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  1. Just finished watching Jahns review and I was surprised he didn't enjoy it all that much.
  2. Really hoping Depp isn't just going to be playing jack sparrow with a wand.
  3. Look Dom's powers are growing with each installment by the time FF10 rolls around Dom will be omnipotent and probably have a drag race against God through hell where he will win even though the Devil is doing everything in his power to stop Dom from winning. After that Dom will be the new ruler of the universe because family is everything.
  4. Look inconsistencies are throughout in just about every blockbuster. And I'm going to be honest it is still mind boggling to me that CW is such a critically acclaimed film with about as many problems and WTF moments from characters and just plain stupid decisions by the directors as BvS but hey Iron man cracked jokes and it wasn't dark....or was it?
  5. Lol I was messing with you I personally wouldn't care what GOTG2 opened too I'm still going to see it opening night and honestly it opening anywhere from 130-150 is where I expect it to land
  6. Not sure if serious but the MCU would be in big trouble I mean seriously the DCEU should of been rebooted 3 times already and if JL doesn't make a billion they should reboot immediately
  7. Honestly if GOTG2 opens below SS it's time to probably reboot the whole MCU I mean what a flop that film would be if it did that like you can't out open one of the worst reviewed superhero well technically super villain films ever. Yeah the MCU would need to really rethink their strategy going forward.
  8. So curious what does everyone think the next solo SH film that will cross the 1B mark WW the last one to do it was IM3. And I guess you could say GOTG2 has a great shot but I personally wouldn't count that as it is a team same with I wouldn't count SS2 if it somehow managed to do it anyway I think the best chance in the next few years would be Black panther imo has the highest chance and next would possibly be DP2 but that would all hinge on if it's get a China release. And I do think Aquaman has an outside chance if JL is received decent and the whole VR IMAX thing is a worth wild experience.
  9. Just got out and yeah it was an enjoyable I liked it better then 7, and Statham was great him and the Rock need a film like right now.
  10. I legit laughed out loud at work reading this comment
  11. It's crazy how delusional some people are if your doubting this will have the 3rd biggest OW of the year I am really at a loss for words like c'mon people this place used to actually use logic when predicting. The only 2 movies out opening Thor this year are IT and F8 unless SW8 can get more trailer views in 24 hours then I guess 3.
  12. this place is a riot I just read through 5 pages of pure comedy. I will say the thing I loved about this trailer was it is clearly a Thor film and this will be the first Thor film I actually watch opening weekend.