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  1. yay! bed time!!! good # for F8 btw. http://deadline.com/2017/04/the-promise-free-fire-born-in-china-unforgettable-phoenix-forgotten-previews-box-office-1202073216/
  2. what happened with the 'rate the movies' forum??? Anyways, I would give Phoenix Forgotten a C+ or a slight thumbs up. One of the better of the found footage movies (right up there with As Above/So Below). Phoenix could have used an extra 10 min, but I was impressed the movie was not complete garbage. *edit* Also, I picked the best time on Friday night where it would be the most crowded. Only about 30 people scattered throughout a 200+ seater. Very disappointed because of that.
  3. In regards to rotten tomato audience scores, how are the new movies getting 1000+ scoring votes from people when the movies did not have Thursday previews and start tomorrow morning. I absolutely know every week at 12:01 am, they show the audience score. Phoenix Forgotten is at 78% from 1000+ votes. Even if these are people who vote without seeing this movie, won't this weight have a big impact on the overall score. How can rotten tomatoes even allow this? they are famous for review scores. Are these votes coming from people who actually saw the movie or what?
  4. @POTUS LOL, I will always be a loonie when it comes to predicting openers. Should have went 4.5 with Promise and 10 with Unforgettable. I wonder if getting 100% in this game is equivalent to winning the lottery.
  5. http://foundfootagecritic.com/phoenix-forgotten-2017-director-reveals-secrets-of-ridley-scott-found-footage-ufo-film/
  6. my most anticipated film of the month. Unfortunately, I also fear I am going to be very let down when I leave the theater Friday night.
  7. Furious 8 should see a Monday and Tuesday # of 8.62 each for a 5 day total of about 116.03. 7 day total approx 127. 10 day 162+
  8. According to the numbers, Ghost in the Shell only dropped 29% on Sunday for a 2.46 weekend. Up 60K from estimates. This could be a good sign for upcoming actuals like GO, Kong, and Logan.
  9. They have had a small chance at #1 all year. All it takes it one or two Disney film's to underperform.
  10. There are these two snippets from boxofficeprophets and boxofficeguru regarding Furious 8's weekend analysis I wanted to show..... http://www.boxofficeprophets.com/column/index.cfm?columnID=18876&cmin=10&columnpage=3 "as the opening-to-total multiplier for the last three films has ranged between 2.4 and 2.45, which means that this one should finish with about $260 million stateside. " http://www.boxofficeguru.com/weekend.htm "Studio data showed that the crowd was 58% male, 59% non-white, and split evenly between males and females. " I wanted to add a snippet for myself in regards to Fate and the Furious's weekend performance and say that it is the #2 opening in the series, even when adjusted for inflation.
  11. I guess since Split added 200K, my prediction of 3.21 for GO was in the right direction. Wish there was a way to verify how many double showing GOTG2 gets...
  12. did not mind this movie. watched it all the way through for the first time. watched bits and pieces in 2010, so i had no idea about any scenes. have heard alot of bad things about this movie from all kinds of sources everywhere, so I was pleased with enjoying this. B