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  1. This was a fantastic movie but it's still sitting at only 279.2 million to Dawn's 710.6 million >.> ouch >.> This mean no fourth film then? =(
  2. That's probably got to be one of the worst I've ever seen a film hold up against a new opener
  3. Is this supposed to be the final one?? Cause on the RT description is says "to conclude this rebooted trilogy on a powerful note" but I could've sworn they said they were making more...
  4. After this and ice age 5 I'm thinking pirates 5 did pretty well actually
  5. http://www.boxofficemojo.com/showdowns/chart/?view=daily&id=alicevs.htm lol it's so pathetic and sad to look at those numbers. I didn't expect much but it still was horrible compared to what I thought it'd make XD
  6. Tuesday numbers: Cap3 - 13.7M(Gitesh)

    Think they mean that's how much MORE those movies are going to make
  7. Monday BvS 3.1 Rth

    lol BvS's run is going worse than Spider-Man 3 It might actually make LESS then Spider-Man 3 with a higher opening...
  8. What? I wasnt saying Harry Potter is unimpressive now... I was just saying it was interesting that in 3 years it only dropped 1 spot and this year it dropped another 4. Shows how strong this year's been WW compared to the last couple
  9. Harry Potter really got hammered WW this year lol. Went down 4 spots XP
  10. Wait somebody thought that it would only make like 5-6m more then the hobbit?!
  11. I was looking at the OW list and i realized that removing the Comic-book and Young Adult movie openings (the most front-loaded genres) the list up until this year looked like this: 1. Pirates of the Caribbean: DMC (135,634,554) 2. Shrek the Third (121,629,270) 3. Alice in Wonderland (116,101,023) 4. Pirates of the Caribbean: AWE (114,732,820) 5. Toy Story 3 (110,307,189) 6. Transformers: ROTF (108,966,307) 7. Star Wars Ep. III - ROTS (108,435,841) 8. Shrek 2 (108,037,878) 9. Indiana Jones and the KotCS (100,137,835) 10. Transformers: AOE (100,038,390) Dead Man's Chest was first for nearly a decade and not a whole lot of films seems to open very high (the highest still being 135M) But this year that records been broken 3 times. First by Furious 7 (147.2M) then by Jurassic World (208.8M) and finally by Star Wars (248.0M) Just find that interesting
  12. I actually made a new topic a while ago in the China section that's updated. You can find that here: http://forums.boxofficetheory.com/topic/19452-highest-grossing-films-os-c/
  13. Star Wars TFA 2nd Wknd Actual: 149.2M !!!

    I think he was joking =P

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