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  1. It's great. I've had Newman's Own pizza several times. It's very fresh tasting and the crust is so good.
  2. Sony is not gonna give up the rights to Marvel anytime soon, especially if Homecoming is a huge success.
  3. Agreed man. In general, most people go to the cinemas to escape from the real world.
  4. I visited France last summer (it was great), but that was just because of someone else, and even that was super expensive. I would also like to visit London, but I don't the time or money to do so either.
  5. "You need to stop weighing the weight of the soldier on your hand". - Strong philosophical words. Looks damn good. A bit of a different trailer from the previous, since they're trying to sell the film with a bigger emphasis on the action. I like how they're approaching The Vulture, although I expect the character to get the shaft, and seeing Spidey in action is probably gonna be great if the trailer's anything to go by. It wouldn't be a modern trailer if they didn't reveal most of the plot.
  6. Yeah, the 21 Jump Street films are not that "far out there" for them to make sense that they'd crossover with the MIB franchise.
  7. Yeah, that's why it's probably not gonna be great.
  8. It's still on Sony's list. Personally I don't think it's gonna get made, though.
  9. I agree! There are some popular youtube celebs who are completely fine people. I think the craziest ones, though, have always had that problem, they just haven't didn't really show it until after getting popular (makes sense).
  10. I had a twitter account, but I deleted it / stopped using a day later after I learned how much bullshit the system really was.
  11. Okay! Will do! Sorry bout that.
  12. I did write predictions, they were just sent on the previous message to save some slight message space (probably a mistake now).
  13. Didn't I send in weekend predictions last weekend though? What'd I miss?
  14. That's putting it a wee bit lightly. Looks like Power Rangers crossed with the loveboat and other 70's primetime adventure TV shows. Kinda fun to watch. The editing is actually pretty good.