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  1. Very good call. For some reason I thought Jungle Book was a March release. Turns out Cinderella is the much better comparison for BATB.
  2. I think so too. If it follows Jungle Book's daily percentages, it will reach close to $121m. Obviously that is probably too optimistic, but I think $100m+ is a very reasonable expectation.
  3. Curious to see how accurate the early projection is for Thursday. $14m would seem to give it a good chance at $190m+ weekend.
  4. Would be nice to see Kong reach $20m today.
  5. TFA sold closer to 95 million tickets. BOM average price does not and cannot properly account for premium tickets (IMAX, PLF, 3D). The film made a shitload of money from those premium screens and played on those screens for a long time.
  6. Curious if that will be the case for digital LieMAX too or just the film/Laser giant IMAX screens. Wolverine had some kind of Deadpool thing that was attached to the LieMAX show at my local Regal. WB would have more control now than they did with Rogue One. EDIT: Never mind, found the answer. It appears they are playing it with all IMAX shows now, including the LieMAX screens. Awesome.
  7. Yea, I think WOM will be pretty good. My audience seemed to really enjoy the humor. Mix that with some good action scenes and you have a crowd pleaser.
  8. Enjoyed it. VFX were very good and John C. Reilly was great. Sense of humor in the dialogue was pretty good.
  9. Wow, that is a great jump...especially for a new release with IMAX premiums (no IMAX discounts to help boost attendance). Lately it seemed new releases with IMAX would stay pretty flat on their first Tuesday.
  10. Saw this tonight. Damn, that was pretty intense. Fox has definitely figured out that the kids who ate up the early X-Men and Spider-Man movies are not into the PG-13 cliches anymore. We're a lot older now and expect more than the same end of the world scenario we see in just about every superhero movie. Kudos to Fox for taking pretty big risks with Deadpool and Logan.
  11. Maybe drop the 4 hour circle jerk and just announce the winners on the Internet. Would prevent this kind of thing.
  12. The $15 you're seeing is to buy the movie and be able to watch it over and over. I'm talking about rentals that cost $6 and you can only watch for 24 hours.