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  1. Just......just take all my money now SW........just do it.
  2. As for the poster, I do like it but at the same time it does look somewhat simplistic. I guess it isn't a bad thing, just not what I was expecting. Wasn't one of the old SW posters somewhat similar to this one, but instead luke holding up the lightsaber? *edit* This is the one I was talking about:
  3. My reaction to the trailer to share with you guys!!! I'm feeling so giddy right now I can't control myself!!! I just....... ughhhhhh!!!!! I want this film NOW!
  4. This film is filmed absolutely beautifully in this trailer. I mean seriously the color pallet is just gorgeous, unreal cinematography. I need to see this RIGHT NOW.
  5. I LITERALLY JUST GOT HOME FROM WORK AND HEARD ABOUT THIS. PERFECT TRAILER!!! Had just the right amount to get you excited and yet did not spoil ANYTHING.
  6. Are you telling me there aren't criminals in our own country? Who do think finds them and arrests them? Our military? No, that would be detectives, FBI, and our law enforcement aka cops. It's true, a cops life you probably 90% of the time are dealing with paperwork for petty crime but they do help keep our streets safe and catch those who are corrupt in our own country.
  7. Well I wasn't going to go into the hard details, but putting someone in cuffs generally requires violence as usually people aren't too happy about it. Such as the guy, they had to have him on the ground forcibly.
  8. I really dislike hearing people in my life bitch about our country and how horrible it is (yes, I've actually heard people saying it's horrible here, which is really fucking ignorant when you look at other places in the world) here, yet are still here. It's just eye roll worthy to me. The fact is that there will never be a perfect society, never, there will always be crime, there will always be to some level inequalities, there will always be things to change, and that's okay. Trying to make this country the best it can be is a great ideal and I support it, but to keep hearing the idiots that hate it hear acting like they have it bad while chugging a beer and sitting on their ass playing video games is just ridiculous and it annoys me to no end. We have it so fucking lucky here compared to the rest of the world and even in history.
  9. I guess this will be an argument that we'll disagree with. I am more than happy living life while once in a while if need to being compliant towards authority figures because I have respect for what they do and how they serve our country. I will listen to them and abide to what they ask me no problem, so I'll go on my merry way and so can they, no issues. Chip, Tele and others can live and decide whether or not to comply to an officers request and be freedom fighters, power to you all. I'll leave you with this:
  10. Um. Yeah it did, it got him the fuck out of my bar and back to me serving polite and orderly patrons.
  11. Well that's the stipulation then, because some of our rights are infringed by cops by the slightest bit. It's reality and really not a big deal unless you want to make it a big deal to a cop. I can say that I've been pulled over numerous times, was very polite to them and did what they asked, and honestly we never got written even a ticket. Now I'm not saying that because I didn't get a ticket that makes it right or a reward for being nice, it's more of the fact that it really isn't a big deal to just cooperate with a cop. He's not a serial killer and out to get us.
  12. See, that's an extreme case. It actually doesn't have to be anywhere near that. I was bartending one night and I had a guy walking (more like wobbling) in already drunk as shit. Basically I told him to leave and I wasn't serving him (my right as bartender) and he started yelling at me and cursing me. I warned him I'd call the cops, didn't listen, and so called them. They got there in 5 minutes, told the guy he had to leave and that they would provide him home. The guy started arguing with them. Long story short of it going back and forth, the cops had him in cuffs and gone. Sorry, but that's what the law enforcement does if people are belligerent whether they are sane or drunk and can't think for themselves. It is what it is.
  13. Again, I've already stated I'm over the airline debate, we'll just be going in circles and just disagreeing. It's better to just agree to disagree. Tele if you get pulled over by a cop and literally just listen to what he says, even if it is being out of the car (which you still have rights by the way, you can refuse for the officer to search your car. The main reason why it was ruled by the supreme court to have cops have the right to get you out of your car was for the interest of the safety of the officer vs. the small fraction of "inconvenience" it provided the driver and passenger) I guarantee you that you're rights will absolutely not be imposed, I think what people are so nervous about are the few rotten apples in the police force that yeah, are horrible and are violent, but the huge vast majority of cops aren't and are people like us who have a job (which have their lives on the line) and just want to get home safe. Is a little cooperation hard for us to give? Remember, we know who we are but they have no idea each and every day who they are pulling over. Acting against them and being uncooperative is a red flag for an officer that perhaps you have something to hide from them.