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  1. Still has a good chance at $500m. Drive-in double features with Guardians of the Galaxy will help, plus the dollar theater run.
  2. Plus Sith's second weekend was Memorial Day weekend, meaning the second Sunday night would act more like a Saturday night on a regular weekend.
  3. Good call. Saturday was pretty strong.
  4. Top 2 scariest movie for me along with The Shining.
  5. Should be "over 50% of SPR's adjusted gross." That would put the target at $198m domestic and that seems unlikely given Interstellar's performance. 150ish seems a lot more likely.
  6. Well you would think WB is not stupid enough to give a mega budget to the project (above Interstellar budget), but maybe they are desperate enough to keep him working for them. Who knows.
  7. Hanks and Spielberg would have been paid a ton of money upfront. Hanks was not far removed from Forrest Gump and Spielberg was not far removed from Jurassic Park and Schindler's List.
  8. As Mr. Pink said, the vintage plane rumor is not true. The filming period on this movie was also much shorter than his other big budget projects. Inception and Interstellar were $160m with a lot more VFX work required and longer shooting schedules. I would guess the budget for Dunkirk is under $150m, possibly as low as $120m ($100m for everything else and $20m for Nolan's salary).
  9. What's the budget? Haven't seen any report on that. i would guess there is plenty of spectacle based on the amount of IMAX footage.
  10. The fact it's not about America or China is gonna hurt. But Nolan claimed he is doing something different with this movie, more of a suspense film than war film. He will need strong WOM if he wants it to be successful.
  11. Can't speak for rest of the country, but Good Friday is pretty much a national holiday in the southern United States. I'm in Texas and my company's office was closed yesterday. Would guess many other company offices around the state and region were closed as well.
  12. Gitesh is a true risk taker.
  13. Much rather have those negative nancy comments about actual box office than the threads getting derailed with all kinds of off-topic nonsense.
  14. Sounds about right. Grim's sellout report indicates about 29% drop in showtimes for his area.
  15. So are we looking at a domestic crash compared to Furious 7?