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  1. A Dog’s Purpose grossed $4.1m in 39 territories over the weekend for a combined Universal, China and Mister Smith total of $114.2m. Universal has grossed $20.4m in 20 territories. In China, where the film is being released by Huaxia Film, the film has grossed $85m, while Mister Smith territories have generated $8.8m. Russia is the next territory to open on March 30. Source: Screen Daily
  2. The LEGO Batman Movie grossed $1.2m in 53 markets, bringing the animation to $121.7m. The top grossing territories are the UK on $33.2m, Mexico on $8.4m, Germany on $7.3m, Brazil on $6.3m, and China on $6.1m. France has grossed $5.5m, Russia $4.8m, Spain $4.6m, while Italy and Poland have produced $3m each. The animation opens in Australia and Japan this week. Source: Screen Daily
  3. Logan generated $12.1m from 73 markets to stand on $364m. Brazil added $1.7m for $26.7m and ranks now as the third biggest Fox release of all time. France generated $1.7m for $13.5m, the UK added $1m for $27.1m, China delivered $960,000 for $104.6m, while Australia added $812,000 for $16.3m. Japan will be the next release on June 1. Source: Screen Daily
  4. The Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence starrer Passengers reached the $200m mark internationally with the opening of its final market, Japan, which delivered $1.5m. The film is presented in association with LStar Capital and Village Roadshow Pictures. Source: Screen Daily
  5. Total Lifetime Grosses Domestic: $150,233,687 35.2% + Foreign: $277,100,000 64.8% = Worldwide: $427,333,687
  6. The UK produced the highlight of the second weekends after Beauty And The Beast added $14.7m in the third biggest second session behind Skyfall and Spectre to reach $48.8m. China remains the top market on $73.4m. Mexico has generated $23.8m, Brazil $23.6m, South Korea $23.2m, Germany $17.6m, Italy $15.5m, Spain $13.4m, Russia $11.4m, the Philippines $10.7m, and Indonesia $7m. The film grossed $8.1m on 617 global Imax screens to Source: Screen Daily 645M+ current markets 50M+ Japan 695M OS + 525M DOM = 1220M WW
  7. That´s HUGE! Panama is doing great business for the movie
  8. Total Lifetime Grosses Domestic: $217,699,926 47.1% + Foreign: $244,300,000 52.9% = Worldwide: $461,999,926
  9. Sure! But I think Emma Watson is making the difference with BATB...taking it to another level
  10. After passing the $400m worldwide mark earlier in the week, La La Land added $6.8m from 75 markets. The romantic musical has reached $268.4m internationally and $417m globally. The acclaimed release starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone stands at $37.4m in the UK, a larger sum than three of the Twilight films and two of the Hunger Games films. China is the second-highest grossing market on $35.4m, followed by South Korea on $24.4m, Japan on $20.8m and France on $18.3m. Source: Screen Daily Amazing result 290M+ OS and 155M+ DOM 445M WW
  11. The Great Wall from Legendary and Universal added $2.3m over from 42 for $113.4m and the worldwide haul has reached $327.2m. The next and final release is Japan on April 14. Source: Screen Daily
  12. The LEGO Batman Movie added $5.1m from 59 markets, bringing the follow-up to The LEGO Movie to $116.5m. The UK is the animation’s top grossing territory on $32.3m. Mexico has grossed $8.1m, Germany $6.7m, and Brazil and France on $6.1m and $5.5m, respectively. Australia is the next to receive the film on March 30. Source: Screen Daily 335M+ WW
  13. Fifty Shades Darker grossed $5.2m from 57 territories with no new openings, bringing the international gross to $255.9m. Combined with the US total of $112.9m, the erotic drama stands at $368.8m globally. There are two more territories to open: The UAE on March 23 and Japan in late June. Source: Screen Daily