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  1. 20k dislikes on YT. Looks like some are already determined to hate this from the start.
  2. I wasn't a big Superman fan until Man of Steel. Always liked the character but Man of Steel showed a side of Superman that was never shown before. Unfortunately it was a big risk that didn't pay off.
  3. DCEU Films Profit This Far Man of Steel - 42.7 Million Batman v. Superman-105 Million Suicide Squad-159 Million Impressive for Suicide Squad considering it didn't have China.
  4. People complaining is too dark. We have three Marvel movies that are bright and colorful this year. Let DC separate from that. One thing I didn't like about the trailer was Aquaman screaming "Yeah" on top of the Batmobile. Hope they edit that out. Is cool that Momoa wants to do his take on Aquaman but don't make Aquaman a full on bro.
  5. If is 70% is definitely breaking 1.5 billion but this is a Snyder movie even if it's good it will be picked apart.
  6. This gets a 60% on RT and I dare to say that's enough to dethrone Avengers.
  7. Hopefully we get Cyborg first in a few hours
  8. I'm guessing we'll get the next promo in about two hours. Is already uploaded as a private video on the WB YouTube channel.
  9. I do. I wanted two females on the roster for the first film. Hawkgirl, Black Canary or even Mera would have been great seventh members.
  10. Rumor is they are using Come Together by The Beattles
  11. Well I guess we can expect this guy to give JL a negative review
  12. I think the opening weekend will surprise a lot of people.
  13. There won't be a winner. A bigger threat will probably show up and they'll team up.