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  1. What were the Anzac Day numbers for the other Marvel movies? Civil War didn't open on Anzac right? What was its normal OD.
  2. 3.88M on Anzac Day. Previews were roughly 2.1M. 6M 2-day total. 1. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 $3,881,907 Walt Disney 2. The Fate of the Furious $809,141 Universal 3. Beauty And The Beast (Live Action) $455,498 Walt Disney 4. The Boss Baby $350,800 Fox 5. Going in Style $260,573 Roadshow 6. The Lego Batman Movie $211,874 Warner Bros. 7. The Smurfs: The Lost Village $172,352 Sony 8. Their Finest $162,567 Transmission 9. Table 19 $85,735 Fox 10. Denial $37,273 eOne
  3. Expected. Everyone I know already got their tickets for Thursday or Friday, not many waiting for the weekend on this. The OD record in India is going to be obliterated completely. Would not be shocked with it doubling the previous record in India combining all versions.
  4. I know - Ralph Wrecks The Internet was right there for the taking and would have tied to the first movie as well
  5. And the worst season of Heroes as well. They stranded that girl in the apocalyptic future and then completely forgot about her because they had to stuff 12 episodes worth of story into 2 episodes
  6. Why don't you switch them around. That way everyone wins.
  7. Yup, they could not have any rewrites which meant they could not begin filming as the script they had obviously needed at least one more pass. The Australian dollar also started rising at the same time making filming in Australia expensive.
  8. It affects everything. No writers means no rewrites by anyone on scripts. If you have a script, that is it for production, no changes to one word by anyone who is not the director or actors. If no script is in place, no work can be done on it Some interesting stories from last time
  9. Also, GI Joe: Rise of Cobra, Quantum of Solace and half of summer 2009 movies.
  10. They got a really good deal on DVD residuals, but the new media stuff like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, streaming in general etc. they did not get a lot. They ignored that as well since no one could have foreseen streaming becoming big business just a few years later.
  11. The WGA almost unanimously voted Yes on the strike authorization. TV Shows and Movies could grind to a halt next Monday if studios decide not to give 0.3% of their profits to the writers.