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  1. Go in cold. If you only have a few days....maybe watch the best of Pennywise scenes on Youtube but that's really it. Interested to hear what you think!
  2. And Kingsman is out that next week right? I believe that awareness number and schedule wise there's nothing in the way in theaters (the fight will be a huge event this weekend though). I am curious if they'll drop the embargo early or at least let out reactions to continue to build on the hype. I know they didn't for Wonder Woman or Mad Max: Fury Road (at least with reviews - I don't remember there being many reactions for Wonder Woman before the embargo? I think there were some tweets but I could be wrong...). I'm sensing a box office OW around 70-80 but at this point, I just want the movie to live up to the marketing.
  3. Warner Brothers posted it online earlier. The trailer for it has a new line from Pennywise and the actual experience is a lot of fun. Not sure if Bill voiced Pennywise in it but it sounds a lot like him. He says three lines a lot differently in the actual film though and I think a lot of the voicework was recorded just for the experience. You can actually do it right from your phone if you have the right model (it requires looking around). Score sounds solid.
  4. Damn, some of you guys are going high but I'm getting that Deadpool feeling too. It really does feel like an event and there's nothing to take away it's hype theaterwise now. If reviews do say it's truly frightening and is faithful to the book, it's going to explode. Love hearing that it's getting positive word of mouth from people who've seen it but how it does on RT is anyones guess at this point.
  5. Annabelle: Creation (2017)

    I've had a pretty good run at the theaters lately and that streak continued last night with Annabelle: Creation. Going in, I didn't have high hopes for this because I hated the original Annabelle outside of one sequence, found Lights Out pretty generic and the trailers did nothing for me. But the atmosphere in the actual movie is very similar to Wans other Conjuring films and like those, Creation is filled with tight camera angles and silent areas that build and build followed by loud scares. It's not really doing anything new but David Sandberg consistently plays with tropes you've come to expect in these movies, even if you think you know what's going to happen (and a lot of times I was still right). I don't say this often, but this is the type of film that's more fun with an audience because it's filled with extremely stupid decisions that only happen in a horror movie. lol I usually hate it when people talk in the theater but here, all the people screaming at the screen added to the experience because it was like being at Halloween Horror Nights. So yeah...probably the most fun I've had at a horror movie since The Conjuring 2. If you liked those films, can't see you walking out that dissatisfied here. Well shot, well paced and well acted. Was pleasantly surprised (but Jesus is that demon a total dick to disabled children). - B+ Edit: Also loved the blink and you miss it easter egg to the nun from The Conjuring 2 and the homage paid to the real Annabelle doll.
  6. Yeah I know there was a screening last night. This tweet is ambiguous but I think he's leaning towards their texts being positive. Very curious on when we'll start to hear reactions now that Annebelle is out. That footage is all over Twitter too.
  7. IT's Madness!: IT over Gravity DOM (274.09m)

    WBs marketing push is going to be insane from here on out. Will be interesting to watch the reaction that footage gets over the weekend across social media and youtube. If this gets glowing reviews and than great WOM, anything is possible. There's competition from stuff like Kingsman but this just feels like it's going to be an event that will attract a lot of audiences who don't usually go to horror movies (and the Stranger Things crowd). Getting the same vibes as Deadpool, Suicide Squad and Beauty And The Beast and the schedule is wide open. Edit: Wow, yeah I didn't realize the release schedule was really that dead after this weekend (I'm looking forward to Logan Lucky but I don't know if that's going to be a huge hit with the GA and I don't see Hitman's Bodyguard doing that well). After August 18th, there's pretty much nothing for 2 weeks before this releases. The re release of T2 will grab some audiences but that's not going to be an event outside film nerds. Annabelle was a lot of fun but not sure how good the legs will be and even if they are, audiences will see that footage in front of every showing. Win/win for WB. Unless something like a big hurricane or a national event happens, I can't see a breakout not happening if reviews say it lives up to the trailers.
  8. If you see this in theaters again, pay attention towards the end. There's a change in tone and a visual that is so unsettling that indicates exactly what Pennywise is. It's right before Georgie says he has to go. Jump scares don't get me but that type of imagery is the type of stuff that will stay with you for awhile. Think it's going to be huge over the weekend. As much fun as I had with Annabelle, those 4 minutes still easily stole the show.
  9. One thing I loved about the footage was the score. Before it got dark it had a very Steven Spielberg imaginative feel and I heard it all in a Dolby 5.1 theater so it all sounded really solid...especially Pennywises voice. I was really happy that there was less loud effects during this scene than the trailers have led on. I expected a huge boom during that one moment but it was a lot more subtle which leads me to believe that this isn't going to be just a jumpscare fest. Also saw someone who went to a screening earlier (and couldn't talk about it) but posted tons of red emoji balloons afterwards and a gif of balloons flying everywhere from UP (whatever that means). I know the footage is already online but I hope this isn't something they release. That really is meant to be seen in theaters but yeah, totally did it's job. I'm so hyped.
  10. Oh man the footage in front of Annabelle was amazing. It took me awhile to even get into Annabelle because I just wanted to see this. At the same time I kind of wish they saved that iconic scene for the film but man Pennywise looks so accurate to the source material here. And any of my doubts about Bill Skarsgard not being able to nail the comedy parts of the character were put to rest. This is going to scare a lot of people. No he's supposed to be inviting and approachable to children....but at the same time very creepy to adults. I think he nailed it.
  11. Wait, really? Huh well that's a plus to already going to Annabelle anyway. Edit: https://trailer-track.com/2017/08/03/in-the-pipeline-4-minutes-of-exclusive-it-footage-on-the-way-to-cinemas-next-week/ Yep, looks like it's true. Huh cool!
  12. Still think Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor all all probable choices here (not all 3 - but one out of them). Visions a definite but not sure if he would be considered a major character. Think one of the Guardians goes too. Still thinking Rocket or Drax. I know this meme is a joke but I think only War Machine is in danger.
  13. Okja (2017)

    Huh, interesting perspective! Yeah the end part was obvious to me but you could be right (and I forgot about the eating chicken soup part).

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