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  1. This is opening on Thursday here It has a holiday weekend with Labour day on monday
  2. Disney’s live-action smash Beauty And The Beast enjoyed a strong three-day opening weekend in its final international market of release, Japan, debuting at number one on $12.8m. The Emma Watson and Dan Stevens starrer added $22.9m in 50 territories for $629.2m internationally. In Europe, the $259m haul has now surpassed the total run of Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them, making Beauty the second highest grossing film of the past 12 months in Europe, trailing only Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The UK has surpassed China as the top market on $85.9m, while China has $85.8m. Brazil has generated $40.7m, followed by South Korea on $36.8m, Australia on $33.4m, Germany on $32.1m, Mexico on $29.8m, Italy on $22.4m, Spain on $22m. France has delivered $21.1m, Russia $14.6m, Philippines $13.5m, Japan $12.8m and Argentina $12.1m. Source: Screen Daily
  3. Legendary’s Kong: Skull Island produced $1.4m in 52 markets for $394.6m. China is the top market by a large margin on $167.2m, followed by the UK and Japan on 19.4m and $17m, respectively. Mexico stands on $14m, South Korea $12.1m, France $11.8m and Russia $10.5m. Source: Screen Daily
  4. The Boss Baby added $30m from 78 markets, including a further $4.8m from three debuts, for $221.1m internationally. The animation held strong in the UK on $2.7m for $27.9m, which is now bigger than the lifetime run of Despicable Me. DreamWorks Animation’s The Boss Baby is now bigger than Sing and The Croods through the same point of release at current exchange rates. South Korea will debut on May 3. Source: Screen Daily 75M+ holdovers 5M+ SK 300M+ OS and 175M+ DOM = 475M WW
  5. Sci-fi horror Life grossed $3.4m in 52 markets for $44m. Source: Screen Daily
  6. Ghost In The Shell grossed $3.2m in 48 markets to reach $122.1m through Paramount Pictures International. China is the top market, adding $218,000 in its third weekend for $29m. Germany stands at $6.1m after four weekends, while Japan has generated $7.8m after three, and France $7.4m after four. Source: Screen Daily
  7. Smurfs: The Lost Village added $21.4m in 60 markets, pushing the international total to $100.3m. The weekend was led by China, which debuted on $11.1m. Source: Screen Daily
  8. Future Releases Panama April 20: Sheep & Wolves (I think is a russian movie?), Patriots Day, Unforgettable, Size Does Matter, Neruda April 27: Guardians 2 (Presales are looking great), The Autopsy of Jane Doe, Yu-Gi-Oh May 4: Pura Sangre, Get Out, Ozzy May 11: Alien, El que busca encuentra, King Arthur May 18: Before I Fall
  9. 850-950M OS 750M DOM 1.6-1.7B WW
  10. 490M DOM 635M holdovers 80M Japan 1.205B
  11. A little more of details! The film starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens opened on $1.1m including previews in South Africa, making it the second-highest Disney opening weekend ever there. In Europe, the $242m haul has surpassed that of Secret Life Of Pets, Finding Dory, The Jungle Book, Deadpool, Zootopia, Batman v Superman, Captain America: Civil War and Suicide Squad, making it the third highest grossing film of the past 12 months in Europe behind only Fantastic Beasts and Rogue One. China remains the top market on $85.8m, followed by the UK on $81m, Brazil on $38.3m, South Korea on $35.6m, Australia on $30.8m, Mexico on $29.2m and Germany on $28.9m. Italy has generated $21.9m, Spain $21.2m, France $19m, Russia $14.6m, Philippines $13.4m, and Argentina $11.2m. Disney’s live-action adaptation will open this week in Japan. Source: Screen Daily
  12. Dreamworks Animation’s The Boss Baby added $36.8m from 61 markets for $171.1m, buoyed by a $4.3m number two debut in Spain and a $4.4m hold in the UK for $20.5m after two sessions. The comedy animation opened in Hong Kong in second place on $2.8m and arrived in second place in Argentina on $1.9m. Source: Screen Daily 400M+ WW possible?