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  1. I doubt this has the hype to match or exceed Beauty and the Beast's DOM performance.
  2. Why? The infinity gems are actually a cool concept and the film is based on an above average comic book story arc.
  3. Wut? I'd say it's the opposite. Most cowboy archetypes blend in with each other where as superheroes include African kings, Asgardians, patriots, industrialist, teenage nerds, divorced fathers/thieves, sorcerers, archer spies, scientists with split personalities, military women with cosmic powers, cybernetic raccoons and that's just a corner of MCU.
  4. Every time people are ready to give up on SH movies you get critical and financial breakout hits like Deadpool, Dr. Strange and Logan. The genre will continue to prosper. Every time I go to the mall I see vehicles and shirts with SH symbols (Punisher, Cap, Avengers, Deadpool, SHEILD, Batman, Superman) everywhere. No other genre experiences this level of public devotion. Plus superhero movies are so successful that the smallest (pun intended) heroes like Ant-Man can pull in more than Star Trek, Jason Bourne and Warcraft. I, myself, only go to the movies for sci fi and superheroes and I imagine that others like me are growing in numbers every day. The only thing that could kill the genre is if every studio starts to phone it in with lame efforts and that won't happen since it's common knowledge that the genre is the biggest goldmine going in Hollywood. Marvel Studios, a sub-studio, can make 2 billion globally by simply releasing 3 movies per year. That's insane. Even major studios like Paramount and Sony can't mimick this success with their biggest tentpoles.
  5. Which is why 99% of movies considered Young Adult are based on Young Adult books. Must be purely a coincidence. Most certainly.
  6. Young adult is a book genre. Young adult films are adaptations of those books. And Star Wars is as four quadrant as it gets.
  7. You had a point with GotG but I can't agree on TFA. TFA being put in the comedy category doesn't seem right.
  8. He tried to do the A-list thing then Prince of Persia happened. After that experience Gyllenhaal stayed away from tentpoles.
  9. I'm not sure why they would refuse to make a Predator sequel centered around an older Dutch. Most fans would kill for that movie.