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  1. Wow, beating Force Awakens WW opening. Sure is a better film. This franchise is just growing bigger and bigger. Bring Arnie, Sly and Bruce onboard. 😀
  2. Cruise always does crazy stunts. This will be a fun adventure ride. Sure looks better than Pirates, Transformers and dare I say Wonderwoman.
  3. It's a fun ride. The numbers will be decent. Obviously F7 was unique for various reasons, F8 should be compared to F6 and it will match those numbers. Might overtake Mission: Impossible as the #1 action franchise of the past decades. Those two franchises average nearly identical numbers, both domestic and worldwide. F8 will gain a bit for now.
  4. Looks great and refreshingly different from the previous instalments. Another action packed summer entertainment from Cruise. Expecting MI5 numbers. Could reach 200m with good WoM. Having it at 60m/185m at the moment.
  5. There are various kinds of piracy. Morally flawed and oppressed countries with freedom somewhat limited like China with fake copies of films on the street and people seeking a product online is not the same ballpark. I love cinema, but I do download films that are not reachable for me. I think it's fantastic that I can watch a small indie film online that will never get anywhere near me. I despise people however who watch films available in cinema in inferior quality and dare to criticise the film. An average film like Everest is a brilliant cinematic experience while it might not be such fun at home. I think the debate is decided based on one thing: quantity. If you happened to be downloading films every once in a while based on circumstances or even simply laziness: fine. If you ONLY stream and watch everything online then it is theft and surely to be punished. If anyone who downloaded The Dark Nnight instead of watching it in the cinema, put that eejit to prison, please. 😀
  6. That is not promising. Critics normally overrate Star Wars. How is AotC is fresh is beyond me. TFA got 92% and it was just boring and nothing original about it. Rogue One looks much better, so for it go lower is concerning.
  7. Looks different from the other entries. We'll see how the audience will react for this one, the previous trilogy wasn't well received. The first one was good the other two were rubbish.
  8. Trailer was meh. Not better than TASM. Only saving grace is Michael Keaton.
  9. If Cruise is impressed with the sets that's saying something. Summer fun Cruise could be on the roll. Mummy, Mission 6, EoT2.
  10. Trailer looks great. Another fun Cruise vehicle. I love how people moan about remakes and reboots, this one looks different from the other projects, much bigger scale and already see people complaining that it doesn't set in Egypt lol I think it can bring Mission numbers, maybe even 200m. Overseas it will be a monster.
  11. Howard had a poor run of films lately but I consider this as a write off. The interest is just not there and marketing was poor. You are not going to call it as a disastrous move for Hanks, so it shouldn't be the case for Howard either. OS numbers are decent to save face. Would be cool if this opened mid 20s like the other adult skewing films the past three weeks. Four way showdown with Accountant #1, Girl and Reacher battle for second and Inferno collapsing badly.
  12. Nice for Reacher. Pretty much the same Monday drop that the Accountant had, we'll see how it hold up the rest of the week.
  13. Decent numbers. Will be doing more than similar thrillers Girl on the Train and Accountant overseas. Probably 150m.
  14. The first one made only 15m in China. Wasn't expected to do more than 20m, playing in half of the theatres that the Mechanic is in. It seem to be doing fine so far overseas, we'll see how it holds up the upcoming weeks. Japan and Korea - two strong Cruise markets are still to come. 70m domestic would be a respectable tally.