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  1. Tell me about it. Even series that really shouldn't have that problem get fucked over by the way Marvel/DC run their comics. For example, I got advised to start reading Ms Marvel (the Kamala Khan one) because a friend told me it was really good and didn't require too much knowledge of the wider Marvel continuity. So I did and it was great fun and I really enjoyed it. Riiiiight up until the moment the entire universe reset out of nowhere towards the end of Volume 4 because there was a wider Marvel Crisis Crossover going on that was affecting every comic in their line. When it came back lots of tiny shit had changed out of nowhere which I assume was explained in the crossover, but came out of nowhere for anyone who didn't read said crossover. How can anybody produce a goddamn satisfying story when everything might be unearthed without any notice to make way for a new shitty crossover event? That's why the whole 'diversity isn't selling' bullshit pisses me off. The reason your comics aren't selling, Marvel, is because your business model is a fucking mess.
  2. There are a lot of problems with the superhero comic book industry at the moment. 'Too much Diversity' is not one of them. Actual problems come from the overly-bloated continuity of Marvel/DC making it impossible for new readers to jump on board, the over-focus on making stories 'adult and gritty' to appeal to current comic book readers at the cost of driving away potential new readers, crossover events fucking over individual series, attention-grabbing shock moments instead of actual storytelling (Nazi Cap is still around, fyi) and, of course, DC/Marvel's overdependance on comic book shops/refusal to modernise, take the sensible option and start utilizing online subscription systems like Crunchyroll for their comics to make things more convenient for customers. I mean, Jesus, comic book movies could not be more in right now, yet actual comic book sales are dismal in comparison. And believe me, 'diversity' is not the fucking reason for that.
  3. That's because Snyder's always deliberately modeled his own style on that of Frank Miller's comics. Read some of Miller's old classics, like The Dark Knight Returns and you see, tonally at the very least, a lot of similarities between it and pretty much all of Snyder's movies (except the Dawn of the Dead remake (and possibly Legends of the Guardians since I've not actually seen that one)). Of course the major difference between the two is that Miller's stories (back when he was actually a good writer) were thematically appropriate and deliberately complemented his style/tone. Snyder, on the other hand, I'm 90% certain chose to copy Miller's style because he thinks it's cool, but doesn't really understand how to actually use it, compared to someone like say Nolan. As a result, you get stories that seem dark and meaningful on the surface, but ultimately end up being nonsensical, poorly written crap with inconsistent characterisation and motives. It was also part of the reason I got mild tonal whiplash from the JL trailer. Light-hearted quips and peppy music really don't fit together with the dark, Miller-esque visual style Snyder is using. It may seem like a nitpick, but it's actually symbolic of the deeper flaws in Snyder's writing/directing, in that he doesn't understand how to actually use the style/tone he's copying. Hence why I don't have much faith in the movie itself.
  4. Maybe. But it never stopped being accurate. Also, the idea that the DCCU is bringing 'original/unconventional/new' ideas to the genre is hilarious, considering how clearly their movies are trying to copy the tone/style of Nolan's TDK trilogy, albeit with zero knowledge of what actually made those movies work. (The only exception, of course, being SS which tried to copy GOTG instead.)
  5. Considering the writing in the last three films, would anyone really notice?
  6. Be honest though. Is it really going to be worse than the actual list we did in 2012 where TDKR won?
  7. Buh... Buh... Buh... The characters are brooding! That instantly makes them dark and mature, right?!
  8. Crap. I actually had this finished about a week ago, but the mods were doing their smurf filter thing, so I put off posting it. Then I forgot about it entirely. Anyway, probably a bit late to bring this up, but part of me does think that if movies we haven't seen receive 0 points, we should also have an option to cut off which of the films on our list receive points. I may not have seen 66 of the movies on the complete list, but I struggle to think that the ones I haven't seen are any worse than the bottom 10 of my list. So it feels a bit off that those 10 movies should get more points from my list despite me actively disliking them.
  9. So far, in my gathering of 2012 movies, I have about 15 films I'm genuinely happy with, and about 10 movies where I'm like 'Yeah, I didn't hate it, I guess, but surely there must be something better I saw that can go on the list instead?' Guess I'm going to have to do some binge watching to knock stuff like John Carter and Brave off. BTW, if we're going for US cinema release date only, does that mean Arrietty (the Ghibli version) counts? It was released in Japan in 2010, but only got a release in US cinemas in February 2012.
  10. Wolf Children is probably going to be my No 1, so I'd appreciate knowing whether it counts as a 2012 release or not. Also, FYC:
  11. Is that so? Because, if I recall correctly, the number of DC female-led films that have actually been theatrically released in the last 3 years is approximately 0*. Yeah, Wonder Woman is coming out and they've announced a few female-led films, but lets wait and see if those actually go anywhere before declaring them some great feminist icon. *Suicide Squad doesn't count since it's an ensemble-led piece.
  12. FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS I HAVE LAID DORMANT! WHO NOW AWAKENS ME FROM MY SLUMBER TO- Oh, it's just this. Cool. If you're wanting to try a revival, I'd be on board. I'm too busy these days to get too heavily involved, especially in any sort of administrative fashion, but I may be able to do a few films for funsies if people give me a heads up when this gets started.
  13. 'Bending over backwards' would rather imply it took me more than half a second to think of an explanation after hearing that complaint.
  14. The CEO speaks English, the scientists working on the project all speak English, they're putting her on a team where most of the members (minus the Chief) speak English, most of the characters in the movie speak English and it's clear language barriers aren't much of an issue in this world anyway. Besides which, they need to do a full wipe of her memories anyway and it makes sense to deliberately distance her as far away from her original persona as possible. Changing her spoken language helps with that. Besides which, while they're testing her in Section 9, it's clear they have greater plans for her if she is a success and English is presumably still the dominant language as far as first-world countries go. Hence, English is the default. Either way, it's kind of a silly nitpick. Hell, the whole thing kinda works as a meta-commentary if you think about it. A corporation's idea of a 'perfect body' just so happens to end up as a pretty white woman who speaks English. That pretty much speaks for itself. Was it the key intention of the filmmakers when they hired ScarJo? Probably not. (Their main intention was probably 'This movie probably isn't getting made unless we get a big star attached and ScarJo is the only one both popular enough and interested'.) But I think it's an elegant solution nonetheless. Hell, thematically it fits even better than just keeping the Major's Asian ethnicity, which was never really a key part of her character. To be technical about it, her ethnicity is better represented as 'Cyborg' than 'Asian'. Hence why I never really felt the 'whitewashing' claims held much water. It's annoying because I, to some extent, sympathise with the motives behind the whole 'whitewashing' protests, if only because I agree Asian actors/actresses are horribly underrepresented in Hollywood. The problem is that they keep selecting targets to accuse of 'whitewashing' that I don't really agree with. Being Asian was never key to Major's character and the series was always more about the 'Ghost' than it was the 'Shell'. Thus, as an adaptation of a franchise to a different country, there's no real reason not to change things to fit the country (other than the aforementioned lack of Asian representation) in the same way that an adaptation of a book changes things to fit the screen. I wouldn't have any issue if Japan remade an American movie with an all-Asian cast, after all. (Of course, again, that's not exactly the same since Hollywood is a) bigger and b ) America is much more of a boiling pot of cultures than most Asian countries, but, until Hollywood gets better at this 'diversity' thing, it still works to localise it for American audiences.) Don't get me wrong, it's still a stupid problem if they hire white actors to portray in-universe ethnic characters or if they take a character for whom their ethnicity is a key part of their character and/or story and whitewash them. But GitS is really just a fairly harmless change. Yeah it would've been nice if an Asian character played the Major (and Hollywood definitely needs to fix the painful underrepresentation of minorities in its movies), but it wasn't necessary and certainly wasn't 'a betrayal of the source material' as I've heard often said.