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  1. 13 / 42 Dramedy about a man trying to cheer up a town after an accident causes everyone to feel miserable. The Feels For Yesterday
  2. It's what happens a fan artist has too much time on their hands.
  3. 8 / 24 - The big fact scam! Comedy about a father's struggle to get tickets to impress his daughter. The Agreement
  4. 5 / 13.4 - Attack back at the paparazzi. Animated film about a lonely snowman and his quest to find cold winter amidst a changing world. Screwed Later
  5. No actually I enjoy I'll Fury Road's score, and I'll gladly go Into The Storm for it. I just wasn't big on BVS music.
  6. It's typical modern day Zimmer noise, mixed in with some Junkie Xl irritating electronics, which some people inexplicability praise as being the GOAT.
  7. Is this real life anymore?
  8. Yup. The fans are just talking delusional at this point. Another Underworld film isn't happening, we might get a TV show though, heh.
  9. Believe me, a lot of the people where I live would love universal healthcare. There's a lot of issues with getting it past, though, not the least of which has to do with money.
  10. He's not even trying to hide the fact that he's clearly working with Russia at this point.
  11. Tillerson may be fairly sane, but his alleged ties with Russia worry me.
  12. I'm more worried the film being potentially executive meddled with more than anything, personally.
  13. I dunna, if it means anything. Most directors have a dud or two in their filmography. Will have to see how his Batman film turns out before we can declare his directing career as being in a downward spiral.
  14. You could also say recent poor exchange rates may have played a part in addition to their being too many animated films released a year.