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  1. I don't think we really see much of cyborg in the trailer to say he's useless. The scene where he use his wormy robotic arms to tap in and control the knight Crawler was cool, right out of the comic right there... ....
  2. Per the youtube count it's a little behind THOR3 trailer (14.4/14.7m) ....but overall Napolean counted that this trailer is ahead with 53M views (youtube/facebook etc...)
  3. SMH Under SM3 WW $890M

    With your statement Im assuming you are IN, although regarding THOR3 you mentioned previously I think that Movie has potential, did you catch the trailer ? That was one hell of a trailer, I think it will do well ... Im pegging THOR3 for over 300M.
  4. SMH Under SM3 WW $890M

    So you are you IN or OUT ?
  5. SMH Under SM3 WW $890M

    Yep agree absolutely ....there's no other way to spin it. It's no way a failure, but a disappointment since it had so much going for it. With the way things are going Im more confident this will happen But will see, don't want to jinx it yet.
  6. SMH Under SM3 WW $890M

    LOGAN ? logan had a 97M budget, and it's rate R. Logan was very successful compare to previous two films ...it blew past the first two. SMH have Iron in it, and it's only going to do 25-40M more than the ASM Dom. I didn't say it was a failure, but just a disappointment. we can stop right there since this can go on forever, it's how one look at it.
  7. SMH Under SM3 WW $890M

    YEs it's disappointing when you consider it has one of the highest rating on RT for any MCU besides the top one or two.
  8. We did talked somewhat on this topic yesterday, at this point it's still rumor. Afleck did confirm he will play Batman as long as it takes. He also said he will be in the stand alone Batman as well. Not sure about the JL2 appearance, I don't think anyone knows at this point .... perhaps that user was just grasping at straws for attentions.. who knows.

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