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  1. So guessing DOM 471 + 35 (thinking this is reasonable if it tracks like Cinderella) OS-Japan 616.2 + 40 Japan 12.8 + 80 1.25B+. Outside shot at Frozen?
  2. I have a feeling discount Tuesday exaggerates the drop but still a nasty fall nonetheless. Also, BvS had the luxury of having an early Easter so having more kids out could have softened up it's drop. I wouldn't be surprised with around a 65%+ drop this weekend though.
  3. Heh Well I wouldn't say >>>>. More like they liked it better. They still loved the trailer overall but it's hard to beat "Chewie. We're home" Although that was the second teaser, that was the one most were comparing TLJ teaser to instead of the first one. But yeah for the most part, I think attendees understood it was just a teaser. Personally I had the same reaction but I'm expecting more later on so I'm good to go.
  4. Yeah I talked to a few fans about the trailer while waiting in the lines but I didn't go asking everyone I met. I kind of overheard a couple of conversations. Generally they loved the trailer, no surprise. But I got the feeling that overall the opinion was TFA better. But of course it's just the group of people that I was around or met. Some complained that there was not enough of the newer characters. But were glad to hear Luke speak. And that last part, people agreed it was a jaw dropper but kind of anxious... But the poster reaction was stronger, almost universal. The poster is freaking awesome. Other attendees wanted them bad.
  5. Yeah I didn't but there were 2 SW fans who really got in his way for autograph. And a couple trailing just for pictures. Couple of police moved them aside. But he did take a photo with a kid and his mom before the people mover. Nah. But someone asked who that was and someone said "The Joker!" And bumped into Mark Ellis from the Collider crew. Didn't see the rest of the Collider crew until they boarded the plane to LA
  6. And Mark Hamill is going to the same departure terminal. Just saw him getting on the people mover
  7. Signing off from the convention. Overall an amazing experience. It's quite different to be surrounded by people who are fans of Star Wars. And it's an eye opener to realize just how passionate some are about it. I kid you not someone basically booked a tattoo artists' whole time at the convention to have specific work done on his back. And it's amazing to see multiple generations of families coming here. I met a father and daughter while waiting in line at 5 in the morning to get into The Last Jedi panel. The daughter became a Forrest Whitaker fan because of Rogue One. She knew voice actors for Clone Wars and Rogue One. And they were gonna do it again on Saturday morning! I've met people from all over the place that came specifically for Celebration (but of course staying longer for vacation). From Brazil, Australia, a lot of Japanese. Panels were a blast. I just wish I had more time but back to reality. I am going to try again in 2019.
  8. Sorry guys I was looking for extras. People were literally asking other attendees if they were selling their poster. But yesterday there were a few extra Leia/Carrie Fisher posters that were given so I was trying to hunt some TLJ posters. No luck...
  9. Heh already rolled up in my poster tube. Damn the line for the poster protectors just blew up. Great Making of Rogue One panel. Too bad it was shortened because of technical problems. But man seeing Jyn Erso playing pong on the screen on the transmission panel. And the K2SO Firefly mashup. Hysterical.
  10. I got it . Great souvenir
  11. Line part 3. Almost in the Behind the Scenes Stage.
  12. Got one! But for the overflow stage. Good enough.
  13. In line for a Last Jedi wristband. It's crazy long
  14. On the way down and I'm not alone. Seeing a lot of people heading in the same direction