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  1. It's the rarely used Granny's Peach Tea filter.
  2. Eh. Just go to any Superhero casting discussion and this kind of thing is de rigueur. That and which wrestler to cast.
  3. That's because his character in Chronicle was more Johnny Storm than his actual Johnny Storm. Probably didn't help that his Chronicle character got killed off, and Trank basically put a F4 skin over his Chronicle 2 ideas.
  4. Probably helped that they could cast a newish actor cheap, instead of renegotiating a bigger payday for SJ.
  5. Ike wasn't removed from the picture till phase 3 was aleady laid out.
  6. The reason Black Widow never got a solo movie is because Ike Perlmutter didn't think she'd move enough toys.
  7. Citizen Kane was pretty good, but most of the actors outside of Orson Welles were terrible.
  8. At least when Arad fucks up Venom, will anyone know the difference?