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  1. 17 / 55 Comedy about two men who get trapped on an island and find themselves trying to make sense of the crazy natives who either out to get them, or out to make them their friends. "Hey Lenny, help me push this tribe member out of the way. Okay. Ow, don't push me too". Cabbie For Hire
  2. Just watched The Man Who Fell To Earth. Well, that was a rather "bizarre" film. Bowie (RIP!) gave such a great performance, though, that I'd swear he was actually alien.
  3. It's your birthday, so you probably deserve it. 16 / 51 - Double edged rock. Sports drama about a surfer determined to beat a giant tide that comes around during the night despite the fact that everyone seems to be trying to stop him from doing it. Lake B Shore
  4. 1. Will The Get Out open to more than $22M? - No. 2. Will The Get Out open to more than $25M? 3000 - No. 3. Will The Get Out open to more than $28M? - No. 4. Will Collide open to more than $2M? - No. 5. Will Collide open to more than $3.5M? 2000 - No. 6. Will Collide open to more than $5M? - No. 7. Will Rock Dog open to more than $2M? - Yes. 8. Will Rock Dog open to more than $3.5M? - Yes. 9. Will Rock Dog open to more than $5M? 2000 - No. 10. Will Get out make more on Friday than Rock Dog and Collide's combined weekend total? Yes. 11. Will Collide make more than Rock Dog? - No. 12. Will either of Collide or Rock Dog (or both) enter in the top 8? 3000 - No. 13. Will Lego Batman finish within $2m of first place? - Yes. 14. Will my Life as a Zucchini have a PTA above $8000? - Yes. 15. Will my Life as a Zucchini have a PTA above $12000? - No. 16. Will Fifty Shades stay above John Wick 2000 - No. 17. Will Great Wall stay above John Wick? - No. 18. Will Fifty Shades cross $100M by Friday 3000 - Yes. 19. Will Hidden Figures reenter the top 5? - No. 20. Will Fist Fight drop more than 55%? 2000 - No. 21. Will a Cure for Wellness have a PTA below $750? - Yes. 22. Will A DOg's purpose stay above La La Land? - Yes. 23. Will The Eagle Huntress stay above $12,500? 3000 - No. 24. Will Lion cross $40M by Saturday? - Yes. 25. Will I am not your Negro increase? - No. 26. Will Rings drop below Moana? - Yes. 27. Will Lego Movie increase more than 125% on Saturday? - Yes. 28. Will Star Wars stay above Sing? - No. 29. Are you fed up answering all these questions each week? 2000 - Maybe. Give me another day and I might explode. 30. How about now? 3000 - We're getting close. Bonus: 20/30 2000 21/30 3000 22/30 4000 23/30 6000 24/30 9000 25/30 12000 26/30 16000 27/30 20000 28/30 25000 29/30 30000 30/30 40000 Part 2: Closest predictor wins 5000 points (Added bonus: If prediction is within 10% win 6000; 5% 7000; 2.5% 9000; 1% 12000) 1. Predict Get Out's 3 Day. - 19.37 2. Predict Rock Dog's Saturday Gross - 1.3 3. What will Cure for Wellness's percentage drop be? - 61% 4. Predict the total Domestic Gross of John Wick. - 75.3 5. Predict Lego Batman's Sunday drop - 31% Part 3: Predict the films that place in the following positions: 2. Lego Batman 5. The Great Wall 7. Split 9. A Dog's Purpose 12. Collide 14. Lion 16. A Cure for Wellness 20. Rogue One
  5. Jackie definitely has a strong chance of winning as well.
  6. I'm positive it's gonna lose costume design. I'm actually predicting Fantastic Beasts myself.
  7. 98k / 7m - Nominated for a golden globe. Romantic comedy about two quirky people meeting and eventually falling in love, but not in the traditional lovey-dovey kind of way. "It was by accident after all". Falling Idols BTW happy birthday Impact.
  8. Zimmer can be great, but a lot of times it does feel like he's just going through with the motions. Not to mention these days, a lot of his music can come off as noise. Also @The Panda, Herrmann composed The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. Just correcting you there. Before I put together my list, here's some more FYC's. Looking over my suggestions, all I can think is, wow 1985 was a great year for film music.
  9. Image is great. Aside from Dark Horse, they're the best when it comes to creator-owned comics.
  10. 3m total - "The city's been a living hell for me and me only" - Happy cheering up guy. Thriller about an agent who is the on trail of a saboteur in 1940's WW era Europe. Life Holds Up
  11. 6 / 15 - Soft shoe salesman. Comedy about two dueling door to door salesman, who eventually join forces when their bosses betray them. Down City Down
  12. That was very shocking as well.
  13. Just saw Lion. Wow that was some powerful but subtle stuff. The ending left me in tears.
  14. Happy birthday @carolwoodpr.