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  1. Wonder Woman OVER Spider-Man 1 (domestic) | GLORIOUS VICTORY

    Would never have seen this coming. Especially after that OW, I thought 300 would be solid. 404... All hail Tele.
  2. The Classic Conversation Thread: The Sequel

    Citizen X is fantastic. Great performances from everyone in the film.
  3. Question here. I might be seeing this within the next few days at a private screening. Should I watch the miniseries or read the book? Just wondering if certain scenes or references might go over my head or not.
  4. The Classic Conversation Thread: The Sequel

    Work related story. We were doing a quick shot for a car commercial when the big name actor in it decided to throw a temper tantrum over an extra who accidentally tripped over one of the set objects. Honestly, was kind of pathetic to watch. Amazing how people just snap over little things.
  5. The Classic Conversation Thread: The Sequel

    Typing in bold makes post look cool and awesome obviously.
  6. The Classic Conversation Thread: The Sequel

    Well, I more meant stupider than his usual stupid posts.
  7. The Classic Conversation Thread: The Sequel

    I've actually seen Wolf Warriors 2 at a private screening. Its interesting how China's movie industry is now basically taking the old US route, having Chinese save people (theirs usually) overseas from evil foreigners. Its entertaining enough if you don't take it too seriously. Has some cool hand to hand fighting scenes.
  8. The Classic Conversation Thread: The Sequel

    I joined the panda club. Small confession to make, I actually hate pandas. Also, BKB banned. I can't say I'm too surprised. I figured eventually he'd say something stupid.
  9. Plot twist: It turns out to be TLJ he's talking about.
  10. The Classic Conversation Thread: The Sequel

    I just checked, and the like button and various responses works fine for Firefox, but not Google Chrome.
  11. The Classic Conversation Thread: The Sequel

    The like button seems to be broken for me. Anyone else having this problem?

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