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  1. This year's 1Q is well ahead of the past four years adjusted. Curious how it compares to the gold standard of 2002 but unfortunately BOM doesn't have the data for it.
  2. Being single isn't bad. Only one person to worry about, no one else judging every life decision you make, the ability to go wherever you want whenever you want. Bill Maher is generally a douche but he was dead on when he said that it was better to be alone than stuck with someone who makes you miserable.
  3. I was bothered by pretty much every song lifted from the original; save maybe Gaston.
  4. Her starpower was certainly a factor both in her casting and the buzz for this movie. Though I trust the word will get out eventually how... unremarkable she was in this to put it mildly. Let's just say I'd expect the knives would be out immediately if Kristen Stewart were cast in this and gave a similar performance.
  5. 5.3 isn't exactly sterling, though tbf it was a box office success. The trailer with my screening at BATB was received pretty well, so I don't know. I certainly hope Dreamworks isn't rewarded for making a crappy film.
  6. Yeesh, is this a new rock bottom for Dreamworks? Reviews so far are bordering on the level of cheap foreign Weinstein pickups
  7. Top 64 earners in North America adjusted for inflation. These movies are as "blockbuster" as you can get, at least per the numerical data available. Results: The Lion King (8) vs. Jaws (8) Raiders of the Lost Ark (12) vs. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (5) Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (14) vs. Star Wars: A New Hope (4) The Godfather (11) vs. Titanic (5) 24 hours to break tie for Lion King vs. Jaws
  8. If they split Episode 9 into 2 films they'll just call the second Episode 10. This franchise ain't ending anytime soon now that it's a corporate property rather than a personal conception.
  9. Just had a really freaky moment with an ant moving along the rim of my lampshade.
  10. For a heated argument I usually do about three replies before I give up and avoid the thread for a few hours.
  11. If I have 1-3 ish I'm curious. Over 5 and I think I pissed people off.