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  1. Nolan isn't the only person who feels this way though. Ever visit Film-Tech forum? There are a bunch of theater owners and managers on that website who seem very concerned about Hollywood's push for day and date home video. Could very well kill theaters, but would also hurt the studios if theaters go out of business.
  2. Dunkirk playing very well at Lincoln Square, not just IMAX either. The regular digital screen is selling more tickets than Girls Trip. Meanwhile, Girls Trip playing stronger in my rural Texas area than Dunkirk.
  3. This is incorrect by the way. Not good to just make up crap to fit your agenda. Just checked Way Back Machine in April 2014. That is 7 months before Interstellar. Gravity was at 82% audience score, not much different than the current 80%. On 8/9/2014, it was at 81%. This was 3 months before Interstellar.
  4. I don't think it means much. You don't need everyone to love the movie for good legs. A lot of the people who are seeing Dunkirk aren't the types to vote on movie websites. The fact it's original with an unconventional story style will lead to better legs than all these sequels with "good" WOM and rubbish legs.
  5. As we go further along, the IMAX percentage share will increase just as it did for Interstellar. Curious to see how much impact IMAX will have later in the film's run.
  6. Forgot about Game of Thrones. 23% Saturday increase sure doesn't help the Sunday drop either. Hopefully at least stays above $50m weekend.
  7. He has three that are much less flawed than the rest: Prestige, Memento, Dunkirk. Inception and Interstellar are a couple steps below those three due to the dialogue and length issues.

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