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  1. Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

    Spider-Man: Homecoming is the first MCU film (or really, superhero film in a while) to really tackle secret identities. The dramatic double lives that used to be synonymous with the genre have all but disappeared in recent years, and this does it better than any superhero movie since the Raimi trilogy. The choice to be Spider-Man weighs down this Peter, and although we never hear the famous line, the struggle of great responsibility is always evident in the film. This is also the first superhero movie, or even modern blockbuster in general, to really feel like it takes place in a high school. The young cast is ridiculously strong, and it seems as though the studio plans having a consistent supporting cast in these films, which is truly exciting. Holland proves that his Civil War performance wasn't a fluke, feeling effortlessly like Peter Parker. Keaton elevates the role of Vulture, although he's simply a good villain, nothing great but more than serviceable. The script is its strongest aspect, being effortlessly funny and surprisingly heartfelt in its depictions of young love and awkward high school days. That's why it's so crushing when the MCU elements come crashing in. Sure, Tony and Peter's dynamic is fun, but it's not worth interrupting Peter's story with fanservice moments or quirky in-jokes from other films. The third act also continues the genre's disappointing streak, being incoherently shot and ridiculously dark in color. It's near impossible to see anything that is going on, and that's just mediocre. Really, there's only one good action scene, and that's the only one that shows us something we've never seen with the character. The retreaded moments, either from other Spider-Man or MCU films, just hurt so much when they occur, because it seems clear the rest of the film is trying so hard to avoid them. Giacchino's score is also shockingly mediocre, as his theme just feels like he played around a bit with the cartoon's theme and left it at that. More creativity there would've been appreciated. Spider-Man: Homecoming is a solid entry for the amazing hero in the MCU. A smaller scale and a focus on high school really help makes it stick out of the crowd of superhero movies despite the other generic elements. It's certainly a fun movie though, and one that finally gives Spider-Man his first good movie in over a decade. That, more than anything else, makes it well worth seeing. B
  2. Geostorm over 45M OW

    OUT Will be lucky to make 45M DOM
  3. Got the new trailer at Spider-Man and Apes. Yeah this just looks bad, sorry y'all at least Andy Garcia has more lines than in Passengers
  4. Got the trailer at Spidey, it looks so fun. I'll be there, and my parents think it looks awesome too.
  5. IN Could see this doing extremely well, trailer got a huge reaction at Spider-Man and the cast is gold
  6. Just realized I never chimed on this movie. It's good, i guess. It's watchable!
  7. ANT-MAN AND THE WASP | 07.06.2018 | Disney

    This disrespect towards Walken cannot be tolerated
  8. ANT-MAN AND THE WASP | 07.06.2018 | Disney

    Someone's forgetting Walken
  9. ANT-MAN AND THE WASP | 07.06.2018 | Disney

    I don't like Ant-Man but I like pretty much every actor they add to this UGH Pfieffer, Fishburne, Park, and Goggins? WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE ANT-MAN 2
  10. Despicable Me 3 (2017)

    Despicable Me 3's only good moments are in its closing credits. Finally, the film embraces its Spy vs. Spy influences in classic animation that's actually amusing and clever. The rest of the film is neither of these as it totally bores through a variety of underdeveloped subplots full of unlikable characters. The jokes simply don't work; only some Minion slapstick might make you crack a smile, and even that just feels blah by now. Carell does his best but it feels very stale now. There might be some enjoyment found in Parker's character, except that, much like his character's old television show, everything about him is predictable and stale. Despicable Me 3 is yet another entry in this animation franchise that feels like an insult to exist, giving mind-numbing headaches to anyone over the age of 12, and probably barely entertaining those under that age too. Trash. F
  11. Got the new trailer at DM3, it still looks absolutely average
  12. Got the trailer at DM3. Looks actively insulting and awful ugh
  13. This trailer has began to stalk me, and it's only July HELP
  14. Yeahhhh I got the trailer again with DM3 and the kid I was sitting next to was like "Why do they always do Day of the Dead?" Really think people are underestimating how much Book of Life will effect this

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