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  1. I don't think it will finish under 775m WW unless it performs very badly in China
  2. $1.7M opening in Mexico. More than doubled Get Out and 25% more than Need for Speed. Very nice start for it. Should finish in the mid 5s to low 6s as its final total. $100M overseas is looking stronger every day.
  3. MOTHER! under 60 dom club

    Oops. I forgot about that. My bad.
  4. MOTHER! under 60 dom club

    It's releasing right after IT and before Kingsman 2. If it kept its October release date, it would have done much better.
  5. MOTHER! under 60 dom club

    Of course, I'm in!! If this is under 50m, I would still join too.
  6. How is Baby Driver tracking in Mexico, @Carlangonz and/or anyone else that knows?
  7. We understand that you want to keep your expectations low, but we just want it to do well.
  8. The lawsuit is over one song (T-Rex's Deborah) that was semi-famous at best. Still, the damage will not be that harm to the movie. It's not like they used "Happy birthday" song without permission. http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/thr-esq/warner-music-pays-14-million-863120
  9. I can't believe it is going to pass $100M domestically by next Sunday!!! #WellDeserved

    I can't believe it is going to pass $100M domestically by next Sunday!!! #WellDeserved
  11. http://www.screendaily.com/news/wolf-warrior-2-tops-international-box-office-for-second-weekend/5120615.article?blocktitle=INTERNATIONAL-BOX-OFFICE-NEWS&contentID=40079 Very good hold for BD. $100M OS is looking stronger each day.
  12. Annabelle: Creation // Breaking records around the Globe!

    On par with Conjuring 2 and Annabelle. Great start for it.
  13. Also, Baby Driver held better than some of the films in the top 10 despite losing 27% of its theaters. It will cross $100M next Sunday with a final total of $104M.

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