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  1. Pretty much what I'm expecting. I just can't muster any excitement for this movie and will probably skip it in theaters. Even the new TV spots give me the same "been there, done that" feeling that the rest of the marketing has. I seriously think I'm getting too old for these movies or something. I'll be surprised if it doesn't get better reviews then the other DC films so far though. Gal Gadot would have to be bad and I don't think she will be.
  2. Yeah man, that was one of my favorite parts too! The Emperors face was perfect. Awesome editing.
  3. I'm not sure why predictions are so low for this here. There's no other movie like it out this summer, has a solid fanbase and it seems like Disney has a lot of confidence in it with the marketing push. I could be totally wrong but I think some of you guys are underestimating it. May Release Schedule: Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 - Definitely going to be big but it's legs after OW will be determined by WOM which looks like it may be more mixed from current reviews. This doesn't roll out until a few weeks later and Guardians could have an AOU or Civil War drop after the initial rush if WOM is not glowing. King Arthur: The Legend Of The Sword - Could pull a Legend Of Tarzan run if it's good but also has a high chance of bombing if it's bad. Expecting Huntsman numbers. Alien: Covenant - Think it's going to open higher then some here predict but I'm not sure how it does after OW. Reviews and WOM will decide if this is another Kong: Skull Island Baywatch - Probably does Cental Intelligence - 22 Jump Street numbers and these types of comedies have always been able to co exist with big blockbusters. POTC: Dead Men Tell No Tales - If reviews are solid, the only real competition is GOTG Vol. 2 which will be on it's 3rd week and Alien: Covenant which will probably drop by 60% on it's second weekend. June Release Schedule: Wonder Woman - It will do good but expecting a Dr. Strange like opening (possibly higher, not feeling the hype yet). This isn't going to be a giant like GOTG. If POTC is good and has solid WOM, the two can co exist and draw different demos. POTC will have a bigger draw with families. The Mummy - Should do solid but has the potential to bomb. If it is bad and Wonder Woman get's mediocre reviews then POTC could have stronger legs in this period. Cars 3 - This will take away family audiences from POTC but it's a ways out. Disney lined it up right. It really is all going to depend on the quality of these films but POTC has a pretty nice schedule if it has good WOM.
  4. There are some incredibly talented video editors on Youtube who should be working for Hollywood. This guy is one of the best though. Like he's insanely good. it's amazing how he can completely change the tone of these iconic franchises and still make it work. The Star Wars trilogy re imagined as the Suicide Squad trailer The Spider-Man trilogy re imagined as the Deadpool trailer The Dark Knight trilogy re imagined as the Kick Ass trailer The Lord Of The Rings trilogy re imagined as the Suicide Squad trailer (Bohemian Rhapsody Version) The Force Awakens re imagined as the Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 trailer The Avengers re imagined as the Watchmen trailer I wasn't sure where to post but thought I'd share since I think fans of all franchises will appreciate these if they haven't seen them. They definitely made me smile.
  5. That very well could be the case (and I'm totally on board with believing that about BATB too lol). But we don't really know how they will handle those aspects of the film until we see it in person. They might straddle the line between realism and more cartooney CGI. I have no idea. It won't be nearly as special and translate over as well if they do sacrifice that expressiveness of those characters. And that's a big problem I had with BATB. I'm very curious about this project and am hoping there is more behind it then many think. It won't be magical if it looks like an Animal Planet show about lions with good songs. This movie also doesn't have the luxury of being set in the jungle until the 3rd act. All they have is desert to work with so it will be much harder to get lost in that world if it does not work.
  6. But how is it not? Disney is still under pressure to translate it's most iconic film to a different medium without having the freedom of animation to make animals actual characters. No one knows how they are going to do the realism of this movie. How can Simba be as expressive as he was in the animated film as a photorealistic CGI lion cub? We never really saw that in The Jungle Book with the wolf cubs. This is a lot harder then BATB and talking silverware. If Favreau can find that balance, then I'd say it's pretty innovative. But if it just looks like a lion documentary with talking animals and songs then I agree.
  7. But it kind of does. It has to make those scenes work in photorealistic CGI. Using the Animal Planet/National Geographic example again, I wouldn't say that's going to be an easy thing to do. Try to picture the iconic Mufasa stampede scene as live action. Like imagine two real lions talking to each other without the freedom of animation. How will they look as expressive? It looks weird in your head! I'm very curious how they do this but I think they have an idea just like they had an idea to make the broadway show work.
  8. I agree that trying to picture the original as live action CGI seems surreal (or uncanny valley) right now but I have faith that Disney has seen something we haven't. I used Broadway as an example to say that if they could make it work there then they can probably make it work as CGI. I know this movie won't be taking cues from it except possibly following the story. We don't know what they are doing with the photorealism, it very well could have more magic behind it then TJB. TLK is a movie where song numbers like "Be Prepared" can't be pulled off without some magic elements thrown in. So I understand why you think it could feel off. Personally I feel that way too and the original is one of my top 10 favorite films of all time. The big IF is how much control Disney gives to Favreau to deviate from the original. If it does that yet still honors it, then it will be something special. But it's going to be a lot harder this time around because people are going to be expecting those scenes and songs. Favreau announced this a long time ago. I think he has ideas that we aren't aware of that will make sense when we start to see the marketing for this.
  9. Exactly, that's why I wouldn't say Frozen 2 is a guaranteed beast due to Disneys problems with sequels in the past. They usually go straight to video/VOD and are nowhere near as good as the original. They are taking their time here so I think this has the chance of breaking that trend but recapturing that pop culture moment that was Frozen is going to be difficult. People know what to expect this time when the original came out of nowhere.
  10. And Toy Story 4. It won't be as big an event as those but it will still be massive. I don't want it but that's not to say others don't. It will probably have a strong run too.
  11. Whatever happened, I think it stands out as Favreau's misstep as a director. I can't think of another bad film from him....oh yeah, actually Cowboys & Aliens, I forgot about that one too. Still his track record is still better then most. Elf - positive Zathura - positive Iron Man - positive Iron Man 2 - meh Cowboys & Aliens - meh Chef - positive The Jungle Book - positive Plus he seems really excited about this project via his Twitter. I just can't see him doing it a disservice. But passionate directors have failed in the past so I guess we'll see what happens in a few years.
  12. Feel the same about Beyonce but at least we know she can sing unlike Emma Watson. I would rather they cast someone else because her voice is too recognizable but I can understand why they would because of Emma Watsons effect on BATB. Agree on Seth Rogen for Pumba. Can totally hear that.
  13. Right, I completely agree. They were trying to do too much in that movie and ruined his vision. Outside of that, his track record leans a lot more positive then negative. Elf has become a Christmas classic.
  14. Plus Emma Watson wasn't really the one who sold Beauty And The Beast. She definitely helped it with the Harry Potter crowd but the music was the main factor right from the first teaser.
  15. But that's what people were saying about the broadway show before it hit stage. How were they going to pull it off with no animals? Then it became a massive success. And I have a lot of faith in Jon Favreau. There's very few movies he's made that I don't like (Iron Man 2). I don't think Disney would have green lit this movie and given it this release date without feeling like they have something special.