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  1. Everyone expecting this film to bomb/disappoint. It's not funny or edgy anymore, it's just tiresome.
  2. More frustrating than obvious trolls/fanboys I can easily ignore is otherwise sound-thinking posters who for who knows what reason give in to completely unfounded negativity.
  3. Irony is his recent foray into "blockbuster" territory was his lowest-grossing film in over a decade
  4. Canadian male life expectancy is 80 years and Cameron takes good care of himself. Biggest thing to worry about with him is one of his deep sea dives going wrong
  5. Miles Teller playing Gandhi would probably start a war with India
  6. Jonsi's song for the film, "Simple Gifts" http://pitchfork.com/news/73012-sigur-ros-jonsi-shares-new-song-for-tom-hanksemma-watson-movie-the-circle-listen/ Kind of meh by his standards, but probably will still be the only thing anyone will remember from this movie a year from now.
  7. I was going to go to Jersey Mike's across the street but decided at the last minute for something a little closer and cheaper
  8. Having a hell of a time adjusting to new contacts. I don't have the same prescription for both eyes anymore so now I have to make sure I don't mix them up. And on the subject of food, I'm having a JJ Vito
  9. Would be cool to see him in a looser role
  10. Target's better, but now Walmart is right next door to my job so I'm probably going to buy most essentials there now. As far as I can tell, though, they really can't boast about "unbeatable" prices anymore.
  11. The AL Central seems to have a tradition of staring the year off in united mediocrity
  12. I imagine it's not completely coincidental with the beginning of the MLP movie's marketing campaign
  13. I have a box of tea on hand but I always save it to binge on for my next cold