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  1. As amazing as the new trailer was I just don't see this happening if Spiderman and iron man with out of this world reviews are barely going to break 300 and even that isn't a guarantee how is Thor and hulk going to do it with JL just 2 weeks later? I think if Thor had moved up 2 weeks it would stand a decent chance of doing this but as it stands right now I just don't see how unless it opens to 120+
  2. Can't stop watching this trailer it is head and shoulders above the first trailer and damn if that superman tease isn't one of the best things ever put in a trailer I get goosebumps every time.
  3. You guys can't be serious right now who tf cares what Zack moved or didn't remove from his twitter. His daughter committed suicide. His name will still be plastered all over every JL poster and trailer give it a rest stop trying to find something out of nothing.
  4. You know what f it I'm in I switch from being out JL 1.56B TLJ 1.51B
  5. If this club somehow succeeds I think a few members on this site would internally combust. I really want JL to do well but I don't see any possibility of this happening unless Disney sends TLJ straight to dvd.
  6. How is spiderman looking over seas right now?
  7. The Dark Tower Over 100 Mil DOM

    In with 135M
  8. MCU fans are already raving about something far dumber the whole "durr durr yeah that kid in iron man 2 was spiderman"
  9. Clearly you missed the point. If they didn't report anything what numbers would we be talking about in this thread? Who cares how absurd you might think the numbers are it gives us something to debate and talk about. If you don't like the numbers they announced fine but it gives everyone something to talk about whether if the numbers will go up what kind of break down the movie could have ect.
  10. I don't understand the hate for deadline like who cares how early they release their numbers it gives us something to discuss. Like regardless of what they say the numbers will come out what they are whether it be higher or lower in this case I fully expect something closer to 50M for the day but seriously think about it what would we be discussing if we never got these early estimates. This is a box office site after all.
  11. I just read through 20+pages. This is the greatest thread on BOT I could not stop laughing you all are the greatest and have made my night thank you.

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