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  1. The Rock Signed on for 9 and 10.
  2. What's this shit even about? All i remember from the trailer is that song they play. they are watching you tune lol
  3. For me as well. I enjoyed more than BvS and Civil War.
  4. Unforgettable would have been good ass Lifetime time movie. I would have enjoyed the movie from what I read/heard! I'll check it on netfflix
  5. Most of them bounced back. She hasn't much. she tried last year with her tv show but it bounce. Alex Pettyfer was just dumb. He burn bridges before he even made it. He was making demands like he was tom cruise lol
  6. Although if this was a guy, they'll get millions of chances. I mean woody Allen still works and he's child molester. There are way worst people in HW(mostly men) but still get to work
  7. Diesel has big ego but I dont he's bad person as they are trying to paint him. I heard nice things about him media circuit. The negative is that ego gets the best of him and he runs late all the time which is foul of him other than that he's nice. oh that he's gay(I believe this one from NY circuit)
  8. Meh on the spin off. After this franchise is done with 10 so am I.
  9. sad day for universal then they see the oversea numbers.
  10. Fudge that shit to 100 million, Universal. Not that is needed. You already making banks.