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  1. Its a prerequisite to join the forums.
  2. Yeah CNN was only covering the "protests" when there was rioting. One of the biggest problems is now News companies are expected to profit instead of being a necessary loss to inform the public. I love both of them too. Really brilliant people. Van Jones really impressed me this campaign as did Ana Navarro. Honorary mention goes to Amanda Carpenter. Whenever they spoke it was pure poetry. Yeah Mccrory did a lot of damage that will take a long time to undo even if they manage to repeal it (unlikely until Democrats take control of both legislatures, which is minimum 4 years from now). I still don't understand the bathroom thing and how it was different from before though? There's multiple stalls in each bathroom as well as multiple urinals. Is there one that says gender neutral or everyone (we don't have target in Canada)? I think it's a positive to support a member of a minority that may face persecution, but that just makes you a liberal, not open minded. It's pretty much a pre-requisite to be a member of the left is to stand and fight for equality for everyone. I agree that definitely shouldn't be a pre-requisite for friendship, but only if those views aren't uttered or acted upon when it comes to civil rights. If a friend of mine tells me they don't support gay marriage then I won't be friends with them. If a friend of mine tells me islamists are terrorists I won't be friends with them. If one of my friends harasses another friend I won't be friends with them. Think whatever the hell you want to, but if you act or if you say things that denigrate or take away rights from anyone then that is a person I will no longer have a friendship with. These days it's more important to prove the other side wrong and want to start a fight rather then debate respectfully and listen to one another.
  3. Also what episode is the Black-ish one everyone keeps talking about? I want to watch it.
  4. Thank you for engaging me on this, I appreciate the conversation. For me personally all media companies have faults. Buzzfeed, Huffington Post and left leaning publications do too much "gossip" and useless articles much ado about nothing for eyeballs instead of laying out important issues And how they impact our lives. The right leaning media companies use fear and outright lies to try to cause us to not treat one another as human beings. Both deserve criticism. I am more then happy to read a right publication if it is truthful. It's not about view points, it's about validity of the article. I just want facts and find more often then not right leaning publications misrepresent or state a lie outright, so I tend to shy away from them as do most younger people. If the right leaning media didn't sensationalize everything and instead did what the Wall Street Journal does, I'm all ears. I value hearing various view points as that is the only way to come up with a solution for all. Maybe it's just the people you hang out with, because I love Ana Navarro and liberal places like DKOS have praised her for being a solid individual. The right is extremely lucky to have someone such as her advocating their view points. I think most of the left is in the same boat. We are more then happy to listen to someone who talks in facts, not hyperbole. We agree on this. I wrote a paragraph on this many pages ago. The actions and words spoken are what matter. If someone thinks a gay man should go to hell, but doesn't do anything to affect them in a negative way no one should care. However if one says so to a person that is when a line is crossed. I think you might have made a mistake there? Liberals are open minded because they accept gay marriage? The reason in my mind why people go to their corners is both sides think the other is lying. There's a large segment of the right that believes Obama is a Muslim for instance. Conservatives don't trust any MSM because it doesn't confirm what they want to believe. The target episode is a compromise, absolutely. I do want to point out though that transgendered people just want equality and a third bathroom is not that. Every minority group wants the same treatment as everyone else. They don't want special treatment. The question then becomes is it fair to make someone receive different treatment in society, because another is uncomfortable with who they are? People have been transgender for many decades. There's never been an, arrest, an assault or anything. The issue started to be a problem once conservatives wanted to force someone into going to a different washroom to rouse their base. They have no reason to fear for their safety when it's never been an issue. They had no idea for years until it was pointed out. Yes, both sides do it, that's why there's a right and a left. Democrats haven't stated that their number one goal is to make Trump a one term president (though obviously in politics that's the goal of every party out of power). They stated we will work with Trump on issues we agree on, but we will not accept any attempt to roll back rights for anyone. I don't really feel it's unreasonable for every person to have equal treatment and that is where the clash happens. Debate environmental policy, foreign policy, economic policy, energy policy, intelligence policy or anything you want to, that can be hashed out. The one thing the left will not accept and the one thing some of the right continue to try to do is rolling back equal rights for everyone. That is a hard line and again I don't really feel it to be unreasonable. We are all a part of the HUMAN race. We are all one and we all deserve equal treatment. Once someone tries to take away your rights it becomes that much harder to trust one another and have a dialogue with them. If conservatives dropped trying to put things back to when some people had less rights or no rights to pander to their base then politics would be solvable and issues could be fixed. Until that point however it will just be a never ending battle. Also I don't know how to spoiler tag, so sorry about the long read. EDIT: Just read the 3rd bathroom post. I take back that paragraph, though I'm curious as to how that was any different then before? Is one gender neutral?
  5. LOVED IT. Best Illumination movie. So much fun.
  6. Well other than Minions I've enjoyed all their movies so far. Every so often you just need a feel good movie. Hoping it does the trick. Loved the trailers, so I'm looking forward to finally seeing it.
  7. I'm going to be seeing Sing tonight, need a pick me up and I've got to use up my free movie before my trip. Hope it'll be just what the doctor ordered.
  8. Your argument definitely has validity, but I think guns was a bad example to use. Ok well then let me ask you this. Looking through the names of house members how many Democrats do you recognize? How many Republicans? Even liberals like me know of more Republican names then Democrats and it's because they are the ones in the media coverage. Not good coverage, but coverage nonetheless. Media is all about negativity. Saying things are great doesn't get much repeat viewing, so they concentrate on the outlandish statements or actions made, which come from Republicans more often. Can you remember a single event that caused widespread news coverage for Democrats? The only one that I can remember was the gun sit in and that was them breaking the rules. I absolutely agree compromise is needed from both sides. It can't be an either or, laws and history are made of tough compromises and that's how you push the country forward. I'm really glad that Snoop Dogg and LAPD were willing to sit down and talk to one another, you are right that's what's needed. Both sides need to do this. That being said over the last 8 years one party has been more willing to sit down and talk. It's hard to sit down and hash out what's best for your citizens when it's your party's sole objective to make the president only have one term by blocking anything he wants even if it was their own sides ideas originally. I agree that it would be beneficial to have a more balanced leadership, but when 90% of your members come from districts that are safe and have to instead worry about a primary challenger for not being extreme enough it's hard to get people on board with compromise. I think an independent commission to draw all congressional districts would be a huge step forward. You're right that all the blame doesn't lie with just the parties. The problem is voters want all of what they want, so they vote for people who are more extreme to match their view points instead of electing people like Joe Manchin or Susan Collins. They hate dysfunction, but they hate the "other side" more. I think as @Dexter of Suburbia said another solution is to take money out of politics. That way people who serve are not beholden to any interests, so they will do the bidding of what the people want. I think another good idea is to somehow lessen the extremes in primaries. I don't think an all party primary is the solution, but I'm sure there's an answer out there to fix that problem so that the most likely to compromise candidates get to face off in the general election. The biggest impediment to fixing this though is the "tit for tat" fear. The fear that the other side won't reciprocate if one party decides to "play nice" and instead of doing the same the other party decides to run right over them. People's word doesn't mean much these days, so I'm not sure how we'd be able to get trust to come back into the picture. It seems a day can't go by without someone saying something hypocritical.
  9. Can someone jump right in without having seen any episodes before?
  10. On an unrelated note Lego has decided to find alternatives to the plastic they use to build their pieces. They've invested 150 million dollars and hired 100 people to figure them out. http://www.upworthy.com/good-bye-plastic-lego-announces-a-huge-change-in-the-future-of-its-toys?c=ufb2
  11. I'm genuinely curious. How do you compromise on a stance of background checks for all guns sold and no one on the no fly list able to buy a gun? Democrats have already backed off the assault weapons ban and magazine limits for the most part. Both sides do have fault for sure, but seeing as every single domestic issue has the majority of Americans onboard with the policy of Democrats; Background checks, Planned Parenthood, Abortion rights, Climate change, Gay marriage, Reining in the banks, Voting rights, Minimum wage, Infrastructure, Taxes, Social Security, Medicare, Obamacare, Civil rights and so many more how are they supposed to compromise further? Aren't they supposed to represent the will of the American people? Again not trying to be snarky or anything here, I honestly want to know what you think could/should be done. The problem isn't policy or lack of compromisation imo, it's trying to score political points instead of working together to help all Americans. Democrats also have a messaging problem that they can't seem to cut through. They don't usually shout and scream, so Republicans get the most attention, which leaves the American people seeing more of one side then the other. Both sides are political and say things to score points, but one side does have a better argument with the American people on their side.