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  1. After a $38.6M Saturday that saw a 64% spike over Friday, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast is now looking at $89.7M in its second run at No. 1, followed by Lionsgate’s theatrical reboot of 1990s franchise Saban’s Power Rangers which is looking at $40M. Sony/Skydance’s Ryan Reynolds-Jake Gyllenhaal sci-fi R-rated pic Life (estimated $12.4M-$13M in fourth) and running Warner Bros.’ Dax Shepard-Kristen Bell-Michael Pena R-rated big screen reboot of 1980s TV series CHIPS off the road ( still $7.3M in 7th) Saturday deposited $14.75M into Power Rangers’ bank account, -2% from Friday’s $15M which included $3.6M Thursday previews
  2. Those 4x legs are coming.
  3. So this didn't quite work out. Trailer views lied to everyone @WrathOfHan
  4. PR playing exactly like the other PR from 2013. A cap exists on Robots fighting Monsters?
  5. I used to, their year end wrap up articles are nice. But their predictions and snark became much.
  6. Thursday midnight actually. 220k is what Dr. Strange had 24 days before release (which is also 24 hours after tickets went on sale).
  7. But did he post on Snapchat?
  8. Reitman did an interview during the launch of Ghostbusters VR where he threw Paul Feig under the bus hard
  9. As Ghostbusters was brought up, Reitman did an interview during the launch of Ghostbusters VR where he threw Paul Feig under the bus hard
  10. Boss Baby has done well in the markets it has opened in, won't be surprised with 40-45M for it tbh. GITS not screening for US critics does not bode well, maybe 20M or so.
  11. It didn't. Deadline have the wrong number for PR, they changed it and BATB's number. 22M Friday would have given it 55M weekend. Wait for their chart which should be up shortly.
  12. 22.4 is probably the BATB Friday number with PR at 15M
  13. It is having a Friday of 15M based on Deadline's number. Not sure how that makes Rth wrong. And they are expecting a generous 50% increase tomorrow as well. Might not hit the 42M either 3.6 11.4 15-16 10-11 40-42M.
  14. High youtube views should actually lead to a big OW, not legs. Legs are more of the CS and RT user score.