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  1. Declaring someone a false prophet is a matter of opinion. Is Joseph Smith a false prophet? Do you consider Muhammad to be a false prophet?
  2. There has been an Obi Wan movie story going around in the last week. Is it possible Ewan McGregor will appear in this and people are mistaken this for a standalone movie?
  3. Yep that's why I said in spirit. Also, since it was a double feature, it wouldn't have counted towards SM1's gross even if it was still in theaters. SM1 in 2002 was a monster. As a SW loonie, I never truly accepted that SM was the king of 2002, but as a BO enthusiast, it was a very nice run to witness.
  4. Chill out Wonderful people! Yeah I knew the goal was always the declared SM1 gross. I just wanted to remind everyone that might have forgotten that SM received a Labor Day re-release (2 weeks after being pulled from theaters) double feature with MIB where they made roughly 6M$. From that double feature run, I'd argue that half of it should have been counted towards SM1's gross, but that's not the way it works. In spirit though, SM1 made 406M$.
  5. @AndyK & @Noodlebug : Those are some low multipliers for a Mid December movie...
  6. Still waiting on WW to pass SM1 + SM/MIB double feature before acknowledging this club!!! Congrats regardless
  7. For 2001, I'd like you to include Amelie. 6th biggest foreign language movie ever in the US and biggest French movie. 33M$ DOM and never in more than 300 theaters.
  8. Despicable Me 3 OVER $1 Billion Club

    When you say exchange rate, don't you mean exchange rateS (plural).
  9. Skyline Sequel (Beyond Skyline)

    Took the time to watch the trailer. Definitely my type of disaster/monster movie.
  10. I'd say under 250M$ for JL was a strong possibility before WW opened. I just don't see JL opening to less than 125M$ and having worse legs than BvS. There will be too much goodwill from WW.
  11. Any prediction on when the DCEU will have a movie under 250M$ DOM? Aquaman?
  12. Those late legs are better than what I was expecting two weeks ago. I was seeing 325M$ as the end of the run at that time, but the last two weeks really made SMH recover. I believe it is currently headed to 335M$. Good call on this one @iJackSparrow. I was wrong, you were right. It could also go higher if it gets a LD expansion.

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