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  1. Moved to speakeasy as there is only about a week to go until the deadline gets extended.
  2. Overboard Batteries Not Included Good Morning Vietnam Hellraiser?
  3. It's nothing if not honest And what can I say, I love a bit of Freddy
  4. 200th - Kindergarten Cop Arnie has some great films in this filmology, but I feel that his comedy worked gets unfairly shunned at times. He has great comic timing in a hammy kind of way and his pure size adds to the physical comedy of a film like this to make it a damn enjoyable romp. Hell even something like Jingle All the Way is good silly fun compared to a lot of the excuses for comedies that get made. It also helps that he gets the chance to kick arse as and when is needed, and that Schwarzenegger has the sense of humour to do something like this and not fall back on ego. It's a damn fun film and if you haven't seen it, then do.
  5. That's three films people may approve of in a row... I need to fix this quick.
  6. 201st - Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance The first in the Vengeance Trilogy and whilst not my favourite, there is some groundbreaking stuff in this. The direction is excellent, the acting top notch (that man Song Kang Ho again), and a rare case of a character having a physical disability but it not actually really having any affect on the plot. The main character is a deaf man driven to the edge by circumstance. He speaks in sign language and scenes are conversed in such, yet there's no reason for it. The character is just deaf and that really impressed me, to have that without a contrived reason for it to be needed. On top of that, this is a tense and greatly made thriller that deserves the wider audiences that its thematic sequels garner.
  7. 202nd - The Truman Show Liar Liar was the first film I saw that suggested Carrey was more than just an idiot that talked out of his arse, this was the film that confirmed that. Jim played a role that I don't think many people were expecting him to be capable of here, but capable he was in spades. This is a film that ages better by the year as Social Networking, the Internet and Reality TV become a bigger and bigger part of our lives to the point where it honestly wouldn't surprise me to see a real watered down variety of this one day appearing in some crazy country somewhere. On top of that, this is just a really good film, with a really good cast and is one of what 4 films that should have given Carrey an Oscar nod by now.
  8. 203rd - The Good, The Bad and the Weird @The Panda must of got excited there for a second. This film is a strange beast when you really think about it. It's a Korean reimagining of an Italian style American remake of a Japanese film... or something I don't know. Whatever, it is though, it is flipping brilliant. It's fast paced, crazy and one of the most accessible Korean films you will find as it is just 3 guys chasing after a map for 2 hours. It also luckily has the best actor in the world in Song Kang Ho on its side, which is always a good thing and ably backed up by Lee Byun Hoon just before Hollywood came calling. I think this is also the film that got Kim Jee woon the job of Directing Arnie's return to cinema in The Last Stand. It's a super recommendable film for anyone who enjoys frenetic action and stylish set pieces in a (Korean) Western setting,
  9. 204th - Orgazmo The third best Parker/Stone film to date and still a great great piece of comedy. When you have filmmakers that just make what is funny and worry about ratings later, you can end up with films like this which are brazen, crazy and yet still actually clever in moments too. There of course moments that get a little too much, but overall this is one of those films that I would happily recommend to anybody who would listen if it wasn't effing called Orgazmo.
  10. 205th - Jack Oh Robin how I miss you. Not everything Williams did in the 90s was gold, but I could watch anything that he starred in in that decade. Be it Flubber, Patch Adams, or the better ones, I enjoyed anything he did thanks to his genius comic talents mixed with the fact he was also evolving as a genuinely good dramatic actor. Jack in my eyes is the worst of his great films and thus finds itself just outdifr the top 200.
  11. 206th - Dr. Doolittle I liked the Murphy remake and all, but it still isnt a patch on the original musical. One of the few classic live action musicals that I actually really love, this was a film that I watched so much over the course of my childhood that I am semi-hoping this RDJ remake may be a musical. This film was a charming film that included all of the things child me likes: adventure, animals and awesomeness. I have no idea how well known this film is in the wider general audience, but I was always a mega fan of this film.
  12. I get the worry, I will however update post one with a running score of everyone in game.
  13. Part A: 1. Will The Circle Open to more than $10M? 1000 YES 2. Will Sleight Open to more than $5M? 2000 NO 3. Will How to be a Latin Lover open to more than $5M? 3000 NO 4. Will One Week and a Day have a PTA above $4000? 4000 NO 5. Will Sleight and How to be a Latin Lover combined Saturday gross be higher than The Circle's Friday gross? 5000 NO 6. Will Fate of the Furious drop less than 55% 1000 YES 7. Will Born in China drop more than 47% 2000 NO 8. Will Fate of the Furious be in number one by at least $10M? 3000 NO 9. Will Ghost in the Shell drop more than 65% 4000 YES 10. Will Beauty and the Beast have a better weekend drop than Boss Baby? 5000 NO 11. Will any new opener increase more than 20% on Saturday? 1000 YES 12. Will Smurfs drop more than 30% on Sunday? 2000 YES 13. Will Power Rangers increase more than 140% on Friday? 3000 NO 14. Will Get Out increase more than 15% on Saturday? 4000 NO 15. Will an Untitled Cyber Thriller Directed by Michael Mann make $100M in China? 5000 OF COURSE Bonus: 9/15 5000 10/15 8000 11/15 12,000 12/15 16,000 13/15 20,000 14/15 24,000 15/15 30,000 Part B: The top 3 predictions will score points as follows: Closest: Within 1% - 15,000, Within 2,5% - 12000, Within 5% 9,000, Within 10% - 6000 Outside 10% - 3000 points 2nd Closest: Within 1% - 12,000, Within 2,5% - 10000, Within 5% 7,000, Within 10% - 4000 Outside 10% - 2000 points 3rd Closest: Within 1% - 10,000, Within 2,5% - 8000, Within 5% 5,000, Within 10% - 2000 Outside 10% - 1000 points 1. What will The Circle make for its 3 day OW? $11.49M 2. What will Beauty and the Beast's Sunday gross be? $1.88M 3. What will Life's PTA be for the 3 day weekend? $335 Part C: There will be 6 films to place and points are expanded because traditionally people haven't scored well here: 2. CIRCLE 5. BAAHUBALI 7. BORN IN CHINA 10. THE PROMISE 12. LATIN LOVER 15. CASE FOR CHRIST Because I realised bonuses are stupid... 1/6 4,000 2/6 10,000 3/6 18,000 4/6 25,000 5/6 36,000 6/6 - 50,000
  14. 207 - Herbie I think this is the only situation on this list where I have films blending into an amalgomous blob of a single entity. The Herbie films of old were a staple of my childhood viewing like animation and pets getting up to crazy capers. Whether he was a love bug, going bananas or heading off to Monte Carlo, I always had so much fun watching a Herbie film and was really let down by that thing Lohan did a few years back. This film was integral to my childhood film watching and so makes the list as another nostalgia entry.