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    Dunkirk is the number one film internationally, opening on $55.4m in 46 markets. Christopher Nolan’s Second World War drama debuted at number one in all major markets, including the UK, France, Russia, Spain, South Korea and Australia. Dunkrik dominated the Asian markets on $18.6m, collectively out-grossing all comps including Nolan’s own Inception by 19%. The 34 markets that opened in EMEA took in a shared $31.1m, representing 56% of the total international box office and coming in 53% ahead of AmericanSniper. Western Europe is 6% ahead of the opening weekend for Interstellar. UK - 12.4M INDIA - 2.4 SK - 10.3M SPAIN - 1.9 FR - 4.9M AU - 4.7M RU - 2.7M Source: Screen Daily
  2. Wonder Woman added $1.8m from 56 markets, bringing the international gross to $390.4m. Patty Jenkins’ tentpole now stands at $779.4m worldwide. China remains the top market on $89m, followed by Brazil on $33.3m, the UK on $27.8m, Australia on $23.1m, Mexico on $22.5m, France on $15.6m, South Korea on $15.5m, and Taiwan on $11m. The film starring Gal Gadot has reached $10.6m in the Philippines, while Germany has produced $8.7m, Indonesia $8.6m, and Russia $8.5m. Japan is the final territory to release on August 25. Source: Screen Daily 410M+ OS 405M+ DOM (or more) 815M+ WW
  3. Cars 3 added $11.4m for $105.9m internationally as it starts to play into the holiday period. Pixar’s latest animation posted strong holds in the Netherlands where it dropped just 8%, while Argentina and the UK dropped 35% and 38%, respectively. Brazil and Japan both dropped 44% from last weekend. Mexico remains the top grossing territory on $15.5m, while Russia stands at $10.5m, Australia $9.6m, Brazil $7.2m, and Japan $7.1m. The UK has grossed $6.6m, Argentina $5.1m, and Spain $4.2m. There are four key markets yet to open. Source: Screen Daily I think 370M WW for Cars 3
  4. Baby Driver OS Thread

    Baby Driver grossed $8.3m from 28 total markets. France led the way on $1.7m, including previews, and the action film debuted in Malaysia at number two on $620,000, including previews. The film starring Ansel Elgort, Jon Bernthal, Jon Hamm and Eiza González stands at $34.4m with 55% of the release still to come, including Brazil and Germany this week. Source: Screen Daily I think 100M+ OS is now very likely for Baby Driver
  5. The trailer seems to be getting a really positive reaction on twitter Nice!
  6. Nice! But don't you think you have Apes a little low? Only a 3.2 multi from it's friday

    350-425M OS
  8. War of the Planet of The Apes | July 14,2017

    UPDATED: War For The Planet Of The Apes debuted in 61 markets on $44.2m at the weekend as Matt Reeves final instalment of the Planet Of The Apes trilogy starring Andy Serkis, Woody Harrelson and Steve Zahn reached $100.7m worldwide after a $56.5m debut in North America. Only two of the top 10 international markets are currently in release and less than a third of the international marketplace. The action tentpole produced the biggest opening of the franchise in 28 markets, with an opening weekend that is 61% greater than Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, and on par with Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes, in the same group of countries at current exchange rates. Source: Screen Daily
  9. Baby Driver OS Thread

    TriStar Pictures and MRC’s Baby Driver added $6.2m for $23.1m internationally. Europe experienced good holds, dropping only 26% in the UK and 14% in the Netherlands. Australia debuted on $3.7m, including previews, from 412 screens, which is 13% ahead of Now You See Me. Upcoming key market releases include Brazil and Germany on July 27. Source: Screen Daily Nice holds! 85-100M+ it's possible
  10. 665M+ OS 240M+ DOM 905M+ WW
  11. I think 555M OS (100M from China) 320M DOM 875M WW
  12. UPDATED: Wonder Woman grossed $3.7m from roughly 3,000 screens in 61 markets, bringing the international sum to $385.3m. Patty Jenkins’ tentpole stands at $765.9m globally. China is the top market on $88.8m, followed by Brazil on $32.6m, the UK on $27.6m, Australia on $22.6m, Mexico on $22.5m and South Korea on $15.5m. In France, the film starring Gal Gadot has generated $15.2m, while Taiwan has produced $11m. The Philippines $10.6m, Indonesia $8.6m, Russia $8.5m, and Germany $8.5m. Japan debuts on August 25. Source: Screen Daily 7M+ holdovers 15M+ Japana 407M OS + 405M DOM = 812M WW
  13. Beauty And The Beast has almost completed its global run. The film has reached $1.261bn, making it the number one global release of 2017 to date and the number 10 global release of all time. Japan stands at $109m, making it the number one release there so far this year.
  14. I think on it's second tuesday WW was up 41%

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