone else. We've had people repeatedly mention to us over the last several months or so that in some cases they don't even bother going into some threads -- even for movies they're curious about! -- because they just don't want to deal with the overall mess those threads contain. And frankly, that matches the personal opinion of most of the staff as well.

So this post is both a request and a warning. 

The request: Next time you feel like taking a dump on a movie (or a topic) for the dozenth time, take a moment to consider whether it's really worth it. People probably already have a good idea of what your attitude about the project is. Maybe just put your posting energy into a movie that you enjoy and love or are excited about.

The warning: The staff is going to be taking a closer look at some of these threads and we'll be more active with temp thread-bans if we think it'll help the overall vibe of the forum. I'd rather we don't have to, but it's not going to constrain any of you too much if you aren't allowed to post about a movie you supposedly don't care about anyway.

Remember the words of Bill and Ted: "Be Excellent to Each Other".

They're just movies, guys. It's about having fun.

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  1. Any possibility that WW can hava good legs as other countries?
  2. Internationally, it shifted into gear with $21.3M in just 23 markets this frame, taking No. 1s in most. Significantly, those included Russia and Mexico where it crossed the finish line at $4.8M (17% ahead of Finding Dory) and $5.9M (9% ahead of Cars 2), respectively. India has already surpassed the entire runs of Cars 2, Monsters University, Brave, and Up with an opening weekend estimate of $900K. Albania, Croatia, Turkey and Ukraine recorded the biggest Pixar opening ever. Looking at the same suite of markets at today’s rates, the opening weekend for Cars 3 is 9% ahead of Cars 2, 29% ahead of Cars and only 9% behind Monsters U. Cars 2 had a more global storyline than the first movie, helping to send those grosses far higher. Australia and New Zealand open next weekend to take advantage of school holidays and will expand through the summer and fall. Source: Deadline
  3. 450M OS 775M WW
  4. 325M DOM 400M OS 725M WW
  5. Winning the weekend in China, Fox’s Alien: Covenant came in at $30.5M in 43 total markets ($30M from the Middle Kingdom). The China start also included $3M on 403 IMAX screens. The Shanghai Interantional Film Festival is about to unspool three previous Alien films in a special sci-fi section, including Ridley Scott’s original, and that could help boost some interest in the current film. However, there have been reports out of the Middle Kingdom of cuts to Covenant and there is not much time ahead of Transformers 5. In all, the international total is now $142.3M with Japan still to come on September 15. Source: Deadline
  6. Wonder Woman is kicking ass in Latin America!!
  7. It has Ger, Spain and Japan left with a couple of other small markets
  8. I agree with you James First Class increase 86% in 2011 on the same day Thinking maybe 60-80% increase
  9. Saw it last night Amazing film, Gal Gadot was magic and the chemistry between her and Pine is perfect Seeing again this weekend
  10. Maybe Wonder Woman is going to have legs in many markets although the competition is fierce But seriously hoping for 400M+ OS
  11. Wonder Woman looks strong here!! People seems excited
  12. Jordan Peele’s Get Out added $7.3 million in 41 territories for an international total of $65.8m. Combined with $175.2m from North America, the worldwide total is $241m. The horror opened at number three on $754,000 in Mexico, behind Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales and How To Be A Latin Lover. South Korea is holding at number three in week two on $3.5m, down 48% from last weekend for $12.7m. It is the highest grossing international market for Get Out. Spain added $669,000 for $2.3m, France brought in $537,000 for $7m, and Brazil added $359,000 in week two for $1.4m. There are two territories left to open. Source: Screen Daily What a success for Universal