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  1. i am sure disney will estimate something like 86-87
  2. 88 is a safe # for the weekend 24 39 25 88 (-49.64%)
  3. If it has Insurgent legs, it will make it to 100.
  4. just watched this today for a 4th time in 1080p. i am upping my grade from a 98 to a 99. I saw it with subtitles and picked up on so much more this time. The visuals are still superior to films of today.
  5. I bet Power Rangers would have made it to 50 mill had it larger theaters, more showings, and no buy one get one free ticket promo. I think Life could do well during the weekdays (4 mill +, 17 mill 7-day total) because of possible sold out showings from small theaters and spillover business for people who just need a proper time slot to see it. However, I see it dropping to under 6 million next weekend like what Chappie did 2 years ago when it opened against Cinderella and Run All Night. Ghost in the Shell will devour the audience. CHAPPIE Mar 6–8 1 $13,346,782 - 3,201 - $4,170 $13,346,782 1 Mar 13–15 5 $5,703,935 -57.3% 3,201 - $1,782 $23,316,696 2
  6. In fact, Life and Chappie have identical Thursday/Friday performances thus far. Lets see how that old Reynolds film does on Saturday. 3.0 multiplier throughout the weekend is not dead yet.
  7. I guess the silver lining for Life's performance is that it broke out substantially for the genre versus Splice, Morgan, Transcendence, and Pandorum. It is in line with Chappie and Ex Machina.
  8. lol CJohn and aaBattery are predicting .24 and .25 for Slamma Jamma respectively. The potential is there to get into the top 10
  9. This weekend we have Disney’s Beauty and the Beast grossing a massive $81M in its second run at No. 1 followed by Lionsgate’s Saban’s Power Rangers with an estimated $42M. Life (estimated $12.7M in fourth) CHIPS off the road ($7M in 7th). Kong: Skull Island ($13.9M in 3rd) and Logan ($10.5M in 5th),
  10. lol at your comment about lol at the cinemascore
  11. same with Life. it Life does the best it can do, it might top The Shallows. THe Shallows never had a good screen size.
  12. i noticed that on reserved seating, that most Power Rangers theaters are in medium sized theaters