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  1. You're right! Never been a fan of the Mouse/Buena Vista, but this will be very impressive from a BO perspective.
  2. That 2019 films slate for Disney is going to be incredible. They have 4 potential 400M$ movies (SW, Avengers, Frozen and Toy Story). Damn!
  3. Blu Ray chart for week ending Jan 15th is out. Not much to talk about until Doctor Strange gets released in mid February. SS reached 50M$, Deadpool reached 60M$ and SLOP is looking to pass FD next week. In terms of units, both SS and SLOP are trailing badly though. The next several months will only have two major blockbusters on HV (Rogue 1 and BATB) as well as some mid size blockbusters (Sing, Moana, DS, Fantastic Beasts and Logan).
  4. Presales report Birmingham Alabama area Thursday previews showtimes : 31 shows, 0 sellout Friday opening day showtimes : 31 shows, 0 sellout With 9 days left before opening, GOTG2 is lagging behind both BvS (35 and finished at 40) and CA:CW (37 and finished at 57) in showtimes for the Thursday previews. CA:CW ended up with two sellouts while BvS only had one. These were confirmed in the last three days of presales so I don't think we'll have any changes until Tuesday next week. Suicide Squad ended up with 31 showtimes and no sellout. A lot of theaters have not published their showtimes for Friday, so comparisons are unfair at this point as BvS was at 68 showtimes and CA:CW was at 61 showtimes at the same point. Early prediction : 150M OW - 380M DOM
  5. It probably has 250 000$ in the tank. I don't think it's gonna catch up.
  6. All this Ewoks talk is killing me... was never a fan of them, but I have to say I was very much surprised with Warwick Davis as a host at Star Wars celebration. This guy is a real entertainer and knowing he's going to do some voiceover acting on Star Wars Rebels made me very happy.
  7. How beautifully off topic of you.
  8. Which proves how incredibly popular it was. No other movie had that much demand from the public to had a re-release run as successful as SW.
  9. I know it's hard to compare because of release date, but Suicide Squad still as a higher selling price on Amazon now, but I agree that estimating $ figures based on 30$/ unit is probably off.
  10. Numbers for week ending Jan 1st are out : Blu Ray chart Secret Life of Pets reached 50M$ on Blu Ray, the 2nd animated movie of 2016 to do so. It should pass FD in the next two weeks. Suicide Squad is one week away from becoming the 4th 2016 CBM to reach 50M$ on Blu Ray after Deadpool, BvS and CA:CW. It should end up in 2nd place behind Deadpool. Although it is still in the top 10, SW:TFA shouldn't reach any milestone for a couple months (rank 3 all time units, 150M$, rank 2 & eventually 1 in $, 158M$ and 162M$ milestones). Some of them could happen with the Blu Ray release boost of Rogue One, but it is most realistic to expect these milestones with the release of The Last Jedi. Not much to talk about on the DVD side of things : DVD chart While SLOP will beat FD on DVD and reach 30M$, this is not something to be proud of as it is barely above The Good Dinosaur and will end up far away from Zootopia which sits at 46M$. Looking at the past three years of DVD sales, it looks like sales have stabilized in the 30M$-45M$ range for the yearly top 10 (with the notable exception of Frozen). Just a reminder that no movie has achieved 50M$ on DVD since Inside Out released late in 2015 with Minions (49M$) and Zootopia (46M$) being the closest to the milestones since then. On the combined side of things : combined chart SLOP (81M$) will also beat FD (83M$) and fall short of passing Zootopia (95M$). Suicide Squad (68M$) will pass both BvS (72M$) and CA:CW (73M$) but will fall short of passing Deadpool (90M$). SW:TFA is about 2-3 weeks away from reaching 175M$. The last movie to reach this milestone is Frozen and the last live action movie is the first Avengers.
  11. And I really appreciate that to be honest. Props to the mods or OP keeping track of the relevant content.
  12. I'm actually a man... but yeah this would be me if I was a woman.
  13. I'm teased by the teaser. Can't wait for a trailer and the movie.
  14. I like looking at the thread on Fridays to get the numbers. It's really hard sometimes to have to scroll through all the bullshit. Hope you guys are enjoying yourselves.